There are many, different kinds of tanning lotions on the market. If you’re a tanning fan/addict, then it’s likely you’ve used some of them while in a tanning bed or out at a beach.

Tanning is more of a personal matter, though. What you intend to achieve from it is probably different than what someone else is seeking. While some are pursuing a sun-kissed look, others seek the deepest tan possible.

There are various products available to help you, regardless of the specific kind of tanning you’re after. If accelerating your tan is one of your desires, then you’ll definitely be interested in tingle tanning lotions. In fact, they’re the most popular kind of tanning lotions available – and for all the right reasons.

What’s a Tingle Tanning Lotion?

This kind of tanning lotions is commonly described as ‘tingle’ because of the tingling sensation they give once they’re applied on the skin. You’ll come across multiple tanning lotions on the market, giving different ‘tingle’ levels. Some may be quite mild and relaxing while others can be extremely intense.

There are two key ingredients which are responsible for the tingling effect, namely Benzyl Nicotinate and Methyl Nicotinate.

The most common ingredients included in tingle tanning lotions are further discussed below:

1 - Methyl Nicotinate

This ingredient works by increasing microcirculation in the skin’s outermost layers. In turn, that exposes more oxygen to melanin-producing cells situated in the skin’s epidermis. These cells are often referred to as melanocytes while melanin is essentially what gives the skin its color.

Exposing the skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation enables melanocytes to produce more melanin through a process known as melanogenesis. As a result, the skin gets darker. The intensified oxygen circulation is responsible for the tingling sensation given by tingle tanning lotions.

2 - Benzyl Nicotinate

Just like Methyl Nicotinate, this ingredient works by increasing microcirculation. The key difference here is that Benzyl Nicotinate opens up the skin’s blood capillaries, thus exposing more oxygen to the aforementioned melanin-producing cells.

Although that causes temporary skin reddening, the end result is an even deeper tan. The tingle brought about by Benzyl Nicotinate is often more intense than what you’d experience with lotions containing Methyl Nicotinate.

3 - Moisturizing Elements

Good tanning results are achieved only when the skin is adequately moisturized. And, that explains why virtually all tingle tanning lotions come filled with moisturizing ingredients. Such include white tea extract, black currant, and essential oils.

These allow the ultraviolet rays to penetrate deeper into the skin and, consequently, retain the applied tan for long. Most of the moisturizing ingredients commonly included in tingle tanning lotions are anti-aging, as well.

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2 JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Extreme YES YES NO Check Price
3 Designer Skin Body Bronzer Ruby Intense YES YES NO Check Price
4 Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer Average YES YES NO Check Price
5 Millennium Insanely Black Hot Tingle Extreme YES YES NO Check Price
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7 Supre Snooki Hot Skinny Sizzling Super Dark Maximizer Intense NO YES YES Check Price
8 Glamour Godess 300x Tingle Average NO YES NO Check Price
9 Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Light NO YES NO Check Price

Who Should Use a Tingle Tanning Lotion?

Most people give up on tingle tanning lotions due to the tingling sensation they often give. Some users have raised concerns, claiming the lotions are somewhat uncomfortable or painful. However, other users assert that they’ve not had any problems using them.

It’s mainly dependent on your pain tolerance level is and how rough your skin is. Everyone is different. And, your experience is likely to be different from that of another person. However, if you can endure the ‘tingling’, you’ll definitely achieve what that tingle tanning lotion is formulated to provide – giving you a tan skin.

Tingling lotions are mainly intended for indoor use by experienced tanners and not recommended for beginners. Before trying any tingle tanning lotion, you must be having a solid base tan. You should also be accustomed to the heat produced by tanning beds to a point where you’re comfortable with it.

You can consider getting a tingle tanning lotion if you are seeking a natural, sun-kissed look or have difficulty achieving a tan using other kinds of tanning lotion. If you’re an experienced tanner, you can consider applying a tingle tanning lotion if you’ve already reached a tanning plateau. Basically, that means when you’ve been applying a tanning solution to a point where your skin isn’t reacting anymore.

Benefits of Tingle Tanning Lotions

The benefits you could enjoy from tingle tanning lotions are countless. That explains why they’re so popular and a favorite for most expert tanners. But, INCREASING YOUR TAN RAPIDLY is the major benefit offered by this kind of lotions. They’re specifically intended to affect the body’s melanin and create a natural, healthy tan. That results in a darker skin.

Aside from that, tingle tanning lotions often contain powerful moisturizing ingredients which ensure the TANNING HAPPENS UNIFORMLY. They help achieve that by preventing loss of moisture to the UV rays and tingling ingredients. In fact, that’s why tingle tanning lotions are being considered more effective than other luxury moisturizing lotions and creams when it comes down to keeping the skin healthy, soft, and supple.

The end result is a LONG-LASTING TAN which won’t fade as fast as it’d be with most other kinds of tanning lotions. As such, you can go much longer between applications and, therefore, dramatically reduce the skin damage brought about by UV rays.

In addition, tingle tanning lotions work from inside out, unlike other kinds of possible solutions. That said, you can rule out the risk of getting streaks or splotches while tanning. It’s definitely a significant plus since you’ll not necessarily need to be overly diligent with the amount of lotion you apply. That further simplifies the entire process. They could rightly be the best bet you have if you want a quick, effective tanning solution that barely leaves any streak.

Finally, many users find the tingling sensation a huge plus. Yes, it might feel overwhelming during your first tanning sessions. But, mixing them with a regular cream or lotion would be an excellent way of accustoming yourself to the real experience.

Once you get used to the tingle tanning lotions, chances are that you’ll find them quite relaxing. Many experienced tanners acknowledge their addiction, saying that they get a spa-like experience from tingle tanning lotions.

What Factors Should You Consider in Tingle Tanning Lotions?

You’ll come across innumerable tingle tanning lotions on the market. And, virtually all of them differ in various ways. And, without clarity on exactly what you desire to get from a tingle tanning lotion, you might find yourself purchasing an unsuitable product.

Fortunately, you can avoid such a case by considering the various key factors that set these lotions apart.

We delve deeper into some of these factors below:

1 - Power of Tingle

When shopping for a tingle tanning lotion, ensure you’ve read the labels before making any purchase. You’ll note that some products are labeled ‘high-tingle’ while others are described ‘low-tingle’. The ‘high-tingle’ ones are intensely powerful.

In case you have never used a tingle tanning lotion before and are not quite familiar with the different brands available, then you should consider starting with the ‘low-tingle’ ones. With time, you’ll get accustomed to a point where you can start using the ‘high-tingle’ lotions.

2 - Accelerators VS Maximizers

Every tingle tanning lotion is either a maximizer or an accelerator. But, they are both designed to enhance your skin tan. Accelerator lotions are ideal for tanning beginners. They’re specially formulated to quickly provide a base tan. Generally, they don’t contain added bronzers.

Accelerators often have large amounts of moisturizers which enable the skin to tan quickly and retain the color for a considerably long time. Once you’ve built up an excellent base tan, you’ll be in a better position to try maximizer lotions which go much deeper than accelerators.

3 - Bronzer

Bronzer tanning lotions contain Di-Hydroxyl Acetone (DHA), a chemical which changes the skin cells. That enables the bronzer to give an instant tan and the skin continues darkening for hours after application. Bronzing lotions would be ideal in situations where you want to achieve a sun-kissed look instantly.

You’ll need to wait several hours after each tanning session before taking a bath. However, it’s advisable that you wash your hands immediately after application to avoid discoloration. Your hands’ skin will react differently to bronzing lotions than other parts of your body. They might get splotchy if you don’t wash them once you’re done.

4 - Anti-Aging and Caffeine

Tingle tanning lotions with anti-aging qualities often contain added vitamins and minerals. These are incorporated to protect against premature aging signs. Most of these lotions also come included with caffeine to help reduce any puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines while energizing the skin.

However, note that your body will absorb the caffeine. So, if you’re allergic or sensitive to caffeine, it’d only be wise to steer clear of such lotions.

5 - Tattoo Protection

Exposing your skin to UV rays from the sun and in tanning beds can end up fading your tattoo(s). The art will appear to be less vibrant and look old. While other kinds of products tend to fade tattoos, it’s not the case with most tingle tanning lotions.

Tingling lotions would be perfect if you’ve had your body inked and wish to prevent your tattoos from fading. Besides getting your skin tanned, using tattoo color-shielding tanning lotions will keep the art looking great even after the tanning sessions.

Reviews of Our Top Picks for the Best Tingle Tanning Lotions

Ed-Hardy Body Shots Tingle Bronzer (Extreme Black)

The Ed-Hardy Extreme Black Bronzer is among the most intense tanning lotions available on the market. It’s mainly intended for expert or experienced tanners. It might not be the ideal option for first-time tanners, though.

You’ll definitely love this lotion’s orange-citrus scent. Upon application, you’ll instantly get some redness which lasts for 1-2 hours. Afterward, the redness will fade, hence leaving an excellent tanned skin.

The ED-Hardy Extreme Black Tanning Lotion isn’t just a tingle bronzer. It’s also formulated to provide a firmer skin with an enhanced tan. It has further been proven to be remarkably effective at giving a quicker, yet last-lasting tan, credit to its extreme tingle sensation.

JWOWW Mad-Hot Tingle Bronzer

The yogurt-based Mad-Hot Tingle Bronzer provides an extreme tingling level. It also causes immediate reddening. As such, this tanning lotion is preferably recommended for experienced tanners. It comes packed with a blend of skin-care and anti-wrinkle ingredients. These provide for a darker, yet smoother skin.

The JWOWW Mad-Hot Lotion’s bronzing ingredients include tyrosine and melanin, along with several other natural bronzers. With such elements, you should expect to get an outrageously dark color. Black currant oil is filled in this bronzer and pear oil is then added to the same. That assists in delivering adequate moisture.

Designer Skin Ruby Body Bronzer (Fresh Camu Camu Scent)

The Ruby Body Bronzer, available in a 13.5-ounce bottle, is yet another highly intense option. However, it serves as both a cooling and tingle tanning lotion.

Its ingredients include the spicy capsaicin fruit which provides the tingling sensation upon application on the skin. However, the moment it tingles, the incorporated cooling technology (a combination of licorice and emerald extracts) will help refresh and soothe your skin.

After applying it, your skin will turn red for 2-3 minutes. The redness will then fade and leave you with a dark, yet cool shade of bronze.

On top of that, this lotion boasts a 19X bronzing capacity, along with the MelanINK technology. That helps deliver an even darker tan. A silicone emulsion is also included to help hydrate your skin. In turn, you get to enjoy some feeling of softness and coolness after each training session.

Supre Snooki Hot Bronzer (Ultra-Dark)

Aside from giving you an ultra-dark, deep tan, the Supre Snooki Hot Bronzer will help you get an appealing ‘Jerseylicious’ look. It comes formulated with a blend of bronzers which enables your skin to react positively to UV lights, hence resulting in a darker-toned skin.

This lotion employs the outstanding Hyper-Dark tanning technology which will stimulate your body’s melanin-production cells. As such, the tanning itself will begin once you start applying it.

The DHA, walnut, and henna are designed to work together to ensure you get an even tan once you leave your tanning bed. Additionally, the included coconut and almond oil blend ensure your skin is left feeling soft and sexy.

While out under the sun, the skin will remain protected. That can be attributed to the included blend of vitamins, which is popularly known to prevent aging signs. The moderate tingling sensation provided by the Supre Snooki Hot Bronzer makes it ideal for those that have already hit their tanning plateau.

Millennium Insanely Black & Hot Tingle Tanning Bed Lotion

The Insanely Black is availed in a 13.5-ounce, black bottle that’s covered in orange and yellow frames. It’s deservedly a top contender for the best tingle tanning lotion for all the right reasons.

However, the major reason as to why we’ve included it among our top picks is the incredible value it offers for its price. Millennium provides this top-rated tanning lotion at an unbelievably affordable price. It’s hugely popular and highly rated because of the fabulous results it brings.

This lotion features a unique blackberry citrus scent. It also contains Aloe Vera, which comprises more than 200 nutritional substances. These include minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes. Hazel seed oil is yet another ingredient contained in this lotion. It’s ideally rich in Vitamin E, which is known to promote healthy skin growth and, as a result, keep your skin admirably soft and supple.

When applying this lotion, you’ll love how easily it spreads, with a medium consistency and ensuring overall skin coverage. Its color is conveniently ideal for nearly all skin types. Bear in mind that it’s a really hot, tingling lotion. But, if you can put up with the sensation, you’ll have all the reasons to smile.

It’s particularly suitable for the avid tanners who wish to go one or two levels darker. Users praise the Millennium Insanely Black Bronzing Lotion, with most of them commending the nice, stunning glow it leaves. Others boldly assert that they just can’t get enough of its blackberry citrus scent. And, for its price, you’d not go wrong. It’s indisputably worth every penny as far as tingle tanning lotions go.

Ed-Hardy Obnoxious Tingle Tanning Lotion (Extreme Bronzer)

This lotion should top your list if you’re in the pursuit of the darkest of tans. Its name just tells it all. Ed-Hardy’s Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer brings a seriously intense tingle tanning lotion that provides the darkest tan possible. It’s specially formulated to give you immediate, yet long-lasting results. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another kind of tanning lotion that guarantees such fabulous results.

Ed-Hardy has beautifully formulated this lotion with ingredients like hemp seed oil, vitamins C and E, as well as mangosteen. All of these are extremely nourishing and work together to repair damaged and/or dry skin, in addition to deeply moisturizing it. While it gives a very intense tingling sensation, you can expect to get results that are equally as intense.

Supre Snooki Skinny Sizzling Maximizer (Hot & Super-Dark)


Supre has multiple, top-of-the-line options in their Snooki tanning product line. Among these is the Skinny Sizzling Super-Dark Maximizer. Basically, it’s a tingle tanning lotion with a Fresh Fusion scent and whose active ingredients include water, glycerin, and seed oil. Upon applying this lotion, you’ll immediately get a rush of heat throughout your skin surface.

You’ll definitely appreciate the benefits provided by the Skinny Sizzling Maximizer, especially if you have some art drawn on your skin. Besides being a tanning lotion, this product employs Supre Snooki’s proprietary and advanced Tattoo Color-Shield Technology. That helps combine essential minerals, algae, and Aloe Vera.

Such elements have been proven to be extremely effective at protecting the skin’s color and vibrancy. You can thus be assured that your tattoo will remain in place and still look attractive. Besides, this lotion is specially designed to reduce cellulite appearance, hence tightening and toning the skin.

While it’s considerably intense, the Snooki Hot Skinny lotion delivers exceptional, quick results which are long-lasting. The overall formula used in making this product is entirely gluten- and nut- free. It’ll leave your skin looking and feeling touchable, soft, and smooth.

Glamour Goddess 300X Tanning Lotion (Sizzle Complex)

Glamour Goddess 300X Tanning Lotion (Sizzle Complex)

The Glamour Goddess Tanning Lotion features a strong tingle and a tropical scent. Designer Skin advertises it as an intensely hot lotion. But, those that have actually used it sell a little different version. While it isn’t as extreme as the manufacturer claims, this lotion is fiery enough. The experience is generally good.

The Glamour Goddess 300X formula barely contains any DHA. It’s rather a combination of the antioxidant grape seed oil and Camu Camu fruit, along with various, other natural ingredients. The manufacturer also incorporates the Sizzle Complex technology to help achieve a deep, darker color without having to use DHA.

It’s among the best anti-aging tingle tanning lotions currently available on the market. Anti-aging ingredients packed in the Glamour Goddess 300X include Hibiscus Flower, which Is quite rich in the Vitamin C, and organic acids that help regenerate the skin cells, thus improving the tone for an overall youth appearance.

With the Designer Skin’s tingle-intensifying tanning lotion, expect to get softened, nourished, and tanned skin. And, considering the enormous value offered here, it’s worth mentioning that this tanning lotion is pretty affordable and well worth its price.

Supre Cherry Bomb Red & Hot Dark Accelerator

Supre avails the Cherry Bomb Dark Tanning Lotion in an 8-ounce bottle. It contains well-selected and valuable ingredients such as the Vitamins A, C, & E, as well as cherry extracts. Such provide significant moisturizing and antioxidant benefits. Also, you’ll certainly love this lotion’s delicious cherry scent and moderate tingling experience.

It’d especially be worth considering if you’re seeking all tingle without requiring any bronzer. While the Cherry Bomb Dark Tanning Lotion doesn’t have extreme intensity, it’s a little above average. That makes it an excellent option for beginners as well as those that find their skin looking orange whenever they use bronzers.

As the only accelerator on this list, the Cherry Bomb Hot Lotion is perfect for a light tan or base tan. Consider giving it a try if you’re seeking something which won’t make you feel like you’re burning off your skin.

7 Must-Know Things about Using a Tingle Tanning Lotion

1 - Tingle Tanning Lotions are not ideal for everyone

If possible, you should try building your way up slowly when it comes to using them. It’s also imperative that you patch-test each product prior to applying it to your body. In case you have low pain tolerance or highly sensitive skin, ensure you consult with your doctor or dermatologist before using any tingle lotion.

2 - Your skin might not be very sensitive

However, everyone has areas of his/her skin which are more sensitive when compared to other parts. AVOID APPLYING A TINGLE LOTION TO SENSITIVE AREAS. Such include the spots around your eyes, the genital area, and the nipples.

3 - Be prepared for red skin

It’s not something to worry about, though. IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL. The redness will fade several minutes or a few hours after application, depending on your lotion’s level of tingle. And, although it’s an extremely rare case, you ought to see a doctor or a dermatologist in case the redness is still present four hours after the time of application.

4 - Tangling lotions are for idoor use only

Using them outdoors carries a huge risk of getting chemical burns, among many other problems. Observe as much caution as possible by ensuring you only use your tingle tanning lotion in a tanning bed or booth.

5 - Tingle tanning lotions have a lot of moisturizing ingredients

But, if you purchase a tingling lotion for long-term use, you’ll need to devise an additional DAILY ROUTINE FOR SKIN MOISTURIZING. That will help fight against the drying effects brought about by this kind of lotions. Besides, it’s greatly healthy for the skin.

6 - Wash the lotion off your skin as soon as you can

When taking a shower, ensure you find the ideal temperature. For instance, taking a steamy, hot bath right after applying a tingle lotion can increase your skin’s heat levels and create a troubling burning sensation. Instead, you should preferably begin with lukewarm water, slowly adjusting the temperature for your comfort.

7 - Be careful around others, especially children

After your tanning session, avoid holding or hugging children or anyone else with sensitive skin before you’ve taken a thorough shower.

What You Ought to Know or Do before Tanning

At this point, you know quite a lot about tingle tanning lotions. You’re also aware of the best options available on the market. Now, it’s time to find out what else you ought to know before you begin tanning, irrespective of whether you’re an experienced tanner or just starting out. It’d not hurt to remind yourself on important aspects and keep your mind in check.

Here are several things we feel you need to do or think about before tanning:

– Find out if there’s any reason you shouldn’t tan and define what it is. It could be a skin condition, an allergy to sunrays, or your doctor’s recommendation. Think about any medications you’re probably on that can lead to more trouble when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays.

– Determine how tolerant your skin is to heat and UV radiation exposure. It’s crucial that you know your skin type. It’ll enable you to define whether or not you should tan and how long you can comfortably tan in each session.

– Ascertain that you’ve been exfoliating properly. Indulging yourself in a tanning session with layers of dead skin will only give you a disappointing result. The tan will be uneven since the dead skin will flake away. Ensure you make use of a reliable, effective exfoliator before you can begin tanning.

– Consider how soon you’ll shower after your tanning session. As mentioned before, it’s vital that you take the water’s temperature into account. The sooner you shower after tanning, the cooler your water should be.

– Consider if there are any accessories you might need and define how you can obtain them. Case in point, everyone should have a reliable lotion applicator and quality tanning goggles. Other items you might need to consider include towels, nipple protectors, and SPF chapsticks.

Wrapping Up

Saying tingle tanning lotions aren’t ideal for everyone doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t give them a try. If you’re really interested or curious about what you’d get from them, we encourage you to take the next step. There are innumerable options available on the market and selecting just one can be an overwhelming and confusing task.

Fortunately, we’ve already done the more difficult part for you. From the ten options reviewed above, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the right tingle tanning lotion for you. Each of them stands out in various ways and it’s upon you to determine the particular lotion that meets (or exceeds) all of your tanning needs.

Make your purchase and follow the additional tips and guidelines discussed in this piece. More importantly, ensure you observe as much caution as you can when making use of your tingle tanning lotion. Happy tanning!