It’s all the rage and we can see why Charcoal toothpaste is an excellent alternative to some of the less natural options out there so the conscious-minded population can enjoy fresh, clean teeth from an effective source. The problem for a lot of us is that although there is a level of novelty and fun to this black toothpaste, it can be a concern. If you get some on your work shirt in the morning, is it going to come out easily? This and other either questions related to charcoal toothpaste will be answered in the following article.

What Is Charcoal Toothpaste?

This is not the same type of charcoal you might find in the BBQ section at the store. Instead, it is made through the process of slow-burning natural materials to make activated charcoal which is more absorbent. This is how it has been able to remove toxins from the body among other uses.

So, Does It Stain Clothes?

As with any other product for your teeth, charcoal toothpaste can stain clothes. Because it comes out in that washed out black liquid, it can be a nuisance on white clothes in the way that white toothpaste can stain dark garments. Still, it is easy to get out and does not leave a permanent stain if treated.

The toothpaste version is easier to remove than the grain-type powders that are on the market. These can make their way into any cracks or indents between fibers and are therefore more difficult to remove. This isn’t a problem you will encounter with toothpaste though.

The best thing to do is to run the item under the cold tap for a short while before removing the stain.

How To Remove Charcoal Toothpaste Stain On Clothes

After soaking it in water, use a stain remover on the blemish. Then, put it through a warm wash, using the right detergent for the type of garment. This should do the trick but if there is still a stain, repeat the process.

Will Charcoal Toothpaste Stain A Sink?

Although it leaves a different color mess to what you are used to, charcoal toothpaste usually washes away just as easily as your regular brand. There may be a little more scrubbing to do just to get rid of the last remaining stains but as long as it isn’t left for long, charcoal toothpaste rashes away without an issue.

Will Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Stain Teeth?

In a word, no it won’t, well, not permanently. When you apply, it will cover teeth with a black coating before it is scrubbed and rinsed away. As long as the enamel on your teeth can do its job, there should be no concern about this toothpaste staining.

Because this type of charcoal is not the purest powder form it is less likely to cause stains anyway.

Does Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Stain Gums?

Once you have rinsed, your mouth should be free from any remains of the toothpaste but even if you don’t rinse as well as you should, barely any will stick around. You might find some between any gaps in your gums but will be easily removed with a brush and a little water.

Does Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Stain Your Hands?

Not properly. Sure, you will need to wash it off properly but usually, just plain old water will suffice for getting rid of any black or grey remains from the toothpaste. Failing that, soapy water is going to get it off.

Since there are plenty of activated charcoal face scrubs on the market, these types of products aren’t going to leave stains once they have been rinsed properly.

How To Avoid Charcoal Toothpaste Stains

If you are worried about your white work shirt then it can be best to brush before you put it on in the morning. The easiest way to prevent a stain is to keep the clothing you are worried about away from the toothpaste. The same can be said for any brand or type of toothpaste.

It is better to use the activated charcoal toothpaste rather than the whitening powder variants as those are harder to get off of clothing. Also, it is easier to control where the toothpaste goes compared to powders.

Another way to avoid stains is to be careful when rinsing. Spitting the contents of your mouth too forcefully can result in it splashing back off the basin and staining clothes.

Does Charcoal Toothpaste Work?

As a surface stain remover, it is as effective as most toothpaste brands so on a surface level it is an effective product for keeping your teeth clean and healthy. When combined with other ingredients that can help freshen breath and clean gums they are very beneficial.

However, as a whitener alone charcoal is not a proven natural whitener but quite often you will find other ingredients included to boost this trait.

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe To Use?

Although some of the claims need more time to prove their benefits, charcoal toothpaste is generally considered safe to use. The powder form can be too abrasive to use regularly so if you are someone who brushes three times a day, it might not be as safe to use. This is because the powder types can be abrasive to the enamel.

Does Charcoal Toothpaste Contain Fluoride?

Because it is often touted as an alternative to fluoride, a lot of people choose it as their favored alternative. However, this does mean there are some benefits such toothpaste cannot offer. Because fluoride keeps enamel strong, it protects against tooth decay.

Without this in toothpaste, the user is at risk of missing out on such protection unless it contains an alternative ingredient in its place.

There is much debate as to the pros and cons of fluoride. Those who wish to avoid using it usually opt for a toothpaste that is as close to being as natural as possible with activated charcoal being one of the most popular in modern times.