Not everyone can convince their boss that certain attire is fine for the workplace, but something that anyone should be able to pull off is black lipstick. Some people would argue that it looks more professional than a vibrant red but either way, it can give you a confidence boost as you step into the office. The gothic style is very on-trend so as long as you do it right. It works best with certain makeup and garments so let’s take a look at how to pull off black lipstick in the workplace.

Go For A Clean Look

The first thing you want to remember is to keep your look stripped back. When it comes to additional makeup, it looks more professional when you compliment black lipstick with soft tones. Don’t go over the top on the mascara and give those lips a chance to stand out.

Use A Quality Product

The best black lipstick is one that won’t fade throughout the day. Although you can reapply on your break, it is not ideal if the product you have doesn’t have the staying power to see you through the day. You can get away with soft pinks and reds that fade, but black doesn’t give you the same leeway.

Balance It Out

Because black lipstick can be a little intense, it can be good to lighten things up in the workplace. A  fringe can reduce the gothiness and a little blush can help to bring attention to other areas without being over the top.

Matte Vs Glossy

This is a call best left to the user as it is all down to personal preference. Keep in mind that a glossy finish will stand out more but it is great for dry lips. This means that if the air conditioning is playing havoc, go for glossy. Anyone with thin lips should also opt for a glossy black lipstick as it will bring attention to the curves and make them appear fuller.

Sheer Tint

Whether you are worried about your boss or don’t want to go full-on dark shade, a sheer tint is a great solution. By allowing some of your lips’ natural tones to come through, you get a subtler look that is the best of both worlds.

Be Prepared To Reapply

Not for your job, we’re talking about the black lipstick. Because keeping your lips at their best involves more attention when it comes to this shade it is always a good idea to keep a hand mirror to hand. This is the perfect time to buy another and keep it at your desk, just in case.

Things To Remember When Wearing Black Lipstick to The Office

Lunch Breaks Can Be Messy

This can apply to a lot of lipsticks but more so with black as it is more noticeable. The side of a coffee cup, mug, sandwich, napkin, a bottle of coconut water, or whatever you are eating and drinking throughout the day can be a reminder that black shows easily. Be mindful, and keep your lipstick close for touch-ups.

All Eyes On You

More than any other day of the week, your lips are going to be turning heads around the office. When you are chatting with a colleague or boss, you’ll probably find that they talk to your lips and not your eyes. Expect compliments, and as long as there is no faux pas when it comes to the dress code, a lot of positive vibes.

You’ll Forget It Is There

This can be a good thing as although it will look great, you still have a job to get on with. However, throughout the day you might bite your lips without thinking or twirl the end of a pen around your lips when on the phone. All these things can remove a chunk of the color and because this is black we’re talking about, you’re going to want to fix it.

Skin Tone Doesn’t Matter

Anyone can pull off black lipstick so before you second guess yourself remember that it universally looks great on anyone. For paler skin, be sure to blot any excess away to not go over the top or it can start to look a little serious.

Try Purple First

If you are debating whether the jump to black lipstick might be too soon for the office, try a darker shade of purple on for size first. This can still give you a similar look and ease the transition. Some people like to progressively wear darker shades throughout the week and build up to black so you could start with a plum purple on Monday and experiment until Friday.

Complement Your Outfit

Although black can go with just about anything, a professional look can be complemented by black lipstick. A beige or black outfit can work well with black lipstick, as do dark blues. You can have fun with this in the mirror in the morning before work, just be sure to give yourself enough time to change your outfit several times until it is perfect.

Is Black Lipstick Unprofessional?

You can’t always be prepared for what other people are going to say or how they react but you might look around the office and gauge the dress code. Years ago, things would have been very different in what people wore so with changing tastes, black lipstick can be part of ever-changing etiquette if it has not already been fully accepted where you work.

Just because the office is a place of work doesn’t mean you should have to shy away from your personality. However, some workplaces think differently than others and there can be a dress code. Sometimes, the lines of the dress code can be blurry so it might be a matter of building up with purples and browns.

A lot of the time you have forgotten that half the office has worn black lipstick to work at some point. Keep things tidy, reapply when necessary, and wear it with confidence.