Denture adhesive is an essential product for anyone who has to wear dentures, bridges, or other types of dental appliances. Without these products, many people wouldn’t be able to seal the dental appliances in their mouth, and that could lead not only to a poor fit, but it could also allow food to get between the appliance and the wearer’s gums. And that’s a situation nobody wants.

Fortunately, there are some really great adhesives available for denture wearers, and these products can really elevate the quality of a person’s life. In order to help some of these people find the products most suitable for them, we’ve listed ten of the best denture adhesives below. The following are the products that provide the hold people need to eat and talk all day long and without discomfort.

Our Top Picks for the Best Denture Adhesives

#1 Fixodent Complete Original Adhesive Cream

Fixodent Original is a high-quality denture adhesive that’s easy to apply and holds extremely well. It prevents food from slipping between the gums and the dentures using a super-thin micro-barrier. This not only ensures that the dentures fit better but also helps to prevent the user from experiencing gum irritation as well. It’s no wonder that this is the number Dentist one recommended dental adhesive brand and has been used by denture users for years now. It’s a great product not only for full plate denture wearers but also for partial plate denture wearers, too.

#2 Shionogi Cushion Correct Adhesive

Even though you have to be fluent in Japanese to read this product’s packaging, including its instructions, it’s still a product that does a great job as a denture adhesive. This cream goes on smoothly and provides the denture wearer with the all-day hold they need to prevent denture slippage and to lock out food particles. It’s super thin seal helps make dentures more comfortable to wear as well because it helps to keep particles from slipping between the denture’s liner and the wearer’s gums. It’s a product that’s very similar to Cushion Grip and provides long-lasting hold.

#3 Super Poligrip Original Formula Cream

Super Poligrip is a denture adhesive that’s been around for quite some time now, and there’s a good reason why it’s been around so long. That’s because it provides the holding power that few other adhesives can even come close to topping. This zinc-free formula is easy-to-apply and is made without the use of any artificial flavors or colors. When used properly, this product will seal out food particles, and this helps to prevent the wearer from experiencing gum irritation throughout the day. It’s no wonder that this product has been around for as long as it has been around.

#4 Fixodent Extra Hold Adhesive Powder

Because Fixodent Extra Hold is an adhesive powder and not a cream, it’s capable of providing the holding power that denture wearers need and do it without creating a mess like creams have a tendency of doing. Once this product is applied properly to the dentures following the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s capable of providing a denture hold that will last all day long. It does this by creating a super thin yet extremely strong seal that’s not only airtight but watertight as well. This prevents foods from becoming lodged between the gums and dentures and also prevent hot liquids from dissolving it.

#5 Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Dental Adhesive

Regardless of whether you’re wearing full dentures or partial plates, this dental adhesive is sure to give you a good grip and help seal your dental appliances from food particles. This thermoplastic polymer is capable of providing the heavy-duty holding power that denture wearers need and do it all while remaining 100% waterproof. This means that denture wearers can not only enjoy their favorite foods, but they can also enjoy their favorite hot and cold beverages. And they can also rest assured that this product’s holding power is strong enough to get them through an entire day without slipping or failing.

#6 Fixodent Food Seal Plus Scope

The main purpose of adhesive cream is to lock out food particles and provide the user with a better denture fit, but sometimes it’s nice when a product does just a little bit more. Take this product, for instance. It’s an easy-to-use cream that’s less messy than some comparable denture adhesive creams and provides all-day protection against slipping. It’s also a product that delivers the breath freshening power of scope, so the user doesn’t have to worry about unsightly oral odors while they’re wearing their dentures. All of which makes this a product that some people are going to want to check out.

#7 Super Poligrip Comfort Seal Adhesive Strips

For a lot of denture wearers, adhesive strips are easier to wear, and that’s probably why this product has become so popular recently. These strips are easy to use and provide the user with all-day holding power. Although many adhesive strips have to be cut to be properly fit, these strips are pre-cut for the wearer’s convenience. All the user has to do is place them into their dentures following the package’s directions, and they don’t have to worry about their dentures slipping for the entire day. And since these are strips and not a cream, there’s not an oozing mess after it’s been used.

#8 Dentek Secure Denture Bonding Cream

There aren’t a whole lot of denture adhesives that not only deliver a full 12-hours of holding power but is also waterproof. Fortunately, this is one of those products. This bonding cream is designed to easily go onto the dentures and once the denture is fitted, to provide the wearer with a full day of hold. And it’s a hold that not only prevents food particles from slipping underneath the dentures but is also resistant to liquids. That means that coffee, tea, soda or even hot soup won’t break this cream’s bond with the denture, and this gives the user all the confidence they need.

#9 Sea Bond Fresh Mint Adhesive

This zinc free denture adhesive is designed to provide the hold that users need, so they can eat meals and talk with confidence. Since this product is an adhesive seal, it’s capable of accomplishing this feat a lot easier than hard-to-apply powders or messy creams. These seals also have a soft, cushiony feel to them that won’t irritate the wearer’s gums as they go about their chores. Each box contains 30 denture seals that each provides a full-day of denture holding power and is easy to use. That means that each box provides enough denture seals for a month of wear.

#10 Avistar Extra Strength Denture Adhesive Cream

Not all denture adhesive creams are equal in quality, as this brand proves. Unlike many of the competing adhesives currently available, this one is designed to provide extra-strength hold and do it without using zinc or fluoride. This allows this product to seal the dentures against the gums, so irritating food particles are sealed out. This also results in a better fit. Another positive feature about this product is that it comes in a narrow tube that allows the user to place the cream exactly where they need it. And since it has a nice minty flavor, users won’t have to worry about having to put up with a bad chemical taste.

Denture Adhesive Guide

To keep your dentures in place, a denture adhesive is a must-have and something you will use every day. This makes finding a reliable brand so important and there is a big difference between the good ones and the budget options. To save you from an embarrassing mishap at an important moment, you need to be able to depend on your denture adhesive.

This is achievable when you know what to expect from a quality product. To help clear a few things up, and ensure this is a purchase you can get right first time, we have created the following guide.

What To Look For In Denture Adhesive

Holding Power

The firmer your dentures are held in place, the more confident you will feel. The better denture adhesives will have enough power to make you forget you are even wearing them. Don’t settle for a product that can’t give you a hold of around 12 hours so you know that when you leave the house, your dentures are fine.

No Slipping

When you buy a low-quality adhesive, you can often feel the movement between your gums and dentures. This will be on your mind the whole time until you can re-apply. Even then, an unreliable denture adhesive won’t inspire the confidence you need.

Zinc-Free Formula

Because zinc is one of the ingredients the most people like to avoid, it is always best to find one that works without it. This is particularly the case if you take Zinc supplements as excess amounts can lead to nerve damage.

Although they have been passed fit for use, some people will do well to find a product that does not contain such an ingredient.


Some denture adhesives are water soluble and you can start to feel the particles throughout the day. This makes them uncomfortable and can be unhygienic.

A Reliable Seal

When the denture adhesive does its job right, there should be no gaps or holes. Otherwise, food particles can get stuck which makes eating uncomfortable. Choose a product that is known for sealing everything tight so you know you can rely on it.

Flavor Free

The better denture adhesives will be flavor-free so they do not affect the taste of food throughout the day. Some will have a refreshing menthol flavor but it is difficult to see how this is beneficial.

Easy To Clean

Any denture adhesive that is strong enough to last all day might make you think you’ll have difficulty removing it. This isn’t the case with reputable brands so make sure you choose a product that doesn’t make life difficult when it comes to removing the dentures.

No Artificial Ingredients

Too many products on the market include harmful ingredients, it’s bad because it’s so unnecessary. A denture adhesive should be free-from anything artificial including flavors and colors so they are not harmful to your health.

Different Types of Denture Adhesives

There aren’t too many types out there which makes your decision a lot easier but these are the most common:

Denture Adhesive Cream

Not only are these most common types of denture adhesives but you’ll find that they are very affordable and when you use a reputable brand, effective. The tube won’t look too dissimilar to toothpaste and makes it easy to apply straight to dentures. Remember to only place the cream (sometimes known as a gel) onto the area of the dentures that will come into contact with the mouth.

Even when you are accurate in how you apply the cream they can still ooze from the sides, making it difficult to get a perfect application but this is a compromise a lot of people have to make.

Denture Adhesive Powder

After wetting your teeth you can apply the powder on top and many denture wearers favor this approach as it doesn’t ooze as a cream can. Still reasonably priced there is often less mess but with some of the lower-quality products, you might have to reapply throughout the day.

Denture Adhesive Strips

These are usually more subtle than the other options and easy to apply but expect to pay a little more for the convenience. You can cut them to the perfect size and although this takes a little time in the morning, you’ll find the results to be pretty reliable.

How To Remove Denture Adhesives

Most products come with recommended instructions for removing their formula but certain ways tend to work for most products.

The easiest way to remove denture adhesives is by swilling warm water around your mouth the loosen the seal. A lot of people use mouthwash which helps to control odors that can occur from wearing dentures all day but both approaches can leave a little adhesive on your gums. If this is the case, run a wet handtowel along the area to clean it properly.

How Much Denture Adhesive Do I Need To Use?

Every product is different so the best approach is to follow their guidelines for use. Otherwise, you should find that a couple of pea-sized bits of adhesive cream or an even sprinkle of powder if that is the type you are using should suffice.