When used properly, gel eyeliner is a product that can add a bit of flair to a person’s eyes, and it can be used to make stunning effects that really allow a person to stand out from the crowd. However, if the consumer buys an inferior product or applies it incorrectly, then it can also produce some pretty bad results. In order to help our readers avoid those problems, we’ve decided to list ten of the best gel eyeliners currently available. Brands which are not only made with the best ingredients but ones that are easier to use and produce the best results as well.

Our Top Picks for the Best Gel Eyeliners

#1 Trish McEvoy Intense Black Eye Liner

This quality product is absolute proof that Trish McEvoy makes some of the best gel eyeliners available. This product goes on smoothly without smudging and is designed to provide all-day wear. Since it’s in pencil form, it’s easier to use than many of the brush applicator eyeliners, so it goes exactly where it’s put. And because it doesn’t smear or flake, it will also won’t budge when it fully sets. It’s also waterproof and can hold up even in highly humid conditions. And because it’s equipped with a built-in sponge, it softens the liner as its being applied.

#2 Tonymoly Gel Eyeliner

Tonymoly combines the power of two different types of eyeliner together into one easy to use eyeliner product that provides excellent results. This product combines the convenience of a liquid liner with the quality results of a gel eyeliner. This product glides on very smoothly and provides a water-resistant finish that’s designed to last all day long. The best thing about this product is that it goes on without smudging, flaking or smearing. And since it’s available in a variety of colors including black, burgundy and pearl brown, there’s a color for just about anyone and for just about every occasion.

#3 Maybelline Makeup Eyestudio Black Eyeliner

Women who have sensitive eyes aren’t going to want to buy a cheap gel eyeliner because that product is sure to cause eye irritation. Fortunately, this product is designed with that in mind, so women don’t have to worry about their eyes becoming irritated when they apply this product. That’s because it’s been fully tested to be allergy-free and has been tested by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists. This means that it will absolutely never cause eye irritation. What it will do, however, is provide a beautiful and stylish look that’s waterproof and is designed to last all day long.

#4 UCANBE 2-in-1 Smudge Proof Gel Eyeliner Set

Now, there’s no reason to buy brown and black gel eyeliners separately because this set comes with both colors, as well as both makeup brushes, so the wearer has everything they need to customize their look. Both of these eyeliners are a creamy gel that provides texture and style. These eyeliners are waterproof, smudge-proof and can provide all-day wear. And once the day is done, this product is just as easy to remove as it is to apply. This makes this an essential kit for just about any woman who wants to add a little versatility to their makeup case.

#5 Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Espresso Ink

With a deep, rich color and easy-to-use applicator, this gel eyeliner is really capable of producing some eye-popping results. This product glides on smoothly, sets up quickly and never smudges, smears or flakes. It’s completely waterproof and will even hold up to heavy perspiration or humid conditions. And it can provide the wearer with up to 12-hours of wear, so they can wear it all day and through the night. This makes this quality product perfect for any woman looking for a professional look that will last them throughout the day.

#6 It Cosmetics Black Waterproof Eyeliner

This black eyeliner is capable of producing beautiful results and all-day wear. It glides on quite smoothly and never smudges, flakes or smears. Once applied, it sets up quickly, and is capable of providing the wearer with at least eight to ten hours of wear. This product will never tug, provides professional quality results, and can hold up even in high humidity situations. And once the wearer is done with her day, this product is easy to wash off and never irritates the skin or eyes. Overall, it’s an inexpensive and high-quality product that provides excellent overall results.

#7 Julep Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pencil

This quality gel eyeliner pencil can be applied in only a matter of moments and can set in approximately 30-seconds to a minute. Once set, it will provide the wearer with up to 10 hours of wear, more than enough time for a woman to make it through the day. Because this product has been tested by ophthalmologists, it’s also less likely to irritate a woman’s eyes than ordinary eyeliners can do. And this eyeliner is available in a variety of different colors so women can customize their look. Some of the colors it is available in include black matte, gold shimmer, black shimmer, and bronze shimmer.

#8 iEnvy by Kiss Wing It Black Eyeliner

This high-quality eyeliner has a dark black pigmentation to it, and once it’s applied it stays put. That means that when it’s applied to clean skin it won’t flake, smudge, smear, and is completely waterproof. And since it comes with six different types of eye look eyeliner stencils, it’s even easier for women to get the precise look they want. Regardless of whether a woman is trying for a natural look, or are looking for a smokey cat look, this eyeliner is more than enough to give the wearer what they want. All it takes is a little bit of patience and the willingness to get used to using this brush.

#9 Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Onyx

Although most women are familiar with conventional gel eyeliners, this one presents somewhat of a twist. Like a conventional eyeliner, it comes in a stick form that makes it easy to apply, particularly for women who wear contact lenses or have eye sensitivities. When the eye is properly prepared, this product is capable of going on smoothly and providing professional quality results that last all day. And once the day is over, this product is easy to remove with just a little bit of Micellar water. Its sleek onyx color will provide the woman’s eyes with a dramatic flair as well.

#10 Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Black Eyeliner

As its name suggests, this gel eyeliner is capable of producing scandalous looking eyes. It’s also capable of providing professional results that are hard for other brands to match. This product glides on easily and provides the rich black color that’s designed to last for a full 24-hours at a time. And since it comes with a professional brush, the user has perfect control over how they do their eyes and don’t have to worry about this product running, smudging or flaking. Regardless of whether a lady wants to do their eyes for a job interview or for a night out on the town, this product is ready to give them the look they want.