Although most people use them to tame wild eyebrows or pull a stray hair from anywhere on their body, there are various uses for this common household item. With plenty of different shapes and sizes to choose from, this should not come as a surprise but it might influence your decision when looking for new tweezers. Whether you need to remove an ingrown hair that is causing razor bumps or need something steady for fixing your false eyelashes, it is a good idea to know which type is best so you can put it to good use.

First of all, let’s get to know the different types:

Slant Tip

One of the most common types of tweezers and a must-have in any makeup bag. A slanted tip can be used for plucking single hairs or shaping brows thanks to the shape of the tip that can be used to follow the desired shape.

Point Tip

They might look like a weapon but a pointed tip is another useful and common type of tweezer used in beauty practices to get close to tiny hairs. Anything particularly fine or too close to the skin to grab with a slant tip can be removed using these accurate tweezers. You’ll need to lay off the caffeine before as it requires a steady hand.

Anyone with a splinter that is almost impossible to get a grip or, or with ingrown hair on their leg that they need to remove should have a pointed tip to hand.

Round Tip

The rounded edges make these some of the safest tweezers as there is no risk of stabbing yourself around the eye. Still, they are not so useful for pulling individual hairs that are not built for accuracy. They can be good to use on a pet or even a child that might move suddenly and are useful for removing hair at an angle.

Pointed Slant

A mix of the first two, a pointed slant tweezer is one of the more versatile products and has a more prominent slant. This can make it slightly more difficult to work with than a regular slant tip tweezer but you do get two products in one.

Flat Tip

They look as though they are built for safety and although they would not be well suited to remove a single hair and would risk the user pulling multiple hairs at one time, they are still good to have. Because they do not have sharp edges they can be used to apply false eyelashes.

Wide Grip

Often made with the hole in the middle so you can see what you are working with, wide grip tweezers, and good for anyone who finds regular tweezers to be too fiddly to use. They are certainly more forgiving and are found in pretty much every style of tip usually available.

Common Uses For Tweezers

When it comes to the next beauty guide you are following, make sure you have all the tweezers you need to hand as different products will be needed for the following:

Applying False Lashes

One of the main reasons to have a flat-tipped or even curved tweezer is to apply false lashes with confidence. Hold the lashes as you work the eyelash glue onto the band to keep your fingers glue-free and attach them accurately, with space to see between your fingers and the lashes.

Apply Gems

This can be on the skin or nails and because they are fiddly little things, getting a little help is always a good idea. Not only will it be easier but there will not be the need to move them around to find the perfect spot which is where things can get messy.

Ingrown Hair

One of the leading causes of razor bumps is hair that is growing in the wrong direction. This can cause ongoing irritation but if you can see the hair under the skin, you can use tweezers to remove it. Always make sure you clean the tweezers with an alcohol solution so it is safe to use and if you cannot easily reach the hair then it is best to leave it.

Unusual Uses For Tweezers

Outside of your beauty-related uses, tweezers can become a useful tool that is readily available in your home.

Removing Food From A Toaster

It might be burnt and beyond saving once it is out, or it just might be stuck, but food gets trapped in a toaster all the time. This is especially the case if there is an item lodged that shouldn’t be there. Be sure to turn the toaster off at the mains, and remove the plug just in case before using your tweezers to lift the stuck item.

First Aid

Keeping a spare set of tweezers in a first aid kit is a clever idea, and here’s why: Numerous items can pierce the skin and become difficult to remove. This includes the likes of splinters but can be anything from fiberglass, glass, fishhooks, and beyond.

Hammering Nails

We’re not talking about your latest gel polish or the like, (although if you have just applied, this can help to make sure they stay intact) but holding a nail in place can leave your hand a little too close to the danger zone for comfort. Using tweezers can keep your fingers at a safe distance as you hammer the nail into place.

Removing Batteries

How difficult is it to replace the batteries in your remote control without risking breaking a nail? Using tweezers can help to lift one end, making it easy to remove the batteries that are otherwise hard to budge.

Flipping Pancakes

Although with handling food, you will want to sterilize the tweezers before every use, any time where you need to flip a food item, tweezers can come in handy. Obviously a flat tip is necessary as a pointed tip won’t be much use here.