Most people pay little attention to tweezers, at least until they need a pair of them. And when they do need a pair, they tend to buy the cheapest pair possible. All of which is unfortunate because these tools can not only be used to keep eyebrows in line but have many other uses around the household. In fact, they may be one of the most useful tools that anyone can own, and is certainly one of the most inexpensive beauty tools.

Not every one of them is the same, either. They come in a variety of different styles which can be used for different jobs. Some of the more common types include slant-tip, pointed tip, round-tip, and arch tip models. We searched extensively among these categories and came up with the ten best models we could find. The following products are designed to be a useful tool for just about beauty routine.

Our Top Picks for the Best Tweezers

#1 Zizzili Basics Expert Slant-Tip

The manufacturer of this product doesn’t believe that anyone should have to suffer from using an inferior product, so they created these expert-quality tweezers. They are made with nothing but premium surgical-grade stainless steel and are engineered to not only be durable but also to be precise as well. They are designed to never break the hair they’re being used to pull and to supply a nice firm grip that won’t slip. Suitable for everything from shaping eyebrows to plucking stray hairs, this product will prove itself useful to both men and women. It’s 3.5-inches long and is one of the best tweezers currently available.

#2 Bella And Bear Pluckers Set

Safely stored in a cute travel case, this three pack of tweezers is sure to give the user the tool they need for any beauty project. There’s a pair of straight tweezers, a pair of pointed ones and finally, a pair of slanted tools. These tools can be used for a variety of different tasks including brow shaping, pulling out splinters or breaking blackheads, applying fake eyelashes or pulling stray hairs. They are made from premium materials and are designed to hold their shape, even after heavy use. This makes them the ideal tools for any home makeup kit or for beauticians and other makeup professionals.

#3 ApeX Precision Round Tip

It doesn’t matter if you need a pair of round-tip precision tweezers for breaking up a unibrow, for shaping eyebrows or for pulling nose hairs, this pair of high-quality tweezers will get the job done. They are designed for men, and as such have a larger 4-inch size that is a little bit larger than most brands. And they are made of high-quality stainless steel and are hand honed and sharpened in the United States, so you can expect a high-quality product. They also come with a free travel sheath that’s TSA approved and can be used to safely store them until they’re needed again.

#4 Purebello 4-Piece Multipack Set

Made from 100% stainless steel and with four different tips, this 4-pack of tweezers is sure to be a great addition to any medicine cabinet or purse. They come in four stylish colors, and each one has a different tip for a different use. There’s a flat tip model, a slanted-tip, a pointed tip, and a rounded tip model. This means that they can be used for plucking stray hairs, pulling out splinters, shaping eyebrows, or even for jewelry repair. Each one of these tweezers is engineered with precision, and they have a very easy-to-use design. It’s a set worth checking out by anyone who needs a quality tweezer set.

#5 Brilliant Beauty 4-Piece Kit

With ergonomic handles and precision engineered tips, these tweezers are useful for just about any beauty project. Each of these tweezers has a different tip, and there are pointed, slant, rounded and flat-tip versions in this 4-pack kit. All of the ones in this set are manufactured using nothing but surgical grade stainless steel, which makes them not only extremely strong and durable but also ensures that they remain accurate over the course of their lifetime. This is the ideal beauty toolset for anyone who may need multiple tips and can be used for everything from removing splinters to plucking eyebrows to popping blackheads.

#6 Etereauty 2-Pack Slant-Tip

This pair of slant-tip tweezers is useful for just about any household. It’s designed with perfectly aligned tips and an ergonomic grip that makes them easy-to-use. This product is made from premium quality medical grade stainless steel and will never tarnish or rust. And since they’re made from high-grade steel, they also won’t harbor bacteria the way that tweezers made from other materials often do. They are ideal for everything from plucking stray hairs to applying fake eyelashes. They are also great for trimming up the edges of unruly eyebrows. And since they are made using quality stainless steel, they should last the user a lifetime.

#7 Aumelo Professional 4-Piece Set

Some color-coated tweezers are made with dyes, pigments and other chemicals which can be toxic, and that’s why the manufacturer of this set has decided to not give them a coating at all. Instead, they are made with #420 stainless steel, which makes them durable, hypo-allergenic and chemical-free. Manufactured with precision crafted tips, this set of 4-tweezers can be used by just about any household. Each of the tools in this set has a different tip and users can expect one with a flat tip, one with a pointed tip, one with an angled tip and a pair of slant-tip tweezers. And they all fit in their enclosed carrying case, which can be used to transport or store them.

#8 Cliganic Professional Slant Tips

Using high-quality stainless steel and using a manufacturing process which results in a pair of tweezers which have perfectly aligned tips, these slant-tip models are suitable for use by both men and women. Just by looking at them, you can tell that they were built to last a long tip and they also have a nice sleek look to them. As a result of their precision manufacturing, they are easy to hold in the hand and are extremely easy to use. They are approximately 3.75-inches long and are listed by PETA as a cruelty-free product. They are ideal for plucking ingrown hairs, or for shaping eyebrows and are a nice addition to anyone’s medicine cabinet.

#9 Majestic Bombay Sharp Point

Manufactured using surgical quality stainless steel, these yellow sharp-point tweezer can be used for a variety of different uses. They can not only be used to pull out splinters and ingrown hairs but can also be used for other purposes, too. When their two ends are squeezed together, there is no noticeable gap between the two ends. It’s these carefully calibrated tips are what allows them to grasp a variety of different objects. It doesn’t matter if they’re used for whiteheads, blackheads, splinter removal or for picking up fine objects, these tools are pretty useful to have around the home.

#10 Tweezer Guru Professional Slant-Tip

If a clearer skin profile is your aim, then these professional quality tweezers may offer you the perfect tool for pulling stray hairs. This slant-tip model is made from premium stainless-steel, which makes it good enough not only for most home medicine cabinets but also in the arsenal of just about any professional beautician. They are sleek, durable and have a design which makes them very easy to clean. They can also be used by both men and women and can be used not only for pulling hairs but also for sculpting eyebrows, pulling nose hairs and just about any other use you can think about using them.

How to Buy the Best Tweezers

As I said in my intro, most people don’t put a lot of thought into buying a pair of tweezers. I think that’s because most people think, at least on a subconscious level, that all of them are the same, which is something that couldn’t be further from the truth. These inexpensive little tools that sit in most people’s medicine cabinets do come in a variety of styles, and each of these styles is good for a particular purpose. And they’re not just useful in the bathroom as part of a beauty regimen, either. No, they are useful tools that can really come in handy when you need to pull a splinter from your thumb, when you need to remove crumbs from your keyboard or when you need to untangle your favorite necklace.

Considering just how important, and underrated in our opinion, tweezers are in the home, we’ve decided to tell you about some of the more popular types of them available and the best uses for them. We are also going to discuss what you should look for when purchasing a pair of tweezers. Hopefully, this will allow you to find a pair that will suit your needs and become an important part of not only your beauty regimen but also an important tool that’s useful anywhere in your home.

Choosing the Right Model

It doesn’t matter if you need a pair of tweezers to pluck your eyebrows, pull your nose hair or to pop a blackhead—there’s a pair for you. Below are some of the more common models available and what they’re typically used for in the home.

Point-Tip Tweezers

They may seem daunting to use but if used carefully should prove quite useful. They are useful for removing things that may be embedded partially into the skin such as wood splinters or ingrown hairs. And although it’s probably not a good idea, they can also be used to pop blackheads.

Slant Tip Tweezers

The slant-tip model is probably one of the most recognizable of tools. It can be used for precision plucking, applying fake eyelashes or for shaping eyebrows. The best part about this model is that you really don’t have to worry if you’re going to hurt yourself with it like you do with pointed tip versions.

Flat Tip Tweezers

These are mainly used for applying fake eyelashes because it’s more comfortable to use a flat tip tool around your eye over a pointed one. They are also good for picking things up, so that makes them useful for jewelry work or for applying false fingernails. Just don’t use them for tweezing hair because they tend to pull hair out in big clumps and are a bit hard to manage.

Round Tip Tweezers

Useful for general tweezing work, round tip models are safer to use because they can’t stab you. This makes them good for pulling out ingrown eyelashes, eyebrow work or pulling nose hairs.

Claw Grip Tweezers

Also known as arched tweezers, this model is useful for plucking lightly colored hair or for stray facial hairs. They can also be used for pulling stray hairs around the bikini line. Their claw design gives the user a bit more leverage than with other models, so they’re also one of the easiest models to operate.

Pointed-Slant Tweezers

This is probably one of the most versatile models available and can be used for everything from pulling splinters and ingrown hairs to doing detailed tweezing work. However, I would avoid using this product around the eyes because of the combination of its pointed tip and its design angle.

Wide-Grip Tweezers

Another versatile model, they can be used for just about anything. In fact, there are available with any of the other available tips. What makes them unique is that they have a wider body, so they’re easier to use than just about any other pair of tweezers available. They are especially good for people who may have grip difficulties or arthritis.

Considering Material Type

When considering a pair of tweezers, you have a multitude of options available to you. There are stainless steel models, plastic models, and ones that are made from other materials such as zinc. While each of these models can be useful around the home, there’s only one type that you should ever use for your beauty needs and that type is stainless steel.

Quality stainless-steel models are not only durable, but they’re also hypo-allergenic. While plastic ones can be useful, they don’t have the tensile strength that stainless-steel versions have, and they end up breaking. Tweezers that are made from nickel or some form of nickel alloy can end up irritating the skin and is definitely not suitable for people with sensitive skin or people with allergies. If you’re buying tweezers, then buy a pair of stainless-steel ones. You’ll be glad you did.

Maintaining Your Tweezers

Now that we’ve discussed the ten best models and how to choose the pair that’s best for you, it’s now time to turn our attention to keeping them in good condition. Once you get your tweezers home and start using them, be sure that you maintain them in the following way.

Clean Them Often – Not only should you clean your tweezers when you first receive them, but you should also make sure that you clean them every single time you use them. Cleaning them isn’t very difficult, either, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be done. Simply run the tweezers under warm, running water to rinse them off and then dunk them in some isopropyl alcohol for a few seconds. That’s all there is to it.

Store Them Properly – There are two ways to store these beauty tools. You can either place them in a cup with their tips pointing up, or you can place them in a carrying case. No matter how you store them, however, be sure that they aren’t exposed to moisture.

Sharpen Your Tweezers – Keep your tweezers in good condition by sharpening them every once in a while. All you have to do is to rub the edge of the tweezers on an Emory board a couple of times. Then do the other side. If you don’t have an Emory board available for sharpening, you can always use some fine grit sandpaper to keep your tweezers in good shape.