Although a derma roller may sound like an unpleasant tool to use, it is actually a tool that’s easy-to-use and produces some pretty amazing results. For our readers who may not be familiar with this tool, it’s basically a roller that’s covered in a series of microneedles. These needles are 1.5 mm are smaller and are rolled across the skin to create tiny punctures. These punctures aren’t so small that they aren’t painful, but they do kick-start the user’s skin to start creating new collagen in an effort to heal itself. This then results in the user’s skin looking more healthy and youthful. These tools work so well, we’ve decided to list ten of the best ones currently available. Now anyone can return a youthful glow to their skin.

Our Top Picks for the Best Derma Rollers

#1 Avega Beauty Face & Body Roller Kit

If you ask most people what they need to do collagen induction therapy or CIT, at home, then they would probably say that they need a derma roller that had 600 0.25mm micro-needles on its head and had a conveniently shaped handle that makes it easy to use. They would probably also want the needles on the head to be made from titanium instead of stainless steel. Fortunately, that is exactly what this kit provides. It comes with an easy-to-use handle, three replacement heads that are each equipped with 600 0.25mm titanium micro-needles, ahead with 180 needles and a storage case.

#2 Love & Pebble Microneedle Face & Body Kit

This quality kit from Love & Pebble contains just about all of the equipment a person needs to do collagen induction therapy at home. It comes with a derma roller that contains four heads that each contains 600 professional-grade 0.25mm needles, which is approximately 9% more needles than many of the lesser quality rollers provide in their kits. And because these needles aren’t made from stainless-steel but titanium instead, they’ll hold up to use for a whole lot longer. This set also comes with three sanitary cups, a handle and a storage case for keeping the roller safe in between uses.

#3 Lolysenta Microneedle Facial Roller

Although this dermal facial kit may not come with all of the accessories that some other kits come with, it still includes a high-quality roller that does an amazing job. This roller is specifically designed to be easy to both hold and use, and it comes with 0.25mm titanium needles that painless puncture the skin during the use. This process allows the skin’s natural systems to kick in and increase the collagen levels in the users’ skin. And since the needles are small, it’s safe enough to be used by just about anyone in the home. It’s an inexpensive tool that helps a person get the most out of their beauty regimen.

#4 Derma Shine 6-Piece Derma Roller Kit

This kit contains a derma roller handle, three different sanitary cups, and an acrylic case that’s suitable for storing the roller or for carrying it while traveling. This set also comes with four replacement heads that feature 0.25mm needles. And the needles that are on these replacement heads aren’t made out of out stainless steel like certain inferior models but are made from high-quality titanium. It’s a package that’s also available at a very affordable price so that anyone can buy it and put it to good use in their weekly beauty regimen. After all, it’s an easy way to get better-looking skin.

#5 Regena Glow Titanium Microneedle Kit

This six-piece cosmetic bundle comes with all of the tools the user needs to get good results out of their weekly or bi-weekly beauty regimen. Included in this bundle is a derma roller that can be used on both the face and body and is equipped with 0.25 mm microneedles that gentle puncture the skin so that it can rebuild its collagen. And because the needles on this roller are made out of titanium instead of stainless steel, it’s designed to last the user for quite some time without corroding or wearing out. Also included in this kit is a bag, a storage case, a travel bottle, and a disinfectant cup.

#6 Zust Beauty Cosmetic Roller Kit

This product isn’t just a roller, but it’s a whole home therapy kit that’s designed to have the user’s face looking fresher, brighter and younger. At the heart of this kit is the derma roller. This roller is equipped with 0.3mm needles that provide improved performance over the introductory rollers that many other retailers sell. This kit also comes with a handy cosmetic bag to hold the roller, and it even comes with a few essentials to place in that bag. For example, this kit also comes with a VC serum that’s a good source of Vitamin C for the user’s skin and contains Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration levels of the skin.

#7 Sdara Skincare Skin Care Roller

Some of the safest derma rollers on the market have a needle length of only 0.25 mm. That’s because that size is the perfect size for people who aren’t professionals and may not have a whole lot of experience using it. That size is also suitable for producing excellent results, as this roller easily shows. This product is made with 0.25mm micro-needles that are made from titanium, so the user can rest assured that they’re durable and won’t corrode. This product can be used either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so the user doesn’t have to worry about paying for professional results because they can treat themselves at home.

#8 JJ Ellie Cosmetic Needling Kit

This cosmetic needling kit comes with one roller that has a 0.25mm needles size, so it’s safe to use by even people who have never derma rolled their face below. The needles on this roller are made from 540 titanium, so they’re not only designed to hold up to regular use but are also resistant to corrosion. This product also comes with a travel case that can also be used to store the roller when it’s not being used. And although it doesn’t come with a paper instruction manual, this company will send an instruction manual to the buyer through email, so they can use their roller to achieve the best results possible.

#9 Angel Kiss 4-In-1 Microneedle Roller Kit

This product isn’t just a derma roller, but it’s a whole kit that can be used together for excellent results. What can be found in this kit is a roller with three replaceable heads, and one that is packed with 720 titanium micro needs that are stronger than stainless steel needles and are designed to last the user for a long time. Two of its heads have 0.25mm needles, and one has .3mm needles. It also comes with a disinfecting basin, so the heads can be disinfected after each use. This product is safe enough to not only use on the face but also on the forehead, neck, chin, scalp, and abdomen as well.

#10 Hiegoo Micro 540 Skin Care Tool

The beauty of this skin care tool is that it’s small and easy to operate. This product is only 5.3-inches long and isn’t very wide. It’s equipped with 0.25mm needles that slightly puncture the skin so that the skin can release excess collagen. And it has a gently curved handle that allows it to be easily held and used. This results in a younger-looking complexion and a fresher face. Since this product is so simple, it can be used by virtually anyone and also makes a good gift to give that special someone for their birthday, for Christmas, or for Mother’s Day.