There are many ways to pamper yourself, and by the way, the world has been looking recently, you are likely to deserve a bit of R and R. Still, it is good to know how effective or harmful a body scrub is so you can see if you are treating your body right. With so many to choose from with active ingredients, scents, and different ways of exfoliating the skin, how can you tell what is going to benefit your body? Let’s take an in-depth look.

So, Are They Good For You?

When you pick a quality product, a body scrub isn’t just good for you, they can be great. Because our bodies aren’t always so good at moving the dead skin cells along, they need a little encouragement. A body scrub clears these dead skin cells to leave it feeling smooth and silky.

A reputable product will gently encourage the body to produce new skin cells and can remove impurities.

How To Use Body Scrub Properly

Make sure the water isn’t too hot or it can dry out your skin,  which is the opposite of what you want when using a body scrub. Make sure you are well moisturized before applying the scrub and remember that it can be used in either the shower or a bath.

Use circular movements to apply it to the skin without scrubbing too hard. After you have covered one area, rinse it off and move to the next. When you are done, apply a body moisturizer for maximum benefit.

Why Apply Moisturizer After Body Scrub?

Once you have scrubbed the dead or dry skin layer your body is going to be able to absorb anything you put on it a lot faster, Because of this, it is a great time to rehydrate using a body lotion. Just smooth it over the skin in the same way you used the body lotion to reap the benefits.

How Often Should You Use A Body Scrub?

Although a facial scrub can be used more often, it is not advisable to use body scrub more than once, at most twice a week. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it is best to stick to this to avoid irritation and scrubbing the skin before it has had a chance to repair it from the last time.

When Is It Best To Not Use Body Scrub?

When you have used a body scrub in the last week, it is best to not use it again but there are certain circumstances when it is best avoided altogether. Anyone with sensitive skin should test an area first to see how they react as it might not be suitable.

Otherwise, any sunburn or rash should be left to recover without using a body scrub or it can worsen the problem and even be painful to administer. Use a quality lotion that is right for the condition to give it the best chance of healing quickly.

Should You Use A Body Scrub Before Shaving?

As part of your skincare routine, it is best to apply a body scrub before shaving. This is because your skin will be sensitive after shaving and scrub can sting and cause irritation. When used before it can help to smooth the area which will make it easier to shave and nicks and cuts are less likely as a result.

What Is The Best Type of Body Scrub?

There are two main types of body scrub and they center around salt or sugar as the exfoliating ingredient. The benefits are as follows:


Because of their jagged, gritter texture, salt particles are ideal for some of the harder parts of the body such as feet, elbows, and any areas close to the bone. You’ll find this ingredient to be invigorating and partly because of the trace minerals that help to remove toxins that are otherwise pretty stubborn and difficult to shift.


Because they are smoother they are not as harsh on the skin as salt so are better for regular use. They help to break down dead skin and move it along whilst smoothing the fresh layer. They help to condition and hydrate skin so anyone with dryness on certain parts of their body would greatly benefit from this type of body scrub.

Salt and Sugar Combination

For the best of both worlds, some products will use a combination of the two. They both lift impurities and smooth the skin whilst leaving it hydrated.


These are not ideal as they can find their way into the ocean which is why they are mostly being phased out, frowned upon, or banned altogether in some parts of the world. Not only are they not as effective but this cheaper version of a body scrub is harsher on the environment.

Will A Body Scrub Cause Irritation?

Under certain circumstances, a body scrub can irritate the skin. This is why it is best to check on a small area to see if it causes a rash or feels sore. The best body scrubs are those with as many natural ingredients as possible and with quality exfoliating particles.

What Should I Avoid Doing After Using A Body Scrub?

Because your skin will be tender it is best to avoid certain activities. It is even better to wait a while before shaving but sometimes it is difficult to get everything done so it can’t be helped. Under normal circumstances, it is better to not spend time in a steam room after applying a body scrub, and any exercise should be put off until the next day. Also, it is not a great idea to sunbathe after using a body scrub as your skin won’t have as much of a protective layer.

Are All Body Scrubs The Same?

No, they aren’t. Even brands that use similar exfoliating particles can use a completely different list of ingredients which can mean some people react better than others to a formula. The chemicals in each product mean they should not be used too often, especially since your skin is already tender after using the scrub.