The best clip-in hair extensions are a great way for anyone to add length or volume to their hair. Although it may seem like a fad because of so many celebrities jumping on the hair extension bandwagon, the truth is that these appliances work quite well and are easy enough for almost anyone to use. And because of recent innovations, they look better than previous models that were available only a few years ago.

Once a person decides that buying a hair extension is the way to go for them, however, it may be difficult for them to choose the best one for them. That’s because there are dozens upon dozens of different brands available, making it hard to choose just one of them. Fortunately, we’ve found the ten best ones available, so anyone can find one for them quickly and easily.

Our Top Picks for the Best Clip-In Hair Extensions

#1 Goo Goo Remy Double Weft Extensions

This 7-piece set contains clip-in hair extensions that are made from 100% real Remy human hair. These sets are available in a straight style and an in several different colors. These colors are stratified, so the consumer can choose from chocolate brown to ash blonde, chocolate brown to honey blonde or natural black to dirty ash brown. The consumer can also buy these sets in many different lengths including 16, 18, 20, 22, and in 24-inch sizes. And because they’re made using only high-quality human hair, they are thick from their top to their ends. This makes them the best clip-in hair extensions currently available and ones that a lot of people are going to love.

#2 Full Shine Real Remy Hair Extensions

Full Shine is a company that’s beginning to get a reputation for making quality hair accessories and products, and after looking at these extensions it’s easy to see why. These extensions are made from Grade 7A Remy hair and are available in sizes from 14-inches through 18-inches. They also come in several different shades of blond or brown. Each set comes with 10-pieces, so it’s quite easy for a person to make a full head of hair using them. These extensions can also be dyed to make a darker color, but consumers should keep in mind that it’s generally not a good idea to lighten hair extensions.

#3 Loviro Yaki Straight Remy Extensions

Available in sizes from 12-inches up to 20-inches, these high-quality straight extensions are ready for just about any look. These double weft sets come with 7 hairpieces and 17 clips attached so that the wearer can get the look they want. This product is made with 9A grade virgin human hair and weighs approximately 120-grams. These extensions have a yaki straight texture and are unprocessed to provide the best quality product possible. Once the consumer receives these extensions, it’s easy for them to cut, dye or style them according to their personal needs.

#4 Fabc Hair Water Wave Brazilian Virgin Remy Extensions

100% Brazilian virgin Remy hair is some of the most prized hair for extensions, and there’s a good reason why that’s the case. It’s because this hair is thick, has volume, and looks beautiful. And that can be seen just by looking at these hair extensions. These extensions are made with real Brazilian hair and are available in a Water Wave style that’s stunning. They can also be purchased in kinky or straight styles, and they come in one of seven different sizes, sizes that range from 12-inches to 24-inches. And since this hair is prepared into extensions using a natural process, it’s less likely to tangle and is more durable than chemically treated extensions.

#5 Amy Girl Remy Natural Silky Straight Hair

These clip-in hair extensions are available in several different sizes from 12-inches to 14-inches and are also available in several different colors. Regardless of whether the consumer buys the chestnut brown or the natural black extension, they can also all be adjusted to fit the look of the wearer. That means that they can be cut, trimmed, curled, washed, and even dyed. If they don’t provide enough volume, then the user can even add several different sets to boost their natural hair’s volume level. Overall, these are high-quality Remy extensions that should serve just about anyone well.

#6 Vario Double Weft Brazillian Hair Extensions

Made of 100% Brazillian Remy hair and available in several different lengths from 14-inches through 22-inches, there may just be one of these hair extensions for just about anyone. These silky-straight extensions also come in one of three different colors, including blonde or several shades of brown. Since this product is manufactured using a double weft stitching process and is made with real human hair, it can also be washed, dried, styled, dried with a blowdryer or curled using a curling iron—just like the person’s natural hair. And because of its high-quality clips, it can be put on in 5-minutes or less and without having to use tape or messy glues.

#7 Reecho 20-Inch Dark Brown Synthetic Extensions

These dark brown synthetic hair extensions are designed to give the wearer the look of real human hair but do it without the expense of using real human hair. This product is not only pretty convincing but also comes all in one piece, unlike some other extensions that require 6 or 7 pieces have to be installed to get the full effect. This means that these extensions are quick to put on and just as quick to take off when the person is done using them. These synthetic clip-in hair extensions also come in several different lengths from 14-inches through to 20-inches.

#8 Winsky 14-Inch Remy Brown Extensions

These clip-ins are available from Winsky and are made to be a natural addition to anyone’s brown hair. This product is available in one of three different shades of brown, but since it’s capable of being dyed, the end-user can dye it to a darker color if they wish. However, it should be noted that while it can be darkened, it’s not advisable for it to be dyed to a lighter color. With that being said, this is still a great set that’s available in 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch sizes and is made from 100% Remy human hair. These extensions are also easy to wear and can be attached in approximate 5 to 8-minutes.

#9 Ms. Fenda Brazilian Remy Virgin Curly Hair

It should be no surprise to anyone familiar with hair extensions that this is a high-quality product because it’s made by Ms. Fenda Hair, a company that’s well known across the U.S for making quality hair accessories. This product comes in 7-pieces and with 18-clips and is made using 100% virgin hair from Brazil. It has a total weight of 120-grams and is available in 14-inch to 16-inch sizes. It’s also available in a variety of different varieties as well, including curly, kinky curly and kinky straight. And of course, all of these models live up to the Ms. Fenda Hair name.

#10 Licoville Remy Short Silky Straight Hair

These Licoville clip-in hair extensions are made from real human hair and that allows them to be cut, styled and dyed according to the needs of the wearer. They’re available in a variety of different lengths from 15-inches through 22-inches and are available in some lighter colors including chestnut, to blonde with highlights or beach-blonde hair. They come with sturdy clips that hold on well but are light enough that the wearer forgets about them completely. And since these extensions have a total weight of 70-grams, they won’t feel like they’re pulling the hair down as some comparable brands feel like.