Even though they might not be for everyone, there’s no doubt that disposable razors are extremely convenient. All a person has to do it pull one from the package, shave using it and their favorite shave cream or gel and then toss it in the trash when they’re done. There’s no muss and no fuss to the whole process. And unlike the ones that were manufactured in the past, modern disposable razors shave just as closely as some of the more expensive options available. That’s why we’ve decided to help our readers find the best models available, so they too can enjoy the convenience of using them for shaving their face, their legs or any other body part that needs hair shaved.

Our Top Picks for the Best Disposable Razors

#1 BIC Flex 3 Men’s Triple Blade Razors

These triple-bladed razors are not only an economical choice for anyone watching their budget, but they also deliver a close shave that really can’t be beaten by other razors. That’s because it has an anti-slip handle that’s easy to hold onto, super sharp blades made from high-quality stainless steel and a lubricating strip that reduces redness and skin irritation. Another thing to like about these razors is that they have pivoting heads that follow the curves of the person’s face and keeps the blade in a perfect position for the perfect shave every single time.

#2 Hydro Silk Women’s Razors

There aren’t a whole lot of disposable razors that not only provide a quality shave but do it without causing skin irritation. Fortunately, the Hydro Silk Razor is capable of doing that quite well. That’s probably because it’s equipped with 5 blades that are not only extremely sharp but are also curved so they can follow the curves of the user’s body. This razor also has a head that’s just the perfect size to allow the user to shave hard-to-reach areas of their body. And finally, it features a moisture-activated lubrication system that aids in the shaving process all while it minimizes skin irritation.

#3 Personna Women’s 5-Blade Ladies Razor

Since Personna knows that most women like to shave their legs in the shower or bath, this disposable razor has been designed with that usage in mind. It features 5 quality stainless-steel blades that expertly cut through body hair and are surrounded by a moisturizing halo that helps to provide lubrication during the shaving process. This halo is activated by water and is made up of quality ingredients that include aloe, vitamin E, and botanical oils. These work together to reduce skin irritation, to aid with the shaving process, and to prevent red bumps or razor burn from developing while the user enjoys a close shave.

#4 Schick Slim Twin ST 2 Men’s Razors

These men’s disposable razors might be slim, but they do provide a close shave and are capable of delivering that close shave without causing razor burn. That’s because this razor’s twin blades are made from surgical-grade stainless steel and the razor’s head is equipped with a lubrication strip that reduces overall skin irritation as the blades expertly cut facial hair. This lubrication strip begins working the moment water touches it, and all during the shaving process, it delivers soothing vitamin E to the shaver’s skin. And because this razor has one-push cleaning, the user never has to worry about the blades clogging during their shave.

#5 BIC Silky Touch Twin Blade Razors For Women

Although some women only use razors that use 3 or 4 blades, a lot of women are switching to these razors because they’ve discovered that they do a superior job. These razors may only have 2 blades, but they’re capable of providing an ultra-close shave and do it without significant skin irritation. Another thing that many users like about these razors are that they have a handle that not only comes in colorful pastel colors but are easy to hold as well. All things considered, these high-quality razors will allow the user to shave their legs or their armpits closely and do it without causing razor burns or red bumps.

#6 BIC Flex 5 Men’s Razors

Many disposable razors use two, three or four blades to get a close shave, but the Flex 5 from BIC uses 5 razors. This allows it to shave up to 5-times more with each stroke than what some of the cheap razor brands are capable of doing. And with fewer strokes being taken, there’s significantly less skin irritation. Another thing to like about this product is that it has a head that can pivot up to 40-degrees, which allows it to navigate the curves of the user’s face. And finally, these razors have precision edging that helps just about any man reach those hard-to-reach spots of their face without a whole lot of effort.

#7 Gillette Daisy Women’s Razors

These Gillette Daisy razors are thin like some of the no-brand disposable razors that are currently available, so it’s no surprise that some people write them off as an inferior product. However, once most people get past how they look and try them out for themselves, they realize that these razors can shave just as closely as some of the more expensive razor models that are currently available. Even though it has a slim profile, it features 3 blades that shave hair closely and are equipped with a lubrication strip that helps to reduce skin irritation as the blades do their job.

#8 Gillete Mach 3 Men’s Razors For Sensitive Skin

Men who have sensitive skin often have trouble finding a razor that can shave closely but do it without significantly irritating their skin. Fortunately, this razor is capable of doing that job. It’s designed with 3 specially aligned blades that shave hairs close to the skin but do it without irritating to the skin. These razors are also designed in a way that makes them easy-to-rinse, so they can be used more than once or twice before having to be thrown away. Additional features found on this razor is a spring-mounted control system, a lubrication strip for comfort, and an easy-to-hold handle.

#9 Gillette Venus Tropical Women’s Razors

These razors are designed specifically to handle women’s curves and do it without causing nicks or cuts. It’s capable of performing this task by giving the user 3 stainless-steel blades that are surrounded by a specialized cushion layer that allows it to cut hairs closely but do it without cutting the skin. These razors also have a rounded head that makes it easier to reach hard-to-shave parts of the body and it has an indicator strip that tells the user when it’s time to replace the blade. And if all of that isn’t enough for the user, for some reason these razors also have handles that have a mild tropical scent to them.

#10 BIC Soleil Color Collection Women’s Razors

Not only do these disposable razors have colorful translucent handles that add a bit of style to the whole shaving process, but they’re also equipped with blades that provide an ultra-close shave. These women’s razors have a rubber handle that’s textured, so they’re easy to handle, and they have a head that contains 3 high-quality blades. These blades shave through hair almost effortlessly, all while the lubricating strip prevents razor burn from developing. These razors are small enough to fit into a workout bag, a makeup bag or a purse, and when they’re been used up, they can be simply tossed into the trash.