Indoor tanning is fast and convenient. It is essential to get everything right while tanning. Choosing the best tanning lotion will ensure you achieve the best results. Tanning bed lotions are formulated to assist you in getting the darkest tan within a short period. If you have been trying to tan without impressive results, then you need to try the best tanning lotions.

There are many options out there when it comes to choosing the right tanning lotions. We have carried out research to list the best tanning lotion. The lotions listed are suitable for beginners and those looking for the most intense tingle. In order to achieve the darkest tan possible, you need to pick one of our tanning lotions.

Factors You Need To Take Into Consideration before Buying a Tanning Lotion

The tanning bed lotions are also referred to as accelerators. They work through enhancing the production of melanin on the skin. Melanin is a natural enzyme responsible in deepening the skin color. Applying the best skin accelerator will help in maximizing the depth of the skin tan.

It also reduces on the time required on a tanning bed. There are several factors you need to take into consideration before you buy the right tanning bed lotion for the darkest tan. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration include the following:

Tingle or Non-Tingle

Most of the tanning bed lotions come with an ingredient which increases oxygen levels in the skin hence accelerating the tanning process. A tingling effect is produced due to the action of the ingredient on your skin. Tingle tanning lotions are highly effective but you need to take time before you can be used to them. They produce a feeling which is similar to burning at first. If you are a beginner you may find it uncomfortable.

Bronzer or No Bronzer

It is an excellent way to have a color touch early in your tanning process. They need care while applying them so that you avoid streaking. Use an applicator will allow you apply the product evenly.

Fragrance – They come with distinct smell due to the inclusion of DHA. The smell can be concealed through use of a fragrance.

Skin Type – Different tanning bed lotions are formulated to work on specific skin types. You need to read the labels and ensure the product is suitable for your skin type. Brand

Some brands can strain your budget. You need to compare and settle for one which will not strain your budget.

Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews

In order to save you time when buying a tanning lotion, we have carried out research to list for you top tanning bed lotions which can help you achieve deep and exotic tan.

#1 Millenium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer

It comes in a 13.5 fl oz bottle. Different ingredients are used to assure you the best results. Some of the ingredients which give the tanning lotion its great effect on your skin include the DHA and silicone. Several moisturizing ingredients are used which make the lotion perfect for tanning bed sessions. Orchid blush scent makes the lotion stand out. The good scent is derived from ingredients such as hemp oil and walnut seeds. It combines bronzers and moisturizers.

The silicone-based formula is easy to apply. Your tanning session is made more efficient due to the application of the tanning lotion. The bronzer content can stain fingers as you apply if you do not clean them immediately. The tanning bed lotion provides a glowing bronze tint as it helps you to develop a deep tan. It is the best tanning bed lotion due to great effects it has on your skin.

#2 Millenium Tanning Paint it Black 50X Lotion

It contains clean cotton blossom fragrance which will make you feel refreshed as you undergo the tanning. 50X DHA, black walnut leaf and erythrulose which will make your skin appear bronzed and golden. You will develop a natural tan making you look great. Silicone formula makes your skin look ultra-soft. The tanning bed lotion has a bronzer which is easy to apply.

Silicone formula makes it very easy to apply on your skin. Clean fragrance used makes you stay fresh. Several plant extracts, as well as oils applied in making the lotion, makes your skin nourished. Combination of Erythrulose and DHA helps in keeping the tan last longer. Fresh scent used in the product will make you love the smell as you undergo the tanning process.

#3 Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

The designer skin luminary tanning bed lotion has silicone making it easy to apply. In most cases, you will find any premium tanning salons offering the lotion. You develop a touch of shimmer and dark tan which you can develop over a short period. The fizzy champagne scent makes you enjoy your session as you stay refreshed. The skin feels soft upon application of the lotion. 25X bronzers give your skin a gorgeous color. The bottle design makes the lotion look great on your beauty product shelf.

Use of moisturizers and antioxidants helps in restoring your skin as the bronzers give you a perfect golden look. It has a special formulation which plays part in giving you a reverse sun damage effect. It is among the best tanning bed lotion you can apply due to the use of moisturizers and bronzers combined with silicone. You will always feel good upon application of the tanning bed lotion.

#4 JWOWW Black Bronzer Australian Gold

Are you looking for a tan accelerator with all natural bronzers? The bronzer provides a dark color on your skin. Use of ingredients such as Carmel, walnut shell extract, erythrulose and Monoi de Tahiti nourishes as well as softening your skin. Antioxidants and vitamins used in the lotion give the skin a boost. The bronzer and tan accelerator are easy to apply.

You need to apply it smoothly so that you can avoid streaking and develop even color on your skin. The lotion is the best option if you would like to achieve a quick tan. The perfect scent and the effective bronzer make the lotion among the best you can use.

#5 Millennium Tanning Insanely Black

If you love blackberry citrus scent, then the lotion can be the best for you to try. It has tons of bronzers making it very effective. The tingle tanning bed lotion is highly effective. It is the right choice for those looking to achieve a perfect tan. Intense tingling effect helps you tan fast. Deep 60X bronzers are combined in a silicone emulsion to provide a beautiful color.

Different plant oils, as well as extracts, provide the moisturizing effects on the skin. If you love tingling lotions, the lotion will work very well on your skin. It offers intense and efficient results on your skin. Increased blood flow to the skin accelerates your tanning process. If you have never tried tingling tanning lotions before, you can start by applying on a small patch before you go for the entire body. For those looking for a quick tan, the lotion is highly effective.

#6 Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Lotion

It is a popular tanning lotion from Australia. It comes with an integrated bronzer and a sweet fragrance. A mix of natural Australian oils with bronzers makes the lotion highly effective on your skin. You will be assured the perfect color you may have been searching for so long. Tea tree oil and henna extract make the lotion effective and gentle on your skin. Tit can be applied both indoors as well as outdoors. If you prefer a multi-tasker, the lotion can be the best bet.

The tanning bed lotion has few ingredients but it is highly effective in helping you tan the skin. Subtle tint produced by the bronzer reduces the smell you experience while using the lotion. It is a mild lotion hence if you have already developed a deep tan it may not produce remarkable results. It is a perfect choice for fair skinned people who would like to add more color.

#7 Designer Skin Bombshell 100XX Bronzer

It has a kiwi watermelon scent with a tingling effect. The designer skin bombshell lotion is designed to work on the skins of experienced tanners. Smooth consistency is achieved upon application of the lotion. Other features of the lotion include soaking fast and deep tanning. Ingredients include amino acids, walnut extract, and DHA bronzer. Antioxidants and moisturizers make the lotion highly effective.

You need to apply a tingling tanning bed lotion if you are experienced. The bombshell lotion is designed in a unique way so that you can achieve great results while enjoying the tingling effect. If you are not highly experienced in applying a tanning bed lotion, you need to start with a lotion made to work on those with less experience on the tanning bed. It is the perfect choice for mild tanning.

#8 Designer Skin Black

It is a great tanning lotion from the designer skin company. It has a luxurious and smooth feel on the skin due to the application of silicone. Rich and deep bronze effects are achieved upon application. Production of reliable results by the lotion makes it among the favorite lotions you can access in most tanning salons. The deep tan achieved has even color and looks natural on your body.

Results you get upon application are quick and predictable. Citrus fruit scent makes the lotion stay pleasant and fresh. It may be a bit expensive if you buy it at the tanning salons. In some skins it can roll into pills hence you need to check your skin type before you purchase it. If you have ever taken a skin tan, the product can make you achieve pronounced results.

#9 Australian Gold Sinfully Black

Australian Gold Sinfully Black

It has premium ingredients and its price may be a bit high. 15X deep bronzing effect and a wide list of ingredients make it highly effective. Skincare oils have been applied to make the lotion highly effective. Most of the ingredients are gentle on your skin hence it is worth you trying it. The use of moisturizers such as sunflower and hemp seed oil which make it highly effective.

Even though the product has several oils, it does not appear greasy on your skin. If you would like to save money, then the lotion is a budget-friendly option for you to save a lot. Strong berry fragrance may not be your preference, but the consistency achieved upon application of the lotion makes it a great choice. It is recommended for those who have some level of experience in tanning.

#10 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning

Coconut Kisses Golden It is a tanning bed lotion with a high percentage of coconut milk. The mix of coconut oils and milk with other compounds help in increasing melanin production. It protects tattoos as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite on your skin. It does not have bronzers hence you can enjoy the health benefits of the oils and tanning without worry of developing streaks. Use of several oils and plant extracts give the skin a boost of different antioxidants as well as moisturizing it.

When used with a silicone base, the lotion feels smooth on the skin. Tattoos are preserved due to the presence of extra moisturizer. Many people have voted it as the best indoor tanning lotion. Use of tyrosine and several other moisturizing compounds make the lotion highly effective. It is a coconut-rich lotion free of bronzers hence it is among the best indoor tanning lotion.

#11 Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self-Tanning Lotion

It is a sugar based self-tanner. Sun laboratories tanning lotion creates dark tans without exposure to the sun or even use of a tanning bed. The price is affordable and highly effective making it ideal for people who would like to develop a deep tan. It has a dark tint which guides you to apply evenly on your body. Results can be realized at home after allowing it stay on your skin for about three hours.

There are no orange tones produced which are unlike many self-tanners on the market. You do not even need exposure to UV rays so that you can develop the dark tans. It leaves a pasty feeling on the skin and it can be messy. The strong fragrance may irritate sensitive skin. It is an effective skin tanner lotion you can apply without going to the tanning bed.

What Are Tanning Bed Lotions And How Do They Work?

There are several questions you may be asking yourself. For instance, you may be wondering on how tanning lotion work, ways of achieving deep tans fast and the best tanning bed lotions you can apply. Here are some of the answers to your questions about tanning bed lotions.

How an Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion Work

The indoor tanning bed lotions work in such a way they accelerate the tanning of your skin after the tanning bed or booth releases UV lights to the skin. The change of color on your skin after exposure to UV rays is brought about due to the action of the rays on the melanin.

The lotions work in such a way they accelerate the formation of melanin in your skin. Some of the lotions contain ingredients such as bronzers which act as makeup or dyes. The bronzers make your skin appear dark temporary.

They can even work for weeks in making the skin stay dark. Bronzers are also used in outdoor tanning. The lotions also contain moisturizers which improve the skin. Moist skin is better for tanning than a dry skin. Application of moisturizers in the tanning lotion speeds up the process. Indoor tanning lotions work differently from the outdoor tanning lotions.

The difference comes in because they do not contain SPF hence can handle intense UV rays which are experienced within a short period on a tanning bed. They use oils to increase light exposure through the effect of refraction.

Different Types of Tanning Bed Lotions

There are different types of indoor tanning lotions available in the market. You need to start with basic tan accelerator which speeds up the tanning process. The second type of the indoor tanning bed lotion contains bronzers. They can offer an immediate tan on your skin.

Bronzers can sometimes turn a pale skin orange. Some tanning bed lotions are specifically applied on the face due to the delicate nature of the facial skin. Tingle tanning lotions increase blood flow to the skin surface hence accelerates the tanning process.

It can produce a burning and itchy feeling. There are different ways of applying the lotions. You can opt for long-lasting lotions which are hard to apply or have spray formulas which are easy to apply. Mousse and gel formulas offer a balance between the lotions and are long-lasting. They do not cause streaking and are quick to dry.

Different Ingredients Used in Indoor Tanning Lotions

Tan Accelerator or Optimizer – They help in increasing melanin production due to use of ingredients such as tyrosine.

Tan Intensifier or Maximizer – If you have a base tan, the tan intensifier can help improve your results.

Tan Extender – They provide moisture as well as nutrients which help maintain the skin.

Types of bronzer ingredients DHA

It is a colorless sugar which reacts with the dead skin cells to produce melanin. The reaction can start after 4 hours of applying and it can last for up to 72 hours.

Natural Bronzers

They are plant extracts of black walnut, fig and other types of natural dyes. They moisturize the skin but they do not last long as DHA. Erythrulose It is extracted from raspberries. Erythrulose works similar to DHA but has fewer effects. Long lasting tan is produced but sun sensitivity can be increased on your skin. In a tingly lotion, benzyl nicotinate is responsible in causing the sensation.

Indoor Tanning Tips

You should get the basics right if you would like to achieve the perfect tan. If you are using a tanning bed for the first time, then the technician can help you get the basics right.

Choose the right tanning lotion then apply the following tips:

  • Avoid full-length tanning session during your first session
  • The tanning beds produce a lot of UV rays, it is necessary to try with a small section of your body and get used to the process before you go for the full body. Bring lip balm with SPF
  • Apply SPF to protect the sensitive skin on your lips as you tan
  • Choose the tan lotion wisely
  • A tanning technician can help in choosing the right bronzers, accelerators and tanning lotions.
  • Check for discounts
  • Some tanning salons offer great discounts from time to time. Check on the discounts before you head to a given tanning salon.
  • Protect your acrylic nails
  • Under UV lights the nails can turn yellow. You should protect them.
  • Check your medications and supplements
  • Some prescriptions can cause skin sensitivity leading to sunburn. You should check on them before you start the session.
  • Nude or clothed
  • If you consider going nude, you should cover your genital and nipples because they are highly sensitive to UV light.
  • Avoid DHA sprays
  • You should avoid applying DHA spray to your face because FDA warns against it because it can get into your body through mucous membranes.

Precautions You Should Take Before Using a Tanning Bed Lotion

If you apply lotions which contain DHA, then you need to exfoliate the skin so that the product can spread evenly.

  • Avoid heavy moisturizers before tanning
  • Choose coverage wisely
  • Avoid makeup when going to a tanning salon
  • Apply lotions which have bronzers smoothly
  • Precautions You Should Take After Using a Tanning Bed
  • Use sunscreen
  • Don’t shower
  • Use a tan extender or moisturizer
  • Wait 24-48 hours between the tanning sessions

Are Tanning Pills effective?

They supply the necessary compounds to the body which can cause the skin to develop an orange or brown color. The pills are not approved by FDA hence they may contain harmful ingredients. Canthaxanthin available in most tanning pills can cause liver damage. In some cases, the ingredient can lead to yellowing of the eyes. There is also fear of carcinogenic ingredients used in the pills hence you should avoid them.

You should consider the tanning bed and safe lotions which will offer you the best tan while avoiding health risks associated with other unapproved methods of changing your skin color. If it is your first time tanning, you should start with beginner lotions as you proceed to the hottest tingle tanning bed lotions.