You can find nail clippers in almost any household if you go looking, and for good reasons. In fact, people don’t just own nail clippers, they even carry them on their person as part of elaborate keychains or portable grooming kits. As you would imagine, nail clippers have come a long way over the years, and even though most models are built in a traditional fashion, there are plenty who incorporate more specific grooming tools like files and cuticle removers.

All things considered, you shouldn’t have any real difficulties finding reliable clippers if you go looking, but you do have to ask yourself whether you want standard clippers or whether you want a more versatile grooming kit. In this respect, let us point out that the market has quite a diverse selection to offer, each with their own specifics and useful particularities. To give you a good idea of what’s out there, we put together a list of the ten best nail clippers money can buy.

Our Top Picks for the Best Nail Clippers

#1 Harperton Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Set

Built in an ingenious so as to cradle the fingers, the Harperton Set of Fingernail and Toenail Clippers allow optimum control while cutting your nails. Equipped with ultra-sharp blades made from high-quality stainless steel, these nail clippers can cut through the hardest, thickest nails, effortlessly. Known for their precision and high quality, these nail clippers deliver smooth and accurate cuts while preventing the risk of spreading nail infections. Built for manicures, pedicures, and heavy-duty trimming, these nail clippers also come with an inbuilt nail file to meet all your grooming needs.

#2 SEKI EDGE SS-106 Fingernail Clipper Stainless Steel

Thanks to its sharp blades, the SEKI EDGE SS-106, Fingernail Clipper allows smooth, precise cuts with every clip. Free from rust and mildew, this heavy duty stainless steel nail clipper ensures you will no longer face ripping and tearing of nails or jagged edged nails. Equipped with a die-cast lever that is wide and sturdy, it provides users with additional control and a good grip. Ideal for cutting fingernails and toenails, this clipper is durable, reliable, and highly efficient, which is why it is utilized in many professional salons across the country.

#3 Clyppi Clippers Fingernails Nail Cleaner

Featuring a set of two versatile pieces, the Clyppi Nail Clippers come with a fingernail trimmer measuring 2.6 inches long and a toenail trimmer measuring 3.4 inches in length. Equipped with a swing out nail cleaner, these clippers come with a double-sided nail file with two textures enabling quick and effective nail filing. Thanks to its well-designed ergonomic construction, it is compact in size and easily fits into your hands, giving you optimum control while cutting your nails. Ideal for seniors and older people, these clippers come with a wide press lever that makes nail cutting easy and effortless. Made with premium grade stainless steel with a matte finish, these clippers will maintain their quality and durability long-term.

#4 FIXBODY Black Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set

Crafted from high-quality black stainless steel, the FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set features heavy-duty nail clipper that is resistant to damage. With the ability to cut thick nails with ease, this robust nail clipper is ideal for fingernails and toenails. Thanks to the specially constructed curved edge it cuts only the edge of the nail without causing any discomfort or pain. This nail clipper also comes with a nail file that allows quick prepping and smoothening out of the edges, before you paint your nails. Easy to use and extremely durable, this nail clipper is also resistant to water.

#5 BESTOPE Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Cutter

Thanks to its ergonomic design and curved construction, the BESTOPE Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Cutter allows easy and smooth nail cutting, without causing any discomfort. Built for all kinds of nails, it comes equipped with a heavy-duty top lever and sharp blades that deliver accurate cuts. Easy to use, this clipper prevents nails from cracking and leaves your nails smooth and well-trimmed. Made from high-quality zinc alloy stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and features an anti-slip grip that provides you with full control. Featuring a large toenail clipper and a smaller sized fingernail clipper, each of which is designed with a hole to use as a keychain, these clippers are extremely portable and perfect for daily use.

#6 Chimocee 2PCS Nail Clippers and Toenail Clippers

Offering users with a relaxed experience, the Chimocee 2PCS Nail Clipper is known for its high quality and great performance. Designed with perfectly positioned blades, it allows users to cut at any angle, maintain the natural shape of the nail. Made from premium quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, it comes with heavy duty, durable blades that are resistant to rust, mildew and tarnish. Convenient to use and comfortable to hold, it features a lever that is ergonomically shaped and thoroughly hand-polished blades. Each nail clipper comes with a hole at the end, allowing users to utilize it as a keychain if needed.

#7 QLL Professional Stainless Steel Fingernails and Toenail Clipper

Featuring a swing out nail cleaner, the QLL Professional Fingernails and Toenail Clipper are made from premium quality stainless steel. Equipped with a wide lever, it enables easy and efficient clipping and helps in preventing accidents while cutting. Designed with a strong body, the clipper comes with sharp blades that are uniquely shaped for trimming and cutting fingernails and toenails accurately. Not just that but due to their ingenious, ergonomic design, these clippers are extremely easy to clean.

#8 HQY Heavy-Duty Nail Clipper Set

Featuring 4 robust nail clippers including 2 fingernail clippers and 2 toenail clippers, the HQY Heavy-duty Nail Clipper Set is uniquely crafted to provide accuracy and efficiency. Thanks to their string, sharp blades made from stainless steel, these nail clippers are long-lasting and extremely easy to maintain. Each clipper comes with a uniquely constructed body and high-quality blades that trim and cut fingernails and toenails with precision and accuracy. Then again, this is precisely what you should expect from any high-end nail clippers.

#9 Trim Easyhold Toenail Clipper

Thanks to its simplistic yet maneuverable design, the Trim Easyhold Toenail Clipper rotates effortlessly, allowing you to trim your nails from any angle. Equipped with a sturdy handle and super-sharp stainless steel blades, it produces accurate, perfect trims and does not blunt easily. Known for its durability, it is made from premium quality zinc alloy stainless steel. In addition, it comes with a nail file that is polished to give you smooth, well-trimmed nails.

#10 Sucica Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Nail Clippers

Designed to clip thick, hard nails with ease, the Sucica Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Nail Clippers are resistant to tarnish, mildew and rust and extremely durable. This robust nail clipper set comes with a large and small clipper that offer optimum precision and can be used to cut fingernails and toenails. Thanks to their ergonomic construction, these clippers come with a sturdy handle allowing easy control and deliver accurate cuts. Perfect for manicures and pedicures, professional salon use, and personal use, these clippers are safe and hygienic and prevent nail infections. We should also point out that the set comes with 2 clippers, a deluxe stainless steel carry case and a useful guide.

Nail Clippers Buying Guide

How does one keep their nails well-groomed and perfectly manicured? While some of us have the time and energy to visit professional salons to get our nails done, others prefer to pick up a set of nail clippers and get the job done themselves within the comfort of their own home. The problem with simply choosing a nail clipper at random is that many of the cheaper models are not only difficult to use but they also cut poorly and are quick to rust. Instead, you should take the time and learn as much as possible about what makes good clippers and what particularities to look for when buying some.

Finding The Right Nail Clippers

When purchasing nail clippers, one must consider their construction more than anything else. Stainless steel pieces are by far the most popular in that regard, although they usually command a price tag to match. The next thing you want to consider is the material, which again, usually affects the overall price of the clippers. With that out of the way, one should pay close attention to the ergonomy of said clippers and just how comfortable they are to use.

  • Material – Cheaper, stylish clippers are of no practical use to anyone if they break down as soon as you push them a bit harder. Choose instead a clipper that is designed with a strong material build, a sturdy and robust stainless steel body for long-term results. Stainless steel is always the best choice nut just for its sturdiness, but also because it is resistant to rust and damage.
  • Performance – Bear in mind that versatile clippers aren’t all that common and that they’re not always cheap. A good pair of nail clippers must have sharp blades and a durable body. The performance of your nail clipper will depend on its construction and quality. As such, good nail clippers should also have a heavy duty handle that is wide enough to give you optimum control and their blades should be ideal for cutting both hard and soft nails.
  • Ease of Use – Always choose a nail clipper that is light in weight, yet one that can cut thick nails with ease. A sturdy frame and sharp blades also help when it comes to how easy the clippers are to handle, although, for the most part, you want to consider handling and sharpness as key features above design and aesthetics. This won’t just make the grooming process more comfortable but it will end up saving you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

What To Consider

  • Blade Design – There are two kinds of blade designs when it comes to nail clippers. These include a flat and a curved design. For better results, always choose a nail clipper that comes with a curved construction as this would allow you to achieve accurate cuts without any jagged edges. However, if you have flat fingernails, it is recommended that you choose the flat design for obvious reasons.
  • Size and Weight – A small, portable and compact size nail clipper is always a better option since you can carry it around with ease, in your purse or handbag. For those who travel a lot, a lightweight small sized nail clipper is perhaps a better choice.
  • Features – Nail clippers can incorporate various additional functions. Some of these features include a nail file, nail cleaner, anti-slip handles, cuticle trimmer, and other similar additions.
  • Price Tag – Although most nail clippers are priced reasonably and are guaranteed o last a fair bit, you can expect the price of nail clippers to reflect their general durability and performance; as well as the added features they come equipped with.

Nail Grooming Tips

  • Always cut your nails at an angle – Depending on the type of nail clipper you use, whether flat or curved, always remember to cut your nails at an angle in order to prevent causing any damage to your nails. Smaller curved nail clipper for fingernails and bigger blades for toenails are highly recommended.
  • Never cut too close to the skin – Always cut your nails a little farther from the white part of your nail. Cutting too close to the skin could lead to bleeding and even infections if done regularly.
  • File your nails – After cutting your nails, always remember to file them down. Clipping your nails might leave you with a smooth clean cut but the edges are still sharp and can get stuck in the fabric of your clothes.
  • Trim your cuticles – Always trim your cuticles to prevent any dirt and bacteria build-ups that can in turn cause infections at the nail bed.
  • Use a hand moisturizer – Always use a quality hand and foot moisturizer after washing your nails or after your shower. This will keep your nails well-nourished and healthy long-term, making the whole grooming process a whole lot easier.