Pore strips are an effective tool in the never-ending battle against blackheads, dirt, and oil that can buildup down in a person’s pores. However, in order for a person to get the maximum benefit from these strips, they not only have to use them in the correct way, but they also have to buy the best ones possible. To help everyone out there find the best strips for pore cleaning, we’ve done the research and have found ten brands that we think truly are the best. Let’s grab a beverage and take a few moments to take a closer look at these high-quality strips.

Our Top Picks for the Best Pore Strips

#1 Auslka Blackhead Remover Strips

These quality pore strips remove dirt, oil, grime, and other impurities from a person’s pores to reduce the appearance of zits and acne. This product is manufactured with charcoal, an ingredient that’s well known for soaking up impurities from inside the skin and removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. These strips are extremely easy to use, are easy on the skin, and can produce immediate results. Anyone who has been looking for strips that can adequately clean out their pores, and reduce acne flareups are probably going to want to investigate this product further to see if it’s right for them.

#2 Jolvka Blackhead Remover Strips

Although users of this product need to be careful how they use it and not place it near the eyes or other areas of the face other than the nose, they do have the power to destroy blackheads quite well. That’s because they not only work to pull oil and dirt out of the pores, but they have an adhesive that helps to strip blackheads from the skin. And because they’re made with witch hazel, they also help to destroy acne-causing bacteria in the skin and tighten pores while it does it. All of this simply means that these pore strips are designed to provide the power that people need to achieve clearer skin.

#3 Bioré Blackhead Removing Nose & Face Strips

Even though most pore strips concentrate on the nose area, Biore knows that other parts of the face can develop blackheads, too. That’s why these created these strips that can be used not only on the nose area but on other areas of the face as well. These pads are designed to pull off blackheads and do it without pulling the skin up with it. It does this using a special bonding agent that’s also able to pull out dirt and oil from the skin’s pore. And since this product is not only oil-free but also vegan and cruelty-free, just about anyone can use it to get the clear skin they’re looking for out of this product.

#4 Bioré Original Deep-Cleaning Strips

These non-comedogenic and oil-free pore strips are designed to pull impurities out of the user’s pores, so they can enjoy softer and brighter skin. These strips deep clean the pores and help to unclog them. They’re capable of removing dirt, oil, and blackheads from all types of skin. Since they’re designed to cling only to the blackheads and not to the user’s skin, they also won’t cause unnecessary skin irritation when they’re removed. Everything considered these high-quality nose strips have everything needed for a person to achieve clearer skin in no time flat. And that makes them a product that some people may want to consider using.

#5 MEDca Deep-Cleaning Nose Strips

These pore strips are designed for people who are looking for an effective solution against blackheads but aren’t too concerned whether or not the product is made with all-natural ingredients. This product does an amazing job of not only stripping blackheads from the skin but also removing oil and dirt that may be lurking down in the person’s pores. This product is easy to use and is made with powerful ingredients such as titanium dioxide. When used on a regular basis, these nose cleaning strips will pull the toxins out of the user’s pores and help them achieve clearer, fresher looking skin.

#6 Anjou Deep Cleaning Blackhead Remover Strips

This box of 32 strips contains more than enough product to last most people anywhere from 3 to 6-months, all depending on how often they use them. These strips are manufactured using a powerful combination of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate and witch hazel extract, these strips are not only able to strip away blackheads, but they’re also able to pull dirt and oil out of the pores. And because witch hazel can help to reduce the appearance of pores, these strips also make skin look smoother and more radiant. That makes this product one that many people are going to want to try.

#7 Luke Total Skin Solutin Pore Cleansing Strips

Although some people may have problems using these strips, for the most part, they’re a highly effective solution for the problem of blackheads. These pore strips are not only made with one ingredient but are made with several of them that help to reduce skin sebum and remove dirt from the pores. Some of the ingredients that can be found on these strips include Vitamin E, tea tree oil, witch hazel, green tea extract, and aloe vera extract. It also has a solution of 5% charcoal, that helps to pull impurities out of the skin, so that the skin can return to a more healthy state.

#8 Shills Purifying Nose Strips

Charcoal has long been known for having the ability to pull dirt and oil out of pores, so it’s only natural that these strips would use the power of charcoal in their formulation. This product is designed to be completely safe for just about everyone to use and is formulated without using silicone, animal products, alcohol, or parabens. It’s an all-natural and organic product that can be used not only on acne-prone skin but can also be used on dry skin, too. These strips are unscented and do a great job at helping the user eliminate blemishes; And it does it while hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

#9 CalMyotis Charcoal Blackhead Remover

These deep-cleansing strips are powerful, but they’re capable of being used up to 3-times a week to deal with serious blackhead problems. This product can be used by both men and women and is made using all-natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. These strips are made without using dyes, fillers, or dangerous fragrances. They’re only made with the highest quality ingredients and are specifically designed to be easier on the skin than comparable pore strips. Another thing to like about these strips is that the treatments don’t take very long but manage to produce beautiful results.

#10 Purederm Charcoal Nose Strips

The strips in this pack are manufactured using high-quality witch hazel leaf extract, so they not only pull all of the gunk out of the pores, but they’re also capable of tightening pores as well. Trapped dirt and oil don’t stand a chance with these pore strips, and after only 15-minutes of use, they’ll leave the user’s nose looking and feeling better. This will enable users to keep their skin smooth and their complexion clear. And since all that’s required to use them is to wash the face, apply them to the nose and allow them to sit for the prescribed amount of time, they’re also extremely easy to use as well.

A Guide To Using Pore Strips

Everyone who has ever tried using pore strips to remove the appearance of blackheads on their nose, chin, or forehead knows just how effective they are. This is true even when the user isn’t using them properly. What many people don’t realize, however, is that they can probably get their pore strips to be even more effective. All they have to do is to follow some of the tips that we’ve outlined below to take their blackhead removal to the next level and beyond. 

Step One: Prepare Your Face

The first step to achieving great results with pore strips is to start with a clean slate, so to speak. What we mean is that you should take the time to clean your face thoroughly first. Using your favorite face cleaner, make sure to thoroughly wash your face. We like to follow up that face wash with using a purifying toner on the areas that the strip is going to be used on. Since pore strips can cling on to not just blackheads but any oils that might occur on the face, making sure your face is very clean will ensure that the strips remove more blackheads. 

Step Two: Fill The Sink With Hot Water

The next step is to place the stopper in your sink and fill it up with the hottest water that comes out of the tap. For most people that will leave a sink of steaming water, but if your tap water doesn’t get that hot, then you might have to boil water on the stove and then add it to the sink. Don’t worry, this water isn’t going to touch your face, but is only used for the steam that it produces. When you do this, make sure that you have a sink stopper with a chain so that you can drain the water without waiting for it to cool down.

Step Three: Steam Your Pores

The next step in this process is to steam your pores. You can do this by holding your face over the steam rising from the hot water and allowing the steam to wash over your face for approximately 5-10 minutes. Some face care guides recommend 10-20 minutes, but that can be a long time to be hunched over your sink. Besides, 5-10 minutes is long enough for the steam to loosen the sebum buildup that’s in the pores. 

Step Four: Start The Process

After steaming your face and carefully draining the hot water from the sink, it’s now time to begin the process. If you’ve just steamed your face, then your face should be moist at the point, but if it’s not, then be sure to wet it sufficiently so that the pore strip will stick. Some people might need to add additional water to the areas they’re using the strip on to ensure that it properly sticks.

Step Five: Apply The Pore Strip

At this point, you should’ve already have read the instructions that came with your pore strip. If you haven’t, then go ahead and read it now. If you are familiar with your product’s instructions, then identify the top and bottom of the strip and carefully apply the strip to your face according to instructions. Be sure to flatten out the strip with your fingers. 

Step Six: Let The Pore Strip Sit

Now’s the time to allow the pore strip to sit and do its job. Although dry times for pore strips vary from one brand to the next, most of them require 10-15 minutes to dry out and extract the blackheads from the person’s pores. Make sure to follow the time listed on your product exactly, and if needed, set a timer on your phone or use an egg timer to alert you when that amount of time has elapsed. 

Step Seven: Peel From Top To Bottom

Using a firm grip on both sides of the pore strip, slowly peel the product from your face—starting at the top to bottom. If possible, try to remove both sides of the strip at the same time. This will achieve the best results. Looking at your pore strip you should notice all of the blackheads that came out with it. Congratulations! You have now properly used a pore strip on your blackheads.

Supercharging Your Pore Strip Routine

We could’ve easily stopped at the above procedure for removing blackheads using a pore strip, but we felt that we had more beauty secrets to share with our readers, so we decided to create this section. And one of the biggest steps a person can use to supercharge their pore strip routine is to use baking soda. Now, we would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t offer our readers a caution about baking soda before we begin.

Many experts are divided on the following tips, because baking soda is alkaline and very abrasive, so it might not be right for everyone. Therefore, anyone who wants to use the following trick might want to test it out first on a small section of the arm. They might also want to talk to a dermatologist and see if this trick is right for them. Now that we’ve given that disclaimer, let’s get started with this special beauty tip.

Baking Soda Pore Strip Remover Trick:

  • Mix 1-cup of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl. Make sure to mix the solution well.
  • Dip the pore strip in the solution and allow it to absorb it. 
  • Apply some of the baking soda to the areas that the pore strip is being used on. 
  • Squeeze the excess water from the pore strip and apply it to your skin.
  • Wait for approximately 10-15 minutes. 
  • Remove the pore strip as usual.