It can be a messy business, painting nails, but beyond keeping your fingers clean, certain products are easier to apply than others. This can be down to several factors, so instead of sticking to the same brand and type, you might benefit from experimenting with something new. We’re going to take a look at all things nail polish so by the end of it, you’ll know exactly how to get the results you are looking for with perfectly manicured nails. First, let’s start by taking a look at the options.

Different Types Of Nail Polish


This is the first type of nail polish that comes to mind for a lot of people and has a classic appeal that has never gone out of style. You can pick it up in pretty much any shade you can think of and it is one of the easiest to use. It has an opaque look that when dry provides a glossy look, usually only requiring one or two applications.


With plenty of shine and sometimes known as chrome, this polish is great for adding a little glam and goes on a little finer meaning it is susceptible to streaking so try not to make too many movements until it is dry. One of the most in-demand nail polishes right now, leaving them with eye-catching shine.


Although it can feel a little understated for the summer months, you shouldn’t wait until Christmas before breaking out the matte. This polish has a sophistication to it, as there is little to no shine when it is dry but it is well suited to the office. Because of their texture, they can take a little longer to apply and it is important to keep an eye on those streaks and can chip more frequently.


About as close to on-trend as you can hope for right now, gel nail polishes are one of the longest-lasting and easiest to maintain. They don’t chip or crack as easily as most of the alternatives and although it is more common to get a gel manicure from a professional, they don’t take a lot of work to get right at home.


The go-to nail polish for many women, the shimmer is as popular as it is fabulous. With a creme color at its base, they usually adopt a gold or silver shimmer to mix things up a little and offer something a little more adventurous to cremes. You’ll want to apply a top coat as chipping can be common, although this contributes to its slightly more difficult removal process.


Call it retro, but neon is enjoying a resurgence when it comes to nail polish. Expect stand out colors that are going to turn some heads as you stand out on the dance floor.


The most glam and fun polish you can hope for, glitter nails are available in a multitude of color options with some even using more than one glitter color at a time. Ready when you are for a night out or to. be combined with other polishes for flashy finishes, glitter is a great option for everyone to have at their disposal.


You don’t have to be brave to pull off holographic polish, but you do have to be willing to try it. Fresh out of festival season, the high shine and vibrant color combos reflect light and are a lot of fun.


Not unlike matte in its appearance, there is certainly more of a shimmer to Suede that you might expect. It goes on smooth and has a luscious feel to it that has plenty of deep textures. Suede polish doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and lasts well with plenty of color choices.

So, Which Is The Easiest To Apply?

Although some are more challenging than others, the easiest types of nail polish to apply are the thicker varieties such as matte but there is a downside. Because they can get gloopy, thicker nail polishes aren’t always so easy to work with. A lot will depend on other factors such as whether or not you require a topcoat or how streaky the nail varnish is.

Generally, this is all down to the brand as one type of polish will be very different depending on what company you go with.

Nail Polish Tips

Use A Base Coat

If you are in a hurry then forget the base coat but at your peril. A base coat gives the final layer something to stick to and because of this, you can get it to last longer than it would otherwise. Not unlike painting your house, a base layer is always a good idea to bring out the best in the color.

3 Strokes Are Enough

This should be a maximum as sometimes you will only need one or two strokes to coat every nail with enough polish. The polish will naturally follow the shape of your nail and spread to the edges so you don’t need your first stroke to be perfect. Start down one side, then the other before finishing down the middle for the easiest way to apply nail polish.

Salvage Old Polish

A lot of people consider throwing their old polish out, especially when it starts to get gloopy and difficult to apply. Instead of doing this, bring it back to life using a little nail polish thinner.

Stay Away From The Dishes

Or any hot water for that matter. After applying the polish, stay clear of hot showers, jacuzzies, and any other body of warm water as it can lead to cracked nails.

Avoid Quick Dry Polish

Although it can sound like a good idea, there isn’t a huge difference between drying time of a regular product and those labeled as fast drying. The main issue is with the ingredients used in these products. To make them dry faster, there are often harsh chemicals used which can be detrimental to the health of your nails.

Hydrate Your Nails With Cuticle Oil

Your nails might be hardy but they are up against a fair amount of punishment when you think about it. Using cuticle oil and spreading it over the painted nail can hydrate them and give a layer of protection that stops them from marking or chipping when they come into contact with hard objects.