More and more people are switching from commercially available toothpaste to products that have fewer harsh chemicals in them. That’s because many modern kinds of toothpaste are full of chemicals that many people wouldn’t want to put in their mouth—namely, chemicals such as Diethanolamine, Propylene glycol, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Instead, they’re turning to natural toothpaste which cut out all of these potentially harmful ingredients and replace them with more natural alternatives.

Buying the best natural toothpaste can be a minefield, however. That’s because there are not only dozens of different products which claim to be all-natural but also because the definition of natural can be quite different among them. Therefore, we decided to search out the kinds of toothpaste which are really natural and then sort out the best from the rest of them. Below are the products that we not only feel are natural but also will get your mouth nice and clean.

Our Top Picks for the Best Natural Toothpastes

#1 Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Toothpaste

This pleasing toothpaste is made from nothing but natural ingredients so users can not only enjoy a cleaner mouth but allow the user to come closer to living a healthier lifestyle. This product is fluoride-free and is made without any SLS or harsh abrasives. It’s also gluten-free and a completely Vegan product as well. Other ingredients which can be found in this toothpaste include Calcium Carbonate, Xylitol sourced from Himalayan birch wood, sodium chloride, thymol, and neem leaf extract. It also contains Stevia extract and various fruit extracts. All of which makes this a product that’s not only natural but also a great toothpaste to use.

#2 Redmond Earth Paste-Lemon Twist

If there’s one thing that Redmond Earth Paste wants you to know about its Lemon Twist toothpaste, it’s the fact that it doesn’t look like traditional toothpaste. It’s not white like commercial formulations because it doesn’t use chemicals to give it a white color and doesn’t have potentially harmful ingredients to make it foam. Instead, they only use natural ingredients to get the user’s mouth and gums as clean as possible. This product is made with Bentonite Clay, xylitol, activated charcoal, and sea salt. It’s also manufactured with a number of essential oils including fennel and anise. All of which makes this a natural, gluten-free and Vegan toothpaste that gets the job done.

#3 doTERRA OnGuard Toothpaste

This toothpaste contains natural ingredients that allow it to clean teeth and freshen breath quite well. It’s made with an innovative blend of wild orange, rosemary, eucalyptus and cinnamon extracts that thoroughly clean the teeth and gums, and helps to restore the mouth’s natural pH level. However, while it’s natural ingredients are exciting, what’s really exciting about this product is what it doesn’t contain in its formula. This product doesn’t contain fluoride, doesn’t contain DEA, and it doesn’t contain triclosan. It does, however, have a nice wintergreen leaf oil added to it that gives it a minty, and very fresh taste.

#4 Desert Essence Wintergreen Toothpaste

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil & Neem Wintergreen Toothpaste is safe for regular use because it’s made with natural ingredients and isn’t made with harmful ingredients. Some of the ingredients which won’t be found in this formula include petroleum compounds, artificial colors or fragrances, fluoride, parabens, artificial sweeteners, phthalates or glycols. It also doesn’t contain the harsh abrasives that other natural toothpaste products may contain. This toothpaste is made with a combination of baking soda, neem extract, tea tree oil and sea salt to clean teeth easily and effectively. It’s also made with natural wintergreen for a minty taste that leaves breath smelling fresh.

#5 David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste

David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste is designed to not only clean teeth by removing plaque buildup, but it also effectively whitens teeth and freshens breath. And it does it without being gritty or tasting bad. It’s manufactured in California, and 98% of the ingredients found in its formula are sourced right from the U.S. This product is not only SLS-free and sulfate-free but is also fluoride-free, too. This product contains Xylitol that’s sourced from Birch and is used to promote a good overall environment in the user’s mouth. And this product is packaged in a recyclable metal tube and comes with a free metal tube key roller.

#6 Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste

This ADA-accepted toothpaste is designed to whiten teeth and to help strengthen teeth as well. It’s made with Sodium Fluoride for stronger tooth enamel and is made with natural silicas that whiten teeth. And it does it without using chemicals that will bleach the teeth out. This product is also flavored with natural peppermint compounds which gives this product a very nice minty taste that will make it very appealing to just about everyone who decides to try it. Overall, it’s a product that cleans well and whitens well. And it’s more affordable than some of the other natural toothpaste products currently available.

#7 Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Made from natural ingredients and never tested on animals, this high-quality natural toothpaste is suitable for just about anyone to use. It’s made using food-grade activated charcoal that’s sourced from renewable bamboo plants, and it is fluoride-free. This product also doesn’t contain many of the nasty ingredients that conventional toothpaste products contain such as SLS, peroxide, artificial sweeteners or artificial dyes. This toothpaste is also manufactured in the U.S to maintain high-quality standards. Overall, it’s a vegan toothpaste with a minty taste that cleans, whitens and freshens breath all at the same time. Which makes it a product that many people can use, appreciate and enjoy.

#8 Cali White Activated Charcoal & Coconut Oil

Using the power of food-grade activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, and baking soda, this natural product is able to make teeth whiter and do so without causing any tooth sensitivity whatsoever. This product is manufactured in the U.S. and is not only triclosan, paraben, and SLS-free, but is also gluten-free, peroxide-free, fluoride-free and is made from a formulation that’s completely vegan. Whiter teeth aren’t the only benefit that this toothpaste provides, however. It also freshens breath thanks to peppermint oil and remineralizes tooth enamel using Diatomaceous Earth. It also has a sweet taste thanks to Xylitol, so even children will want to use it every day.

#9 Jason’s Healthy Mouth Toothpaste

Jason’s Healthy Mouth Toothpaste is a fluoride-free product that not only cleans teeth but also freshens breath. This innovative product uses the power of natural botanicals to remove sugar acids from the teeth and help prevent future tartar build-up. Some of the ingredients which can be found in its formulation include grapefruit seed extract, cinnamon extracts, clove extracts, and Tea Tree Oil. Ingredients which won’t ever be found in this product include sulfate products, phthalates, and parabens. And it’s a toothpaste product that’s even gluten-free. This product is also never tested on animals and has a nice cinnamon taste to it that’s agreeable to most people.

#10 Uncle Harry’s Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste not only neutralizes harmful bacteria and plaque acids but it also encourages remineralization of the user’s tooth enamel by adding magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium to the formula to give tooth enamel the minerals they desperately need. This toothpaste is not only made without SLS, artificial sweeteners or triclosan but also doesn’t contain any fluoride or carrageenan. This high-quality product is manufactured in the U.S and is also considered to be a Vegan product, as well as glycerin and gluten-free as well. It’s also a product that’s made with pure plant essences, sea salt, and natural mineral clays.

Natural Toothpaste Buying Guide

As we mentioned earlier, some brands claim that they’re all-natural, but may, in fact, contain ingredients that aren’t natural at all. That’s because the definition of natural isn’t as solid as some people think. In fact, the term can not only have different definitions among different brands, but it can also have different definitions from one person to the next. For example, one person may count fluoride as a natural ingredient, while other people would say that it isn’t natural at all.

All of this made it extremely difficult to create a guide which tells people how to buy natural toothpaste, so we decided to merely list some of the ingredients which can be found in many different toothpaste brands and let the reader decide for themselves what exactly the definition of natural means to them. Having said that, let’s begin this guide with many of the ingredients that most people agree are bad and then work from there.

Ingredients Which Definitely Aren’t Natural

Diethanolamine or DEA

This ingredient is placed in not only many types of toothpaste but also in shampoos and conditioners as well. It’s a well-known foaming agent. Unfortunately, it’s also a product that has been linked to the disruption of hormones in individuals who use it regularly and has also been linked to cancer in some studies.

Propylene Glycol

This is another ingredient that’s found in a number of different cosmetic products including not only toothpaste, but also shampoo, shaving cream, and hair conditioners. This product is also used in dried soups and powdered cheeses. It’s a wetting agent and surfactant that’s been used for decades. And while the FDA has labeled it safe for human use, the World Health Organization agrees that it should be limited in use in a person’s life due to possible toxicity problems.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Some consumer organizations have been warning against Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS, for years. It’s used in all kinds of different personal care products because it essentially works as a detergent. However, it’s also a skin irritant, and some studies have suggested that it might be carcinogenic if mixed with other chemical agents.


This chemical has found its way into not only toothpaste but also a variety of different products including hand soap. That’s because it’s listed as an antibacterial. However, in reality, it’s also classified as a pesticide, which should make it unpalatable enough for anyone to not want to put it in their mouth. It’s currently being linked to toxicity and endocrine problems in high enough concentrations.

Sodium Coco Sulfate

Unfortunately, this is a product that’s increasingly finding itself in the formulations of many natural toothpaste products. It’s made using SLS, so many manufacturers have begun to use this product because people have become aware of the problems with SLS and are beginning to look for products which don’t have this ingredient. All of which means that this ingredient is basically just SLS that’s been camouflaged.

Ingredients Which Are Borderline Natural


Fluoride is generally seen as a natural ingredient and can be found naturally in water all over the world. It’s also a product that’s routinely added to metropolitan water supplies to help prevent cavities. And preventing cavities is what it does very well. However, studies have shown that ingestion of fluoride in really large quantities may be harmful to human health, but it’s unlikely that one would receive a dose high enough to cause problems just by brushing their teeth. Although it’s considered safe for use in toothpaste, some people don’t feel like it’s a natural product, therefore, some brands of natural toothpaste have left it out of their products.


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that’s made from plants and hardwood trees such as birch trees. It’s a product that’s not only used to sweeten toothpaste products but is also used in breath mints, chewing gum and even lozenges. This product is generally considered to be a healthy ingredient by most people, and studies have shown that it may inhibit the grown of certain kinds of harmful bacteria in people’s mouths. Therefore, many of its fans have considered it a more natural approach to cavity prevention and one with fewer risks than fluoride. Ingestion of large amounts of Xylitol generally results in gas and diarrhea, although that’s very unlikely to happen when its used as an ingredient in toothpaste. Regardless, some people prefer not to have this product in their toothpaste.

All-Natural Ingredients To Consider


This product is manufactured from Thyme leaves and is considered to be a food-grade product that can not only be found in natural toothpaste products but can be found in many supplements and food products. It’s safe to ingest, and it has been suggested that it has antiseptic qualities.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is found in a variety of natural products because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. However, a small Australian study did suggest that this product didn’t work very well as an anti-plaque agent. Even so, it’s still an all-natural product which has many benefits when it is used in toothpaste.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, has been used for decades as a product to clean teeth. It’s known to remove stains from teeth and also has the benefit of fighting plaque. All of which makes it a great ingredient to find in toothpaste. It’s also a product that’s generally safe to use and doesn’t have harmful side effects the way other ingredients may have.

Stevia Extract

Stevia extract, also known as Stevia rebadiana is a natural sweetener that’s derived from a shrub in the sunflower family. This product tastes much sweeter than sugar but isn’t metabolized the way sugar is, so it doesn’t feed harmful plaque bacteria. Therefore, it’s often used to sweeten toothpaste products to make them more palatable.

Other Natural Ingredients Found in Toothpaste Products

  • Hydrated Silica
  • Neem Leaf Extract
  • Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt)
  • Wintergreen Leaf Oil
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary Extract)
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil
  • Peppermint
  • Citrus Acid
  • Clove Bud Oil
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Coconut Oil