Anyone looking for makeup that provides professional results and does it without being prohibitively expensive is probably going to want to look at the makeup NYX produces. That’s because they’ve been creating high-quality products with department store price-tags. Unfortunately, this makeup brand has been underrated over the last few years and written off as just another drugstore makeup brand. However, that’s not the case at all. They make an exceptionally diverse line of makeup products. These makeup products include eye shadows, mascara, finishing powders, and concealer. And many of these products rival professional makeup brands. We know because we’ve researched ten of the best NYX products, so our readers can enjoy some great makeup products.

Our Top Picks for the Best NYX Products

#1 NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

This butter gloss comes in several lick-licking shades that leave the wearer’s lips feeling silky smooth, soft and supple. Some of the shades that this product is available in include Creme Brulee, Angel Food Cake, and Tiramisu. It’s no wonder that this product is not only the best-selling butter gloss from NYX but is also one of their best products. It’s also a cruelty-free product that people can feel good about buying and using. And when it’s paired with other quality NYX lip products such as lip liner, then it’s a sure-fire way to attract some attention.

#2 NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer

Anyone who uses NYX Professional Face & Body glitter is going to want to apply that product after they’ve used a suitable glitter face makeup primer like this one. This product helps to prepare the skin to hold onto the body and face glitter that’s going to be applied after it. However, it does a little bit more than that. It also helps to set the face glitter, so it stays where it’s placed. And like all NYX makeup products, this one is cruelty-free and is not made from animal products or tested on animal subjects. That makes it a glitter primer that the user can feel good about using.

#3 NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner

This quality matter black liquid eyeliner is not only very easy on a person’s pocketbook, but also delivers high-intensity linework that lasts for days. It doesn’t matter if a person needs their eyeliner to last through a hot summer day, a day at the office, or for a multi-day Comic-Con convention, this eyeliner will do a great job of holding up. And because it has a precision brush, cat eyes or other elaborate linework can be done quickly and easily. As is always the case with NYX products, this eyeliner is also cruelty-free, so users can enjoy it guilt-free.

#4 NYX Light-Medium Mineral Finishing Powder

A little known secret to a great complexion is to use a finishing powder to even out skin irregularities and to keep skin bright and radiant. And that’s precisely what this mineral-based finishing powder does. It has a light color that doesn’t offset a person’s natural skin tone but is just enough to hide skin flaws. It’s a product that can be used on either bare skin or on the skin that’s been moisturized and can even be worn over full makeup. Now that everyone who reads this knows the secret to flawless skin, they can use this product to keep their complexion beautiful.

#5 NYX Professional Makeup Ash Brown Micro-Brow Pencil

Professional makeup artists use a variety of different tools to sculpt perfect brows, but consumers only need this one. That’s because this NYX eyebrow pencel is precisely the right tool for shaping, filling-in, and defining eyebrows. It’s also a great pencil to use for over-tweezed eyebrows. This product features a skinny tip and is easy to hold and to use. And since this is a cruelty-free product, as acknowledged by PETA, consumers can rest assured that they’re using a product that was never tested on animals. They can also rest assured that their eyebrows will remain on fleek from here on out as well.

#6 NYX Epic Waterproof Black Liquid Eyeliner

This cruelty-free liquid eyeliner is not only an ethically choice for anyone who needs an ink eyeliner but is also one that works exceptionally well considering its low cost. This product has a precision tip that’s flexible and makes the eyeliner very easy to apply. This product’s precision tip also helps the user maintain precise control over the lines, even when they’re applying it in a moving vehicle such as a train or a bus. It has a jet black color that highlights the eyes and can be used to create some fantastic effects. Everything considered it’s an amazing job that does a great job.

#7 NYX Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

Anyone interested in making their eyeshadow pop and keep it looking good all day long is going to want to use this eyeshadow primer. This waterproof primer is not only designed to keep eyeshadow from being affected by rain but can also help to protect it from heat and humidity. This makes it great for using before going to the beach or while out for a night on the town. And because of its special applicator, it’s not only effective but also easy to use. All that has to be done is to apply a thin layer to the eyelids and then allow it to fully set for approximately 60-seconds before applying eye shadow.

#8 NYX Dewy-Finish Setting Spray

Adding a setting spray is just as important to keep your makeup looking good as a good foundation is. That’s because using a lightweight setting spray can help bring out the colors in the makeup and make it look fresh all day long. When applied with a proper foundation, this product will help to keep a person’s face made, no matter how hot or stressful their day has become. And since NYX is a company that’s acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free makeup brand, consumers can rest assured that no animals have been harmed to create this fantastic product.

#9 NYX Studio Clear Perfect Primer

This product from NYX Studios is a primer that’s designed to provide a smooth surface for the application of foundation. Just like a painter often has to prime a canvas before they do some forms of paintings, it’s advisable that a user primer their face before they apply the rest of their makeup. And this is precisely the type of formula that most people need. It creates a silky-smooth matte surface that provides the perfect foundation base and helps to prolong the wear of the makeup that’s applied on top of it. The problem with some primers is that they alter the user’s complexion, but that won’t happen with this formula because it always goes on clear.

#10 NYX Professional Makeup Color-Correcting Palette

Designed with six color-correcting colors, this concealer palette is designed to give people the tools they need to conceal problem areas on their face. It has pink and purple shades that are designed to help brighten skin, peach and yellow shades that are designed to tackle dark circles or conceal skin dullness, and light-medium shades that do an amazing job covering up skin imperfections. It’s an essential palette that is designed to be used with other NYX products to provide users with the look they need. And since it’s a lightweight formula, it provides an ultra-smooth finish that will make people believe the wearer has gone to a makeup artist.

NYX Products Guide

NYX products are some of the most reliable and have a good reputation for a reason. They may not be considered among the elite makeup brands but there is a lot of value to be had with their large range and there is something for all budgets. To help you understand the brand a little better and to get to grips with what they offer, we have created the following NYX products guide.

This will help you find out more about their product range and what they are about.

What To Expect From NYX Products


When you find out that a makeup brand are is cruelty-free it can give you a real dilemma. One of the best things about NYX products is that they are cruelty-free. This means you can take your pick of their product range and not feel the guilt that comes with some of the alternatives.

You’ll find that none of their products are tested on animals.

Great Value

Known for being well-priced, their product range gives you the chance to bulk out your makeup bag without breaking the bank. With concealers and eyeliners for well under $10, this gives you an idea of how much value you can get compared to some of the bigger brands.

Wide Product Range

We’re going to go into more detail later but there is just about every type of makeup available from NYX products. There are the usual suspects in the lipsticks and mascaras (and plenty of each of them), but also makeup settings sprays and unique products.

Plenty of Shade Options

There is nothing worse than reading about a brands’ new lipstick or foundation, only to find that there is a limited range of shades, and yours isn’t in there! One of the best things about NYX products is they have a vast range in all their makeup varieties.


You’ll find that a lot of people comment on how NYX products stand up well against the bigger brands and a lot of the time, there is little difference in how they perform. Considering their price range, many will tell you how underrated this makeup brand is.

Vegan-Friendly Range

We should start by saying that not all NYX products are vegan-friendly but they do have an impressive amount of products that are not derived from animal-based ingredients.

Paraben-Free Range

Not all of their products are free from parabens but it is easy to check this before you buy. Some of their products are paraben-free but you will have to dig a little to find them.

What Are The Best NYX Products?

This is a subjective question as not everyone likes to use certain types of makeup and what will look good on one person might not be so well regarded by someone else.

Still, the following is a list of some of the most popular NYX products.

Setting Sprays

NYX has brought these out in two well-recieved sprays – matte finish and dewy finish. They both produce an even spray that doesn’t create a lot of mess. Instead, it locks in that look when you get it perfect and are great for photoshoots or before a night out.

Total Control Drop Foundation

Another popular product that has a soft matte finish and is lightweight but offers you the chance to build the coverage to suit your needs. What is most impressive is that NYX has brought this to market in over 30 shades.

HD Finishing Powder

Great for using before the setting spray, NYX’s HD finishing powder it looks great under the bright lights and even works to soften pores and fine lines.

Micro Brow Pencil

Not only does this quality pencil allow you to make accurate lines but it is resistant to sweat, has a natural look and is great for beginners since it is easy to use. Perfect for when you want full brows day in day out.

How Do You Pronounce NYX?

One common misconception is that the correct way to say their name aloud is by spelling the letters. This isn’t the correct way. Because the brand is named after the Greek Goddess of the same name it should be pronounced the same way. This means you should call the brand ‘Niks’, the same as the Goddess of the night.

Are NYX Products Good?

This is a matter of opinion. A lot of people looking for budget-friendly makeup might find their range to be long-lasting and of a higher quality than one might expect.

Other people might want something organic, or professional-grade and set their standards higher but what no one can dispute is that you always get good value when buying NYX products.


With a huge product range and plenty of shades, NYX products can be found in makeup bags around the world and it is easy to see why. They are great value, last a long time and are cruelty-free, ticking a lot of the important boxes for a makeup brand.