The thought of using a derma roller can be a little offputting but the truth is, this is an easy, convenient, and painless method of getting rid of some of our skin’s most prominent issues. Some consider it to be a miracle worker as it works where other methods are less effective to leave skin looking rejuvenated and repaired.

Considering that the methods used with a derma roller were only used by the likes of dermatologists not so long ago shows how far at-home treatments have come. Still, there are certain things to know before you consider using one, and it is particularly important to find out if your intended use is safe and going to work. We’re going to take a look at some of the most common uses for a derma roller, but first…

What Is A Dermaroller?

Using fine needles at the other end of the handle, this is a skincare device made to penetrate the skin that treats scar tissue and encourages regeneration. Before using one it is important to sterilize it properly to ensure it is ok to use and always buy a reputable product so it is safe and will be effective.

How Does A Dermaroller Work?

One look at a derma roller and you may be able to tell a small part of how one works. The tiny needles on the roller are smoother over the skin, making tiny indents that are not invasive. There is no damage caused, instead, any scar tissue it is moved over will be broken down and this in turn will encourage it to heal as it produces more collagen in the area.

What Is A Dermaroller Used For?

Although they have become commonly used for at-home treatments in recent years, there was a time not so long ago where you could only get the benefits via a dermatologist, the needle length can vary. This will change the use of the product but here are some of the most common:

Treating Facial Scarring – This can be via what acne leaves behind or otherwise but by penetrating the skin around the scarring, dermarollers encourage the area to create more collagen and repair the scarring.

Deliver Therapeutic Drugs – Because of its method of getting under the skin, they are sometimes used by dermatologists to deliver treatments so they are easily absorbed.

Refine Pores – Usingasmaller. needle. that doesn’t go as deep, derma rollers are used to remove blackheads and lift any dirt and dead skin so your face is left looking rejuvenated.

Heal Stretch Marks – When they need a little encouragement to fade, dermarollers are often used to create more collagen around the tissue so it heals faster.

Firm Skin – This can be almost anywhere on the body but when the natural sings of aging show, a derma roller can help to reverse some of the effects, firming skin and reducing the appearance of the first signs of wrinkles.

How To Prepare The Skin For A Dermaroller

Since it is not uncommon to draw blood when using a derma roller, it is always important to clean the skin. Using a cleanser, wash the area and make sure the derma roller itself is clean and has been sterilized before use. When in use, make sure you have a clean area to place the roller between treatments so it doesn’t pick up any bacteria or dirt before you continue to use it.

Use an alcohol-based cleaner once a week to reduce the risk of infection.

Does Using A Dermaroller Hurt?

We all have different pain thresholds so it depends on. the individual but certain rollers and treatments are likely to hurt more than others. Anything that requires a deeper roll such as a longer needled derma roller will of course hurt a bit more than the smaller needles.

Although it might be mildly uncomfortable, you do not need to apply a lot of pressure to get the benefits and if you are particularly worried then it can be a good idea to use a professional.

Tips for Using A Dermaroller

Here are some of the things to remember when using them that can help make life a bit more comfortable.

  • If you feel any pain, use an ice pack to numb the area after you have used the roller.
  • Take Vitamin A and C in the weeks leading up to using the roller to help boost the production of collagen so you can get the most out of the treatment.
  • Never use it in the area around the eyes, keep well away.
  • Be sure to apply sunscreen when outside in the days after using a derma roller. Its methods will cause the skin to be more vulnerable and sensitive to the sun’s rays which can lead to burning easier than usual.
  • Use it two or three times a week. Skin needs to heal in between so don’t be tempted to use it two days in a row.
  • Never use someones else derma roller.
  • Cleanliness is godliness. The last thing you want is to flare up because you didn’t clean the device properly, or wash your face before using it.

When Will It Yield Results?

This can vary depending on the severity of the area and how well the individual reacts to treatment but it is not uncommon to see visibly enhanced skin after the first use. Start using it less frequently, spacing out the days between uses to build tolerance but once it is being used three times a week, it should start to have a long-lasting effect.

Because collagen takes around a month to grow, this is the time it should take before the results are obvious even on the days it hasn’t been used.

Can I Use A Dermaroller Every Day?

As we mentioned, it is best to always leave at least a day between uses for the skin to heal. Also, the bigger the needle, the less you want to use it as it will provide a more intense treatment. For particularly small needles around 0.25 mm in length, you can use them more frequently but these are not going to make a difference towards healing scar tissue and treating stretch marks.

Whatever the length of the needles, it is important to make sure your skin tolerates the treatment well and give yourself ample time between uses.