Most of the time, shaving can be a real chore. It’s understandable, the wrong razors make it difficult, and can be painful at times. A quality women’s electric razor will be comfortable to use, reasonably priced and make light work of stubborn areas. When you find the right one, you won’t find yourself putting it off.

The best cordless shavers are up the task and can save you lots of time in the morning. We have created a list made up of quality products. Some of them charge quicker, others have quality materials and are more efficient but they are all able to make shaving a lot easier. Whether you are looking for something that can be used all over, or for a more specific area, these electric shavers for women are the best available.

Our Top Picks for the Best Wonen’s Electric Razors

#1 Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver for Women

A shaver that can work on wet or dry skin, this saves you time when others make you wait for your body to dry. The ultra-sharp blades get close to the skin, making light work of the curves to give you a long-lasting shave. The heads pivot which is great for using this women’s shaver under the arm or on legs and it even has a pop-up trimmer. If you have sensitive skin, then the stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic kind on skin, so this just might be the electric razor for you. The battery lasts for up to 12 hours so you won’t find yourself charging it all the time and can be cleaned under running water without an issue.

#2 Braun Epilator for Women – Silk-épil 5 5-280

A powerful women’s electric razor that will keep going until the skin is silky smooth. For anyone who hates waxing, this is an excellent alternative and has 40-close grip tweezers to get rid of short hairs. The main benefit here is the 4 weeks of smooth legs. the head pivots allowing it to get to the more intricate corners and smoothly moves around the curves of your body. Some people are put off epilators because they aren’t as gentle as some of the alternatives, but Braun has included a massage roller as well as a cooling glove to take the pain out of the experience. It even has a light to help spot stray hairs.

#3 Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women- ES2216PC – Shaver & Bikini

An excellent women’s razor that can be used on both wet and dry skin. Similar to our top product only this one features the bikini attachment. With a pop-up trimmer, it makes catching the long hairs that are sometimes difficult to get rid of easy. It follows the contours of your body for an all-over smooth finish. The bikini trimmer has adjustable settings so you can get as close as you like. You won’t get any razor burn thanks to the hypoallergenic blades. A great shaver that has half an hour of continuous use with every charge.

#4 AUCEE Electric Razor for Women

A good value electric shaver for women that performs well on both wet and dry skin. It features an LED display which tells you when the battery is low and comes with a travel lock to make sure it doesn’t turn on in transit. 3 blades make light work of curved areas including armpits, legs, and even bikini lines. You won’t have to continually go over the same areas as they cut at a high speed. One of the most impressive things about this shaver is it only takes 2 hours to charge, but the downside is the 70-minute battery life which will still last for a while.

#5 Sminiker Professional Version Electric Razor 4 in 1

You could call this an all-in-one hair removal system as it has attachments and accessories to help you remove facial hair, bikini line, armpit and everywhere else. The shaving head is accurate and glides comfortably along your skin leaving a smooth feel that does not irritate. It can be used on both wet and dry skin which is convenient for anyone in a hurry, but it also means it can be cleaned under running water. The non-slip handle makes it easy to use in the bath and an attachable trimming blade and cleaning brush for your face.

#6 Remington WDF5030A Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women

This top women’s electric razor features a smooth blade glide system that allows gel to pass through without taking any accuracy away. This means it can cut fine hairs but you still get to use a soothing gel, this is great if you have sensitive skin. It features 4 blades and hypoallergenic foils to make sure they are always close to the skin without irritating. The dual-sided trimmer cuts longer hairs so the blades can cut them again, smoothing the area for a long-lasting silkiness. To keep your skin soft, an almond oil strip passes, prepping the area to keep it soft.

#7 Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver

This award-winning women’s electric shaver comes in a neat little carry bag meaning you can travel with it. This is good for a long break away as you get an hour of cordless use. The bikini trimmer attachment allows you to prepare the area for shaving and it has an ergonomic design which means you can reach tough areas and still shave with precision. The hypoallergenic foil means even sensitive skin is protected from irritation. The sign of a quality razor is often how well it cops when used with shaving gel, this SatinShave electric razor is great for wet and dry so a bit of gel is only going to help.

#8 Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover

With 18k gold plated heads, this device looks fancy and is up to the job of keeping your skin smooth. It fits nicely in your palm for a controlled movement along the contours of your body, it gets to all the corners of your legs. It’s a lightweight shaver that is convenient to take anywhere, even fitting nicely in your bag. LED lights help to illuminate the area so you don’t miss a spot or can go over a particular section if needed. It is suitable for all skin types.

#9 Remington WSF4810US Smooth & Silky On the Go Shaver

A simple device but a good option to keep on you if you have forgotten to shave or go on a last-minute trip to the beach. Convenience is the biggest selling point with this product, so don’t expect a tonne of add-ons but its simple 3-blade system is effective. It is battery operated which means you can take it anywhere and is ideal for touch-ups and quick trims. You can use it in the shower and it still works well on wet skin. The angled shaver head is pretty accurate and it is a good extra to keep around.

Women’s Electric Razor Guide

If you believe what every company tells you, their product is the best on the market. We know this can’t be true for every brand so you have to do your research. The problem when it comes to women’s electric razors, if you haven’t purchased one before, it’s difficult to know what makes a good product.

This is why we have compiled the following guide to help you make an informed decision. Once you get this right, you can enjoy silky smooth legs without irritation, and a product that lasts.

What To Look For In A Women’s Electric Razor


Because shaving your legs or underarm can be a task that is most comfortable when in the shower, espeically when the tiny hairs need somewhere to go, a women’s electric razor is better when it can be used in both wet and dry conditions. Most products are capable of offering this although not every single brand will.

Operating Time

There is nothing worse than getting halfway through shaving your legs, and the battery on your razor runs out, leaving you reaching for the manual razor and defying the point of an electric device. Look for a product that has a decent battery life of at least 45 minutes and the more time it gives you the better.

Charge Time

Leading on from the previous factor, charge time is also important. The bigger brands often make sure their products do not need to be left for half a day to give you a full charge. Avoid anything that takes 20 hours to charge unless you are organized enough to leave it charging in advance of needing it.


A non-slip handle is important, especially when using a women’s electric shaver in the shower or bath. The material on the handle should be grippy enough to make it feel secure and comfortable for longer use.


Not all women’s electric shavers are great for use on all parts of the body. Some are better for certain areas so if you need some a bit more universal in what it can do, it is best to check with the brand you are looking at before buying. Having to buy more than one shaver can be costly so it might be an idea to invest in something more versatile.


The amount of noise an electric shaver makes might be something that bothers other people in your home but most include technology to make sure they are not overly loud. They create a certain amount of vibrations that make it impossible for them to be quiet and cordless shavers tend to have to work a little harder so it might be louder.

Types of Women’s Electric Shavers

The main difference is in the blade system as you will find now we look into the most common types.

Foil Shavers

The rectangular head uses an oscilating motion to make light work of body hair. Protected by a layer of foil, the skin never comes into contact with the blades. Safe to use, they leave legs feeling smooth without irritation. Foil shavers usually give you a closer shave than other types.

Rotary Shavers

These are the electric shavers for women that you see with multiple circular heads. Most of the time there will be 3 heads that smooth over the skin to remove hair but some products use 5. They spin to cut coarse hair and can are best used in a circular motion which allows you to cover a large area.

Most of the time they take longer to work and can be less favorable for those with sensitive skin.

Women’s Electric Shavers and Shaving Gel

Not all electric shavers are compatible with gels so make sure you check on the instructions before using. It isn’t a necessity when using them but for some people, it can make it more comfortable and prevent irritation.

Whichever method you use, a women’s electric shaver can mean you do not need to use it for up to 2 weeks between shaves. This and all of the above makes them a must-have for many women.