With so many benefits, it is no wonder there are so many tea tree oil products available. You can get everything fro shampoo and shower gel to cleaning products so whichever way you want to receive the goodness, there are plenty of options. Because it can protect your scalp, work as an antiseptic or anti-fungal, treat acne, eliminate mould and other unwanted bacteria it is great to always have some to hand.

The best tea tree oil products will have more than one purpose, and come from a reliable brand. Whether you are looking for the pure, essential oil version, or have a particular use in mind, we have compiled a list of the top ten tea tree oil products that you can use at home.

Our Top Picks for the Best Tea Tree Oils

#1 Artizen Tea Tree Essential Oil

With its undiluted formula and a free dripper to make adding it to your hand soap and body wash easily, this is the best tea tree oil you can find. Therapeutic grade and with no adulterants, it is a high-quality tea tree oil that is hard to beat in terms of purity. there is no chemical smell because they have not added anything you would not want and in the price range, it offers great value. The quality bottle is made form glasswork with a UV coating to stop the sun from damaging and is available in different sizes, all the way up to a big 4 oz bottle.

#2 Eve Hansen Organic Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil and organic are two things that go well together so you know this pure essential oil is high quality. It is so versatile it can be added to shampoo, acne treatments, soaps and beyond. Because it is antiseptic you can even make a DIY surface cleaner for your home using a couple of drops. You get good value in the 120 ml bottle and it can even be added to certain humidifiers to cleanse your room and make it smell fresh. Made in the USA, it is cruelty-free and pharmaceutical grade.

#3 ArtNaturals 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

This therapeutic grade product contains only pure tea tree oil to work as an all-over body wash that can also be used as a shampoo. You never know when your kids are going to bring unwanted bugs into your house via their hair so it is always good to have a product like this in the cupboard as you can use it every day, and when you need something to remove lice. With a refreshing scent, it can also be used as a massage oil or an essential oil diffuser to lift the feel of your home. Pure, natural, and kind on your face, it contains no synthetic ingredients just a pure tea tree oil.

#4 Healing Solutions – Tea Tree Essential Oil

For a potent tea tree oil, use a high-quality product such as this one from Healing Solutions. You can add it to any soap or shampoo to make it antiseptic and it can even be used to soothe sore muscles. It is made from freshly distilled leaves which keeps as much of the goodness locked in as possible. It has the fresh scent you would expect from a tea tree oil and can be added to diffusers and humidifiers to get rid of odours. You don’t get as much because it is a potent concentration but you don’t need to use as much for it to be effective. The convenient size means it is easy to take wherever you go.

#5 Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

If you want a tea tree oil that is ready to be used as a body wash, then this is the Antifungal product that can be used to treat the likes of athletes foot. It is a strong formula that leaves your skin feeling refreshed after use. Over time, it can make a big difference to the appearance of fungal infections and contains no paragons, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Because it is kind on the skin it can be used to treat itchiness and has been blended with the likes of vitamins A, D, & E. Men and women can use it for a variety of uses and it’s one of those products that are great to keep in your bathroom.

#6 The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

For many of us, it can be hard to get the right dosage of essential oils into our face wash that doesn’t make the solution too strong. The Body Shop has created a product that has the perfect amount of this essential oil to make it work on acne and other skin blemishes. It makes the face look less shiny and natural making this vegan-friendly formula excellent for boosting confidence. It rubs into a rich lather that washes off easily and leaves the user feeling and smelling fresh. Fine for everyday use, it is the go-to facial wash for many people and the tea tree oil included is community trade from Kenya.

#7 Now Essential Oils – Tea Tree Essential Oil

You get more than most products in this list so the 120 ml bottle can be used in all your cosmetic products and cleaners in your house. Blend it with other essential oils to make a scent that you can put in a diffuser and get multiple benefits. Made from 100% tea tree oil you only need a small amount per every use and it can be added to face wash to help battle acne. It is particularly good at treating toenail fungus which is why so many people have been shouting its praises online. A quality product that has a good amount for the price.

#8 Sun Essential Oils – Tea Tree Oil

This is the best tea tree oil in terms of value because at 118 ml, it is very reasonably priced. Sun Essentials carefully select their ingredients to make sure they are of high quality and you can tell this from the pleasant scent. Other brands have a bit of a chemically smell but this just has that fresh tea tree oil scent to fill your home. You can add it to your bath and relax in a therapeutic state and when mixed with shampoo it will treat dandruff.

#9 Keeva Organics Acne Treatment Cream – TEA TREE OIL Formula

If you suffer from acne and are considering treating it with tea tree oil, then this is a good place to start. The formula works as an antibacterial moisturiser that cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling fresh after. It leaves you with a tingling sensation after removing excess oil from your face and is blended with other essential oils such as sesame seed oil, reship seed oil, and others to add to the benefits. You could use a pure tea tree oil and add it to another face cream, but this product takes the stress away from getting the dosages right.

#10 First Botany Cosmeceuticals – 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

This is highly concentrated yet you still get a good amount in the 30ml bottle. With Terpinen being a major ingredient in tea tree oil and one that helps to battle fungal infections, you want a product that has it in abundance, which this bottle does. Made from Australian tea tree leaves it is great for helping skin conditions to heal and can be added to your shampoo to make it antiseptic. The leaves are steam distilled to maintain its potency and there are no additives, preservatives, or toxins in this product.

Tea Tree Oil Buyer’s Guide

Everyone has seen it on the shelf at the local store, but not everyone is aware of why this essential oil is so sought after. With numerous health benefits including the battling of infections, it is little wonder why it is a staple in many people’s homes. 

Still, not every product is made to the same standards which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. It details all the important information to help you make a sensible purchase.

What To Look For In Tea Tree Oil

No Nasties

Most products abide by this rule pretty well so look for those that have no silicon, parabens, sulfates, or the likes. Because this only occurs with products that are mixed with other ingredients and not the pure form, this is the sort of product most people try to avoid.


Tea tree oil is available in many different forms and each one is going to be fit for different purposes. With everything from shampoo, soap bar, to a face wash, it is possible to match the need to the product.

High Concentration

Any diluted tea tree oil is not going to share the same benefits as the highly concentrated variants so this is an important consideration. It does mean the price is likely to be more, but it is worth it. 100% concentrated products will ensure that all the antibacterial properties are there, as well as the other plus points to using it.


Essential oils in general cost what they are worth which can mean paying a little more for better quality, but there is still value to be found. Pure tea tree oil doesn’t need to come in large amounts since a few drops will suffice when adding to shampoo or a bath.

What Is Tea Tree Oil Good For?

Itchy Scalp

When combined with shampoo, tea tree oil can offer some relief from an itchy scalp. Not only that, but it helps to wash the dirt and flakes away, leaving the area feeling and smelling better.


Adding a little tea tree oil into a bath or using an infuser can help the user to relax. It is often used to keep the flu at bay as it can keep air particles clean and only a few drops max is required.


Because it is anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil is a common ingredient in a lot of face wash products. It can reduce swelling and even reduce scars caused by acne. 

Insect Bites

It doesn’t matter what has tagged you, insect bites are itchy and can be made worse quickly. Thankfully, this is another strength of using tea tree oil. It is anti-swelling and can reduce pain as well, not to mention antibacterial so when you become a target in the summer months, it is good to have around.

Can Tea Tree Oil Be Applied Directly To Skin?

Because it is often touted as a topical treatment, it can be applied to the skin directly. Some people can develop a rash as a reaction but this isn’t common. Its antibacterial properties make it ideal for applying to the face where acne and redness is an issue. However, it should be diluted as it can still offer the same benefits without the risk of irritation.

Will Tea Tree Oil Kill Fungus?

Yes, it will. Tea tree oil is ideal for treating the likes of toenail fungus. However, this is not going to produce overnight results but most people find that sticking with tea tree oil as a treatment works with patience and regular use. 

What Is The Best Tea Tree Oil?

After reviewing numerous products, we found that Artizen Tea Tree Essential Oil was the best. Because it is undiluted, it gives the user the ability to add it to soap or shampoo or dab a couple of drops into the bath for some aromatherapy. It is also available for a reasonable price compared to a lot of the competition. Everything from the quality of the bottle that is UV protected to ensure the sun doesn’t spoil the essential oil to the lack of chemical smell screams quality.