You’ve probably seen people using it at the salon and wondered what it is all about, but purple shampoo is well established now and not just some gimmick that has been forced onto the market. Because it is so effective, it has stuck around so anyone with blonde hair can greatly benefit from adding it to their hair care routine. It can complement or replace your current shampoo and is much more than a novel product. Despite their color, they can keep yellow tones out of light-colored hair, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What Is Purple Shampoo?

Well to start let’s clarify one thing, it is not a hair dye. This means it won’t turn your hair purple no matter what tone you have. What purple shampoo does do is it provides. purple pigment into hair to reduce brassy and yellow tones. It does this simply by being the opposite of yellow on a color wheel, leaving only the pigments you want in your natural or dyed color.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Purple Shampoo?

You Can Swim With Confidence

We’re not saying it is going to make you a better swimmer, more that it will stop chlorine from turning your hair yellow. Ever noticed those green tones that come as a result of regular exposure to a chlorine-based swimming pool? Well, quality purple shampoo can be the answer.

It Counters The Negative Effects Of The Environment

Not too dissimilar to what it can do for protecting your hair against chlorine, even pollution and smoke can be detrimental to your hair color. This can cause it to have a yellow tone which is where a purple shampoo should be used. Even the UV rays from the sun can cause hair to yellow so be sure to protect it with a hat, even if you use these shampoos.

Reverses The Effects of Hair Product

Although they are essential for most of us, hair care products such as waxes, hairsprays, conditioners, shampoos, and others can contain numerous ingredients that can leave their yellow mark on your hair. This will be the same for any hair type, but lighter hair will show it more. The purple shampoo will work to remove any traces of the product and replenish color.

Vibrant Color

Sometimes, the effects of daily life can take their toll on your hair, causing it to look dull and even lifeless. When this seems like the case, purple shampoo can bring some vibrancy to blonde or grey hair. It can make blonde tones brighter and a high-quality product will give you a salon-fresh appearance among other benefits.

You Don’t Need To Use It Often

You shouldn’t replace your regular shampoo with purple products although if you are someone who washes their hair weekly, it could be worthwhile. Otherwise, it can be used every other week, meaning it will last a long time.

It Can Be Applied To Wet or Dry Hair

To add to the convenience of removing yellow, this shampoo can be applied to dry hair if you notice excessive brassiness. Leave it in for 15-20 minutes before you rinse it off. This is better if you want to up the intensity but for regular use, just apply to wet hair.

Can Anyone Use Purple Shampoo?

It won’t have any negative effects for someone without the ideal hair color to get the benefits, but it also doesn’t offer anything to make it better than your usual favorite shampoo. Because of this, it is best saved for those with lighter shades such as blonde, platinum hair, silver, grey, or white hair. Anyone brunette or lighter will not benefit.

How Long Does It Take For Purple Shampoo To Work?

The results can be seen on the first use and it only needs to be left for 2-3 minutes on blonde hair and up to 15 minutes on dyed hair. After this, you can rinse it off and if condition it if you would normally.

How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo?

It is perfectly fine to use purple shampoo regularly but you don’t want to overdo it. It is not unusual for some users to notice a purple tint in their hair in which case it is better to stop using it so frequently and use a clarifying shampoo to remove any purple. The best approach is to use it monthly or every other week to prevent this from happening.

Can You Put Purple Shampoo On Brown Hair?

Although we’ve mentioned this already, it should be noted that purple shampoo can be used if you are brunette, but it won’t do a lot unless you have highlights. Those streaks can be treated to the same benefits as blonde or platinum shades to bring them back to life and reduce any yellow tones. This will restore them to a similar vibrant color that they were when first dyed.

Does Purple Shampoo Actually Work?

In a word, yes! For many people, the idea of a purple shampoo might be too out there to contemplate but that is usually to their detriment as the benefits make it worth trying. Brassy tones aren’t going to be the in look any time soon and if you’ve spent money on highlights or color then it can help make them look their best for longer.

For anyone who doesn’t have blonde, platinum, grey, or white hair, it won’t work in the way that it is intended so it’s not for everyone. Still, for the fairer haired people of the world, it is an important product to have, even if it is supposed to be used infrequently.