It doesn’t matter whether you are running out of the house in a hurry and haven’t had the chance to properly wash your hair,  or it is naturally oily, there is a way of making sure your hair doesn’t get you down. There are many causes for greasy hair that aren’t anything to do with what you use to wash it or how frequently, although this can be a factor. Because everyone deserves to look their best, even when strapped for time, we have created a list of ways to remedy greasy hair.

Tie It Up

Although it doesn’t actually make it less greasy, the messy look can work in your favor when your know-how. A messy bun allows you to own the greasy hair, rather than the other way round so if you are in a rush, it is a quick solution. When it is up, grease gives your hair a textured appearance and all within a few seconds.

Use A Specialist Shampoo

There is a shampoo for just about everything these days, so along with products for an itchy scalp or more volume, there are some excellent shampoos for oily hair. Using the likes of tea tree oil which are famed for their ability to reduce greasiness or jojoba to hydrate the scalp among other ingredients that can reduce oil production so you are left with more days of shiny, healthy-looking hair before it should be washed again.

Dry Shampoo

These products are another quick fix but be careful about overusing them. Although they can help your hair look like it has not long been washed with a quick spray by absorbing oils, this approach can prevent your hair from getting natural oils to hydrate it. When used sparingly, it can help you to get another day or two out of your last wash.

Use Conditioner Carefully

You don’t want to rub it everywhere as your scalp is one place to leave free from the conditioner. Otherwise, it can cause your roots to become greasy. This is why a lot of experts advise you to apply from midway and below, even just applying it to the ends.

Make sure You Are Brushing Enough

Brushing moves essential oils around the scalp, helping to distribute it evenly around the hair. If you aren’t brushing enough it can stay around the scalp and build in this area alone which will leave it looking oily.

Use A Little Baby Powder

Instead of dry shampoo, you can make use of a product that a lot of people have to hand. It works similarly, absorbing oil from the roots but unless your hair is. on the fairer end of the scale, it can leave a powdery residue behind that you will want to blend into your natural color. A little bronzer will do the trick although the closer to natural the baby powder is the better.

Wash Your Hair Less

It sounds like the opposite of what you should do but it’s true. When washing away oils around the scalp, your body tries to create more as fast as possible. This means you could leave it an extra day between washes and see if this makes a difference to how oily your hair is.

Leave Your Hair Alone

Constantly touching and smoothing your hand over your silky hair can cause it to look greasy sooner than it should between washes. Because your fingers have their own natural oil on them, you can pass this onto your hair, contributing to the buildup of oil.

Don’t Straighten Your Hair

The more volume your hair has, the less likely it is going to be oily, so straightening is counterproductive if you have greasy hair. Try curling it instead to keep it from being so oily for a bit longer than usual.

Buy Sensible Products

If you know that certain products cause your hair to go greasy after a day or to, see if there is a better alternative. Any product that gives your hair shine is going to contribute to its oiliness so the likes of moose products should be used sparingly.

What Causes Oily Hair?


This is why you often find that pregnancy and menstrual cycles can be a time where the hair seems to be more oily than usual. A common occurrence, this is also the case for anyone on birth control, or going through puberty, and particularly if you have had hair treatment around this time.

Your Pillowcase

That’s right one of the potential causes for greasy hair can be an unwashed pillowcase. Your hair could be leaving natural oils and the longer you go between washes of both your hair and the case, the worse it could be. Wash it and replace it weekly to give your hair the best chance of not being greasy. when you wake up.

Skin Conditions

A flaky scalp of inflammation can lead to greasier hair as they can both trap oil causing it to stick in certain areas rather than spread evenly. Some skin conditions on the scalp can be treated by a doctor so if you are worried that you are suffering from one, especially the likes of psoriasis or eczema seek the advice of an expert.


Don’t go shouting at your parents but oily pores on the head can be passed down genetically. You may have noticed that you have similar hair to one of your parents, especially in pictures of when they are younger so it is hardly surprising that this can be a factor.


When you have an itchy scalp, the natural reaction is to itch but this build-up can be a major contributor to more severe cases of oily hair. If this is the case, combine an anti-grease shampoo with a dandruff treatment to see if it helps.