For smooth legs or a closely groomed bikini, only a quality razor for women will suffice. You know that a cheap razor will not do the job, leaving nicks and doing a bad job of covering all areas. The better razors will last a long time before you need to find a replacement. Also with hard to reach skin, you need a sharp razor, but one that isn’t going to irritate, so a moisturising strip is vital.

The best razors for women will make light work of any area, leaving a smooth feel that lasts longer than sub-par products. Shaving needn’t be something you try to put off, it should be easy, and leave you feeling silky to touch. For the best razors that any woman will appreciate, here are our top ten.

Our Top Picks for the Best Razors For Women

#1 Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Swirl Women’s Razor

Setting the bar high for the competition, this is the best women’s razor and one that makes it hard to try anything else. It uses the innovative flexible technology to provide a seamless curve around your body, reaching areas that other razors cannot. The 5-blade system shaves incredibly close, but with the moisture ribbon, you will be left with a smooth surface that is nick-free. The comb is so fine that it directs hairs to the blade, removing more hairs than others. The soft-grip handle will not slip and always comes in a vibrant colour. A must-have for any woman.

#2 Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Green Women’s Razor

A big name in the world of razors, Gillette know a thing or two about quality blades. This hard to better product leaves legs feeling smoother for longer, meaning you don’t have to be constantly reaching for a razor. The coated blades glide across the surface, leaving a fine cut that is safe to use. You won’t nick your skin thanks to the safety moisture ribbon. They shape around curved areas thanks to the rotating head that fits the grooves of your body, helping to reach different places. The gel-like grip means each one will stay in your hand. the detachable heads are easily removed, making way for a fresh razor.

#3 Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor

This is more than a razor as it has two functions. At one end is the detachable razor that glides over skin and leaves you smooth to touch. On the other is bikini trimmer making this an all-in-one hair removal kit for women. The razor head has a moisturising serum that is activated when it comes into contact with water. It helps to smooth skin even after you have finished shaving. The skin guard moves to the shape of the surface helping to ensure an all-over shave without missing areas. The trimmer has different settings depending on your preferred length of this compact device that you can take wherever you go.

#4 Preserve Shave 5 Five Blade Refillable Razor

For those who care about where the materials of their razor come from, this kit is made from recycled materials and suitable for men and women. There are plenty of colours to choose from, and the 5 blade cartridges are ceramic coated making them a high-quality option for a close shave. You get one handle and cartridge in this pack but refills are available, and reasonably priced. Never tested on animals, the lubricating strip helps to soothe the area as it contains aloe and cocoa butter. BPA free and kind on the environment as they are made from recycled yoghurt cups, they still manage to provide silky skin and the cartridges last a long time.

#5 Gillette Venus Snap

For a convenient women’s razor that is so small it can be taken anywhere, the portable Gillette Venus Snap is an important item in many people’s handbags. It has a tiny handle which makes it stand out, but it has a regular-sized blade that you will find on some of their bigger razors so you don’t compromise on performance when it comes to shaving. The 5 blades get close to the skin meaning you get longer between shaves. You can refill using Venus Embrace Blades so the small handle can be used time again. With a protective moisture ribbon and a plastic container for easy storage this makes a great travel-friendly option.

#6 Made For YOU by BIC Shaving Razor Blades for Every Body

A higher-quality shave from the people at BIC, it is still competitively priced and suitable for men and women. It contains 5 flexible blades that provide a very close shave. the handle is sturdy and feels good in your hand, with a lot of grip. You know it will last a long time because of the weight of it, but it is also easy to rinse and the pivoting head makes difficult areas easy to shave. The razors have an edging blade that increases accuracy. A smooth glide that can be used on any part of the body.

#7 BIC Soleil Color Collection Women’s Disposable Razor

This 3-blade product might not be the most fancy, but it does offer incredible value. In the price range, it is hard to better the smooth shave feel that you get. It is made even better by the soothing aloe vera strip that contains essential vitamin E which helps to calm the area. The rubber handles ensure you won’t lose your grip, even when wet and they are a popular razor for those on the go. They can be out into a bag to carry around for when you need them. The colours are bright so you won’t lose them in the bath.

#8 Solimo 5 Blade Razor for Women

These blades might look simple, but they make for a cost-effective way of buying blades that is also very practical. This pack has everything you need for months of hassle-free shaving including a shower hanger for easy access, one handle, and 12 cartridges. The price makes it little over $1.30 per refill and contains botanical oils that are activated when in contact with water, helping to moisturise the skin. The cartridges are easy to reload but only fit the Solimo razor handle. With 5 blades per cartridge, they are great at removing large areas and last a long time.

#9 Personna Women’s 5 Blade Razor System

Nicely presented, this. one body, 12 cartridge system has everything you need for months of hair-free skin. The moisture strip across each shark 5 blade razor contains shea butter and jojoba oil to help soothe the area. They have been specially designed to prevent irritation and are one of the better options for sensitive skin. The blades themselves are made from steel which gives you a sense of the high quality you are getting. The cartridges are rounded to make shaving comfortable, and this even helps them to curve around the surface. With over 100 years of experience, this is Personna’s best razor for women.

#10 BIC Soleil Twilight Women’s Disposable Razor

With 4-packs in this deal, there is more than enough to last you for months of shaving. You’ll get a smooth feel after using the triple-blade system that gives you a lot of value. The gel handles are lavender scented and has a good level of grip whilst being comfortable to hold. With Lanolin in the moisturising strip, your legs will not get irritated by the closeness of the shave. These razors don’t last as long as some of the others, but you get plenty of them. A lightweight disposable razor for women that gets the job done.

Razor For Women Buyer’s Guide

Silky smooth skin doesn’t have to come at the cost of nicks on irritated skin when using a quality razor for women. This is the first thought of many women who have been using sub-par products for too long. Still, a quality product is not easy to come by unless you know what to expect from the better products.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know everything there is to know to ensure you have smooth skin without the risk of irritation.

What To Look For In A Razor For Women

Moisture Ribbon

This can be infused with aloe vera or something else to ensure the skin is moisturized after every use but whatever is used, it is going to help ensure each glide is smooth. This can reduce the likelihood of irritation that can be caused by a close shave that is too dry.

Multiple Blades

For smooth legs and underarms, having multiple blades is important. Not only does it remove more hair in a single pass, but with more blades, it can reduce the amount of removed hair that builds up in one place around the blade. This means the process is going to be completed faster and in more comfort. Most products tend to use 3 – 5 blades for these reasons.


Disposable razors are still a good option when you find a quality brand and product, but everyone wants value when buying a razor. This is why it is a good idea to shop around online. A lot of the brands we include in our list of the best razors for women come in multipacks, increasing the value and time needed between repurchasing.

Comfortable Handle

A razor can be dangerous when the handle has no grip and isn’t ergonomic. This is a big consideration for us and most of the reputable brands tend to get this right as well as the blade.

Rounded Head

The razor head needs to have a shape that will curve in the right places to ensure a smooth glide across uneven surfaces such as the legs. Any head with sharp corners increases the risk of nicking the skin.

Can You Shave Your Legs Dry?

Although we all find ourselves in a rush from time to time, it is best to avoid shaving dry where possible. Not only can this irritate the skin but it is where nicks occur. The best approach is to use a quality shaving gel or cream, work it into a lather, and run the blade through for a smoother glide.

Is It Good To Shave Your Legs?

The alternative is waxing which may be better in terms of reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs and irritation, but it is painful, time-consuming, and not as convenient. There are ways to help prevent the negative sides of shaving legs with a razor as mentioned above, but for most people, using a razor is convenient and affordable and still very effective.

Can You Use Body Wash To Shave Your Legs?

Yes, you can. The good news is that many products can lubricate the skin and ensure a smooth glide, including body wash. Anything that can be worked into some sort of a lather is going to help and even the steam from a hot shower can help to run the blade over the skin smoothly.

How Long Should A Disposable Razor Last?

Although it is best to keep an eye on the blade to see when it becomes dull, expect the most decent razors to last for 3 to 8 shaves. This will vary depending on how hard the razor has to work (two weeks of leg hair will take its toll more than shaving the underarm every few days) but as mentioned, it is best to look for signs of dulling, or for when the moisture ribbon has run out.

Because these are disposable razors we are talking about, it is easy to dispose of them and grab a fresh one.

What Is The Best Razor For Women?

After reviewing multiple products, we found the best to beĀ Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Swirl Women’s Razor. Because of the 5-blade design, it shaves close to the skin leaving them silky smooth and there is a soft grip handle that makes it safe and easy to move. It has a moisture ribbon and a curved design to ensure there is less likelihood of nicks or irritation, all at a reasonable price.