Like fashion, the world of makeup is ever evolving. Tastes change, but a makeup mirror is always a must-have and manufacturers have taken note. This is great for us consumers as it means there are loads of great products to choose from, making the morning routine easier and getting ready for a night on the town more fun.

You can now find makeup mirrors that offer magnification, better lighting, mounting, angled views, and more features that just make your life a lot easier. Because there are also cheap products that you wouldn’t be caught dead fixing your eyeliner in, we have compiled a list of the best makeup mirrors to take the strain away.

Our Top Picks for the Best Makeup Mirrors

#1 KOOLORBS Makeup 21 Led Vanity Mirror with Lights

When you read about how many features this makeup mirror has, you will find it hard to believe that it is priced so competitively. You get those bright lights that make applying eyeliner so much easier, 21 LED lights help to light up your prep time. There is even a touch screen switch that allows you to turn up the brightness depending on your preference. You get wide-angled viewing thanks to the three panels and the left even features 2x & 3x magnifying mirrors to get up close and make sure the fine details are precise. It takes batteries but can also be used via USB. With 180-degree rotation, you can stand up or sit down and get comfortable as you get ready for another great night out.

#2 AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

For a mirror that can brighten a pitch-black room, this is a great option with its 72 LED lights that have different settings and colours. You can make them more yellow to help you see in the evening or more white and clear for the morning as recommended by makeup artists. This allows you to get ready for work, or the party, in the best lighting. The tri-fold design allows you to fold it away making more space. The base has grooves to hold brushes and other makeup items. the padded front is neutral in its design and with up to 3 x magnification, this is one of the best makeup mirrors for getting close.

#3 Mirrorvana X-Large LED Lighted Trifold Makeup Mirror

The design might be simple, but the trick-fold mirror from Mirrorvana is very practical, with 3 magnification mirrors on one side alone that offer 3/5/10x magnification so you can see any blemishes you may have missed. the LED lights are dimmable via the touchscreen so you can create the right lighting or atmosphere and can be charged via USB. The glass is particularly clear and larger than a lot of other mirrors in the price bracket. It comes in a neat gift box and can be turned 360 degrees horizontally.

#4 Hamilton Hills 5X Magnified Premium Makeup Mirror

This stylish makeup mirror with its curved rectangle shape looks sophisticated in any room. You get 5 x magnification which makes it perfect for applying cosmetics or grooming. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and is 8.5″ x 5.25″ making it a great personal makeup mirror. You can change the angle to suit your stance and the surface is resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The sturdy base will ensure it lasts a long time but it is also a good-sized portable mirror. Perfect for any bathroom or dresser table as it tilts and swivels in a small space.

#5 Rebel Poppy Vanity Mirror With Lights and Phone Mount

This is a Hollywood style wall mounted vanity mirror that will recreate the glitz and glamor of how the stars prepare for performances in your home. Master the online makeup tutorials with the help of this stylish mirror as the phone cradle helps you to stay hands-free as you watch and learn. There is a simple on/off switch for the set of 12 dimmable LED lights can be plugged in via USB. The metal frame is sturdy and there is even an integrated clock for this excellent must-have makeup mirror.

#6 Fancii Magnifying Mirror 7X with Natural LED Lights

For something a little more compact, this easy to store mirror is easy to take wherever you go and has a tonne of features. It comes with a ring of 20 LEDs that mimic daylight conditions and make it easy to get a clear look at what you are doing. The mirror has a width of 16.5 cm that is more than enough for one person to finish their makeup routine. It gives you up to 7x magnification which is ideal when using tweezers and can be fixed to your regular bathroom mirrors via the reliable suction that can be twisted to ensure it stays in place.

#7 Fenchilin Vanity Mirror with Lights

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the latest technology when using a makeup mirror will enjoy what Fenchilin have created here. It has a Bluetooth controlled speaker meaning you can listen to music through it, and even answer phone calls without having to stop your makeover. The 20 dimmable LED lights offer perfect lighting conditions and the detachable 10 x magnification mirror is included. It rotates both vertically and horizontally to follow you around the room. It has a rechargeable power battery that you can plug in via USB and is one of the most advanced makeup mirrors available.

#8 WAYKING Makeup Mirror with Lights

This makeup mirror looks amazing and can accommodate your friends as you get ready for a night out together. The Hollywood style light system will add a touch of glamor to your room as it sits nicely on any tabletop. The 12 LED lights have 3 different lighting modes to choose from including cool light, warm white light, and warm light. There is a USB port on the side so you can always charge your phone whilst using the mirror, this is perfect for following tutorials. The alloy base and frame are sturdy and blend into any room.

#9 EASEHOLD Makeup Vanity Mirror

For a makeup mirror with up to 10x magnification, this is hard to beat, especially at the price. The 38 LED lights have a dimmer so you can get the right level depending on the time of day. With 4 different magnifications, it helps you to apply your makeup perfectly whilst allowing you to use tweezers with precision. The frame is stable and has a tray to store your items. It measure 210 x 115 x 320 mm making it bigger than most try-fold mirrors. It is thin, and can be powered by battery or USB charger.

Makeup Mirror Guide

To make applying that mascara before a big night out easy, or follow an online tutorial easier, a makeup mirror is a must-have purchase for any budding makeup artist, amateur or pro. The technology added to these products is impressive but it does mean you have to be careful about the product you buy.

There are a lot of cheap imitators out there that are cheaply made and are not worthy of your bedroom or bathroom. To help you make a great decision that could end up being the most important purchase you make this yeat, the following guide details everything you need to know.

What To Look For In A Makeup Mirror


The better makeup mirrors will come with more than one mirror. The additional features will often mean you get a variety of magnificaton to help you accurately draw your brows or zone in on hard to target areas. Look for a product that gives you 1x magnificaton as well as 2 or 3 x magnification, anything else is a bonus.


To make sure you can share the space or just move the mirror to suit you, a 360-degree swivel is a great feature that a lot of products offer.

Adjustable Brightness

Because you could be applying your makeup in the morning, or later at night, you need a makeup mirror with adjustable brightness so when light is scarce, you can still get the look you want.

Easy To Charge

Most LED light makeup mirrors will be rechargeable via USB. This makes them convenient to use as the lack of wires means they can be placed anything without being restricted by wire length. It also means you can plug them in if needed.

Quality Reflection

Because a makeup mirror is only as good as the clarity it can offer, you need to find one that is crystal clear. HD reflections are a must when it comes to applying makeup so be sure to find one with a clear mirror.


A makeup mirror can come in a convenient size that is easy to take from place to place. For most people, it won’t stray far from your home but before a night out, you might want to take it to a friend’s house as you get ready to hit the town together. There are plenty of makeup mirrors on the market that are compact, lightweight, and even those that fold up.

Remote Control

This isn’t something you should expect as standard from a makeup mirror but if you want to adjust the brightness via remote control, there are products that allow this. You will also be able to turn it off and on.


The LED lights on a makeup mirror should be built to last so expect to see the product you are looking into boast about how long theirs lasts. Some say 50,000 hours of use whilst others are a little more modest.


Some brands will make different sized makeup mirrors so before you buy, consider the space you have to fill. Anyone with limited space might not have the room to accomodate a tri-fold mirror and an oval or rectangle product might be a better fit.

Different Shapes of Makeup Mirrors

Depending on how you want the mirror to look in your personal space, a makeup mirror can enhance a room. Also, they differ in terms of size and features. Here are the most common types.

Oval Makeup Mirrors

A simple design that has the look of a hallway mirror you can still get an oval makeup mirror with LED lights and a stand. You’ll often find that these swivel 360 degrees and are dual-sided with differing magnification on each side.

Tri-Fold Makeup Mirrors

These give you an easy way of seeing different angles and the magnification will change depending on which mirror you are using. Expect the middle to be framed with lights and you will often get 4 or 5 different levels of magnification.

Rectangle Makeup Mirrors

A simple design but one that is effective. Often complemented by a stick-on magnification mirror that helps you to see up close. With lights framing the design, check to see if they are dimmable to add to the functionality.

Round Makeup Mirrors

The least impressive of makeup mirrors but they can do a good job of giving you a basic option and like the oval version, can swivel to give a second side and additional magnification. They usually lack the size of the other shapes.