The rage among people to get tanned does not come with specific reasons; each individual has their own reason to get their skin tanner, be it for a less-pale and healthier skin, or for flaunting a bronze-skinned body, or even for getting rid of their acne and other skin-related issues. There are also individuals who try to overcome their mood disorder or psychological problems by exposing themselves to the sun’s rays.

And the best way to maximize your results from tanning is by opting for the most effective tanning lotion for outdoor use. The following lines review the top 10 tanning lotions for outdoor use available today, so that you can select the one that will work best for your type of skin.

Before we list out the best tanning lotions that you can use outdoors, you need to understand why it is better to get tanned outdoors rather than indoors. The first and foremost reason is because the sun’s rays, if exposed to carefully, can actually be good for your skin.

Additionally, soaking the sun is a good way to enjoy a lovely weather while adding color to the skin. In order to help you maximize the benefits of tanning outdoors, we recommend the following amazing 10 products along with some essential tips related to tanning.

Top 10 Tanning Lotions For Outdoor Use:

#1 Coconut Kisses Tanning Lotion (Golden) By Ed Hardy

This product has made it to the top of our list as tanning lotion for outdoor use because of the incredible results that it offers. It can be tough to tan your skin in case your skin is sensitive or covered with tattoos, and majority of the lotions in the market don’t come with tattoo protection efficiency, or have the ability to offer soothing tan to sensitive skin. But that is not the case with this product; as it works equally well on tattooed and sensitive skin types. This exceptional lotion is made using high quality ingredients so that the melanin absorption process can be increased, delivering you golden skin after use.

Additionally, the product also contains ingredients that can stop aging signs that come with tanning process, and can effective lower cellulite appearance. This Ed Hardy lotion delivers tan that is lasting as well as shimmering, ensuring a healthy and attractive glow right from the moment it is first applied.

#2 Paint It Black By Millenium Tanning

In case you are eager for a dark skin tan within a short timespan then you should consider buying this Millenium Tanning lotion. The manufacturers have built themselves quite a reputation, which means their products are highly reliable and efficient. This particular product has been designed specifically to darken your skin rapidly with the help of auto-darkening technology. You will be fascinated by the result, as your skin with appear richer than before along with an amazing glow.

The Paint It Black comes with silicone emulsion that has the ability to make your skin firm while fighting the aging signs as well as lowering cellulite in your body. It also contains moisture to keep your skin from drying out in the sun. And finally, the product has a light, intoxicating scent, which makes it perfect for outdoor tanning without being pestered by insects.

#3 Sunscreen Spray Gel By Australian Gold

Among the top 10 products that we recommend this is one that contains SPF in it. So, you should consider buying this Australian Gold Spray Gel if you want to get a safe yet proper tan. The product is available in various options, which means that you can select the amount of SPF that you require for protecting your skin.

This superior quality product is reasonably-priced, and comes loaded with amazing aloe and exotic oils so that your skin gets the best care while being tanned. This is an exclusive tanning lotion for outdoor use that can resist water, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting wet after applying the lotion when soaking the sun on a beach. The product also comes with bronze enhancement, which ensures instant results while tanning your skin slowly.

#4 Dark Tanning Oil By Hawaiian Tropic


This product may not feature SPF but it sure has the ability to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun because of the natural ingredients it is made from. This dark tanning oil can easily work to safeguard your skin while offering a rich, deep tan. Also, the natural ingredients and oil used in making this product help with skin moisturizing so that it stays healthy and evenly tanned.

This Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil incorporates the use of auto-tanning technology so that the process of tanning can be completed faster and more evenly. It comes with a strong scent of coconut, which can be quite overwhelming despite being pleasant.

#5 Accelerator Cheeky Brown By Australian Gold

It has been noted that while many users enjoy the effect that bronzers have on their skin, they don’t appreciate the use of artificial ingredients in such bronzers. However, this lotion is made using natural bronzers so that your skin gets a darker tone, even before the tan actually starts working on your skin. This produce has been designed especially for individuals who are new to tanning so that their base tan can be built prior to getting their skin fully tanned.

This super-hydrating product incorporates the use of herbal DNA for moisturizing your skin. It has a light cocoa scent, which is impressively lasting. And it is easily available as well as reasonably-priced.

#6 Indoor/Outdoor Intensifiers By BeachLife


Although, the product does not include the name of Ed Hardy, but the makers take full credit for creating this amazing tanning lotion that offers incredible results. Without the use of a single bronzing agent, this product can deliver a dark, strong tan to your skin, and it works perfectly well both indoors and outdoors.

This product also has the ability to tan your tattoo-covered skin, without causing the tattoo to fade. Additionally, it can keep your skin hydrated and firm, while nourishing your skin with Vitamin A so that your skin remains protected from sun damage. An interesting ingredient used in this product is seaweed extract, which essentially works to help your body detox.

#7 Somewhere On A Beach Tanning Lotion

Exposing your body for long hours in the sun can cause your skin to age. This product is one of the few tanning lotions that can effectively prevent such skin aging signs. It comes with Matrixyl Synthe 6 that is considered to be among the strongest and most efficient anti-aging compounds available today.

This product also contains oil so that your skin remains hydrated and soft. It has a light and pleasant scent that makes it convenient for you to work all day long after applying the lotion, without being in any hurry to take a shower. The product is also DHA free, which means that you don’t have to worry about the negative effects of tanning while using this lotion.

#8 Virgin Coconut Tanning Oil By OrganicGOLD

This is one of those lotions that keeps your skin grease-free on being applied. It has a smooth effect on the skin, and can tan your skin effectively without leaving a greasy residue or feeling. The product is made using quality ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and coconut oil, which effectively moisturize and soften your skin.

This product is perfect for use on fair skin, and it is a completely natural tanning lotion for those looking to get their skin tanned safely.

#9 Tanning Oil By Tropical Sands

While the product itself has a great reputation, it is known to be made using mineral oil. Such oils can lead to skin problems as they clog your skin pores. So, in case you have issues with your skin, you should not consider using this product for tanning.

Keeping this negative point aside, the product itself has the ability to enhance overall health of your skin as it is made using exclusive ingredients. Once you use the product, you will notice that the skin is supple and soft, and you will appear much younger. Not to forget that the product is fully capable of delivering a dark, deep tan.

#10 Browning Lotion By Maui Babe

It might be true that this product does not come loaded with special feature and ingredients, but it does exactly what it is supposed to- offering your skin a deep, rich tan. Tanning enthusiasts highly recommend this product for this very reason. The product itself is made using several natural ingredients, which can improve your skin quality while offering proper, even tan.

But the only problem with this product is that it can cause your skin’s pores to clog. In case you notice that the skin is breaking out easily after applying this lotion, you should stop using it immediately. We also recommend that you quickly cleanse the skin after the tanning process is over, and use a separate lotion for the face.

Maui Babe Browning Lotion – Video Review

Reasons Why Should Opt For Outdoor Tanning:

Due to the fact that the sun’s rays have the potential to damage our skin, most of us try to avoid outdoor tanning. However, in truth, outdoor tanning has its own set of risks and benefits, with the latter outshining the former. Here are some important benefits of opting for outdoor tanning:

  • Exposing your body to the sun’s rays increases Vitamin D production.
  • The sun’s rays are so hot that they easily dry out your acne.
  • It has been brought to light that the ultraviolet rays can affect your mental health in a positive way, and its absence can lead to mental disorder.
  • As soon your base tan is built, you don’t have to worry about the harmful rays of the sun, as the chances of accidental burning are low by then.
  • There are individuals who prefer getting tanned in the sun, as it uplifts their confidence.
  • It is all these reasons that encourage individuals and enthusiasts to go out and get tanned in the sun without any hesitation.

Understanding What Tanning Lotion For Outdoor Use Is:

Tanning lotion that you essentially massage onto your skin prior to exposing yourself in the sun for getting a base or deep tan can be explained as outdoor tanning lotion. The design of these lotions is such that they can accelerate the overall process of tanning without causing your skin to dry out or lose its health. While every product comes with a unique formula, there are certain ingredients common to all tanning lotions for outdoor use.

These include: Copper, L-Tyrosine, Green Tea, Melanin, Tea Tree Oil

Now if you are wondering whether tanning lotions for indoor use can be used for outdoor use as well, the answer is some indoor ones can be used but most cannot because they tend to cause significant skin damage. For instance, the indoor tingle products must not be used for outdoor purposes as the chemicals in such lotions get exposed to the UV rays for a longer time period than indoors, causing the chemicals to burn the skin.

Again, most indoor lotions for tanning don’t contain SPF, meaning that you will have to combine them with your sunscreen lotion for protection from the sun. This is an additional and unnecessary trouble, which can be easily avoided by opting for a tanning lotion for outdoor use.

How You Will Benefit From Tanning Lotions For Outdoor Use:

You already know by now that various lotions come with various formulas, which is why the benefits they offer are also different.

There are certain common benefits that all the top tanning lotions for outdoor use offer:

1 - Quick Results

Using a tanning lotion for outdoor purpose means using SPF, which can cause the tanning process to slow, especially when compared to tanning beds. But the design of tanning lotions for outdoor use is such that they offer incredible results by speeding up the tanning process so that you can enjoy maximized results within a short span of time.

2 - Skin Hydration

Majority of the tanning lotions for outdoor use include ingredients that can easily replenish your skin’s moisture, which is lost during tanning. This way your skin is kept from being damaged while getting tanned, and the skin’s overall health is also enhanced during the process.

3 - Long lasting Tan

Not only is the tanning process accelerated, but these lotions also deliver results that last for a very long time. Your skin gets moisturized along with a deep, dark tan, which ensures that the color stays longer on your skin.

4 - Odorless Skin

Due to the fact that bacteria reside in our skin (naturally), these bacteria get heated up when exposed to the sun, emitting odor in the process. However, tanning lotions for outdoor use contain anti-bacterial properties that either completely eliminate, or lower such odor.

5 - Supple, Soft Skin-

These lotions also tend to soften your skin while moisturizing it. This causes you to get a younger appearance. In fact there are some products that can also effectively increase elasticity and lower cellulite.

However, you should not overlook the fact that using a tanning lotion for outdoor use can cause bad reaction to your skin. This is the reason why you need to spot test the lotion that you buy for 24 hours before you actually apply it for tanning your skin. Make sure that you know the ingredients before purchasing the product, so that you know that the product will not react to your skin when applied.

Tanning Lotion For Outdoor Use- Types:

So, the question that you are asking by now is how are these lotions different from each other? It has already been mentioned repeatedly that various lotions are made using various formulas and ingredients, but there are some common types into which these products can be categorized:

MaximizersAcceleratorsBronzersTattoo ProtectionAnti-Aging
These are the lotions that take you to the next level in tanning. They are essentially meant for those who have built a base tan, and intend on getting a deeper tan. When using a maximizer, your aim should be to get as deep a tan as possible.
These are ideal for those that are just getting started with tanning their skin, or those who intend on maintaining their skin tan. Using an accelerator means developing your base tan by exposing your skin to the sun for longer hours.
These tanning lotions for outdoor use either come combined with maximizers or accelerators. Generally, the term bronzer implies fake-bake or self-tanning lotion that is combined with various other ingredients for providing darker skin tone in no time, while working to tan the skin underneath the dark color.
Not all tanning lotions for outdoor use come with this feature, but in case your body is covered with tattoos, you have to consider finding a lotion with tattoo protection feature. The UV rays of the sun can easily damage or fade your tattoo/s, which is why you need a lotion that will protect your tattoo while your skin gets tanned in the sun.
These lotions contain essential vitamins that can fight the aging signs, especially those caused by sun damage. Such anti-aging lotions can either be maximizers or accelerators, or may even come mixed with bronzers.

Majority of the tanning lotions for outdoor use are similar to the indoor ones. You can use indoor lotions combined with sunscreen for outdoor tanning. But, you should completely avoid using the body blush and tingle lotion varieties (indoor lotions) for outdoor tanning purposes.

This is because these two varieties come loaded with chemicals that can effectively increase the flow of blood to the skin surface, causing the skin to tan faster, but the increased flow of blood to the skin surface also makes the skin vulnerable to burning.

In fact, it may lead to chemical burn, which is not what you want from your tanning lotion. So, other than these two varieties, you can use any indoor lotion combined with sunscreen when stepping out in the sun if you don’t want to buy a tanning lotion for outdoor use.

Guidelines For Using Tanning Lotion For Outdoor Use:

If you want to maximize your results from a tanning lotion, you will need to make sure that you have taken all the steps correctly, starting with proper application of the tanning lotion.

To get the best results, combine your tanning lotion for outdoor use with two separate lotions using the guidelines provided below:

Step 1Step 2Step 3
Apply any pre-tanning lotion as soon as you wake up. A pre-tanning lotion is designed to smooth, moisturize and exfoliate your skin.

This lotion will prepare your skin for absorbing the tanning lotion properly to offer you an even tan. Make sure you allow the pre-tanning lotion to absorb for at least one hour before applying the tanning lotion.

Whether you are at the beach or the pool, set yourself properly before applying the tanning lotion for outdoor use. Make sure that you apply the lotion as evenly as you can with the help of lotion applicators so that it reaches each and every spot on the back portion.

Don’t forget to stick to the instructions provided on the product label to get maximum results. In case the product does not contain SPF, you need to combine it with a sunscreen lotion that contains the SPF level that suits your skin type.

Once the tanning is over, you will need to apply after-tanning lotion. Such lotions essentially hydrate your skin, so that your skin is not damaged by the sun’s rays.

The after-tanning lotion also ensures that the tan is even, while making your skin appear healthy. An after-tanning lotion containing aloe is best for your skin, as it helps with pulling the heat.

Wrapping it up:

In order to get a tan that you can achieve quickly and will last for a very long time, you have to opt for the top tanning lotion for outdoor use. But, it is clear to you by now that not all products are made equally, which is why you have to be careful while selecting the product that is ideal for your skin and body type.

Find out what your skin type is, and then choose the product that meets all the criteria for your requirements for a proper, even tan. Don’t forget to follow the directions provided on the product’s label while applying the lotion on your skin.