When you feel the day on your skin, a long soak and a quality body scrub can be just what you need. We’re always being told how pollution levels are on the rise and sometimes, our skin reflects it. When you rub it over your body, a scrub can leave you feeling refreshed, and completely different from when you got into the bath or shower.

A quality body scrub can make you feel like you’ve had a day at the spa and don’t need to break the bank. They are all made from different materials and vary in quality. Some can be used all over whilst others are best kept away from sensitive areas. The scent is important, as is how natural the ingredients are. whatever you are after, there is something for all tastes in our top ten body scrubs.

Our Top Picks for the Best Body Scrubs

#1 Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Amazon Pequi

Using pure, 100% shea butter, this product is great for anyone who wants to feel refreshed after a long day. It moisturises and smoothes cracked skin so it is great when used on tired feet. Sugar grains scrub away at dead skin to exfoliate and the other ingredients are just as impressive, including macadamia oil, avocado oil, and safflower seed oil are all nourishing ingredients that are great to see on a body scrub label. The lovely fragrance of Amazon Pequi adds another level of moisturising and with organic, paragon -free ingredients it has a luxurious feel to it.

#2 ASUTRA Himalayan Sea Salt Body Scrub Exfoliator

Some people have called this product a miracle for their dry skin as the gentle exfoliation is kinder on sensitive skin types so it can be used by almost anyone. The Himalayan sea salt acts as a natural body scrub and contains the likes of aloe vera to moisture the skin. The effects last long after you have left the bath or shower and the combination of organic essential oils is great for removing blackheads and other skin blemishes. The added vitamin C helps to protect the skin from ageing and you can also get this in different varieties that provide other benefits.

#3 Handcraft Blends – Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Every ingredient is natural here and the Himalayan salt scrubs at skin and stimulates blood flow after leaving it fresh. This is what gets rid of dead skin to leave you feeling smoother and rejuvenated after every use. You will find the benefits also help with cellulite as the ingredients scrub at problem areas before smoothing them. Because it contains the likes of lychee oil, it is great to use on stretch marks. Never tested on animals and made in the USA, it is hard to beat in terms of quality and value.

#4 Shea Moisture African Wild Water Mint Detox Scrub

Using sugar as an exfoliant, it scrubs the skin to leave it feeling refreshed and because the sugar doesn’t dissolve as fast as some Himalayan salt-based products, you get a better all-over exfoliation. It is enriched with some essential oils and ingredients such as organic shea butter to moisturise and smooth skin and there is even African Water Mint. Rub it over dry and rough skin to feel the benefits. Anyone who likes to check the ingredients properly will be thankful that there are no parabens, sulphates, as well as no animal testing.

#5 First Botany Cosmeceuticals -Tea Tree Oil Body & Foot Scrub

A quality product that contains a long list of benefits including anti-fungal tea tree oil making it excellent for scrubbing tired feet to keep them hygienic. The ingredients help to protect against athletes foot, ringworm, odours, and Psoriasis. The Dead Sea salt exfoliates the surface, getting rid of dead skin and leaving you with a soft, smooth feel after every use. There are numerous essential oils that moisturise including Jojoba oil and chamomile oil. It is capable of offering some relief for those who suffer from years of fungal-riddled feet but is also great for the body as a whole.

#6 The Seaweed Bath Co. Exfoliating Detox Body Scrub

With organic bladderwrack seaweed as one of the main ingredients, this product gives the added benefit of over 65 minerals and vitamins which works to detox your skin. There are also the likes of green coffee bean extract which protects you from free radicals. The exfoliating ingredient is ground walnut shells that are fine enough to be gentle on skin, lifting impurities and leaving it feeling smooth. There are no paragons in this formula and it also has French clay as a way of purifying skin, giving the user a unique, all-over scrub.

#7 Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

For a body scrub that you can smooth over your body without having to keep refilling your palms, this mud soap bar is a great option. Using pumice as the exfoliating ingredient, it helps to lift dead skin and uses the likes of Dead Sea mud to smooth and nourish it. The charcoal works as a detoxifying ingredient and the simple formula makes it great for all skin types. Anyone who suffers from eczema or acne will find it particularly beneficial as the natural ingredients are kind on skin. Made in the USA and with a pleasant, natural scent it is a great alternative to traditional body scrubs.

#8 FFN – Dead Sea Minerals Foam Exfoliating Body Scrub

To get to the smooth skin underneath a body scrub needs to have the right ingredients to work hard enough, lifting the dead stuff on top. This product uses mineral-rich Dead Sea salt to exfoliate skin helping it look younger, with an added glow. It contains anti-acne ingredients to help reduce the severity of outbreaks and stop them from coming back. With honey and aloe vera included to leave you feeling smooth and fresh is uses 100% vegan-friendly ingredients including Vitamin E which soothes skin.

#9 Vivo Per Lei Body Salt Scrub

This s a body scrub that will make light work of dry, itchy skin and cleanse your body with 21 minerals. The Dead Sea salt body scrub firms skin within weeks of using it and leaves with an added glow. The dull look of dry and dead skin will be eliminated when this is rubbed over the surface and leaves it in great condition to be moisturised using your preferred product after. It works to prevent ingrown hairs from developing and leaves the body hydrated.

#10 Holy City Skin – Pure Dead Sea Salt Scrub

This product looks holistic with its wooden spoon attached to the side of the jar, and in its blend of hydrating oils and with skin cleansing ingredients such as Dead Sea salt, it has as much going for it inside as out. The scrub increases circulation as your body works to replace the dead skin cells and with coconut oil to moisturise, it leaves the surface feeling soft. It is vegan-friendly and fine for use by anyone, even those with sensitive skin. It contains no chemicals, alcohol, paragons, or sulphates and looks good enough to give as a gift.