No two women buy and use bikini trimmers for the same reasons. Some women only use them when they want to clean up their swimsuit region during warmer summer months, so they need trimmers which are quick and efficient. Other women choose to keep these intimate areas trimmed up all year round, so they need trimmers which are durable and consistent. Fortunately, these two types of trimmers don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We decided that we wanted to find the best bikini trimmers currently available and ones that could meet people’s high expectations. Models that were not only trimmed quickly and efficiently but also provided consistent results and were extremely durable. What we found were the following trimmers—models that handle all of these things extremely well.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bikini Trimmers

#1 Tuknon Ladies Electric Bikini Razor

This 3-in-1 ladies shaver is not only a highly efficient bikini trimmer, but it can also be used as a face massager or provide the user with deep pore cleaning. This product is cordless and battery operated, so it can be used either as a wet razor or a dry razor, depending on the needs of the user. It also comes with a shaving attachment, a facial cleansing attachment and a face massager attachment and each of these attachments are extremely easy to attach and remove from the razor. This product is rechargeable, waterproof and easy to use for a variety of shaving applications.

#2 Gillette Venus Trimmer

This disposable trimmer not only trims a woman’s body hair closely but also leaves the woman’s skin silky, smooth and sexy afterward. Although it’s a manual trimmer, it has many of the features a razor needs to make it extremely easy to use and very effective. It has a sharp single blade that cuts hair closely, and it has a pivoting head that can easily travel over a woman’s unique curves. This product also has a specially crafted handle that is not only easy to hold but gives the user unprecedented control over their shaving experience. All of which makes this razor one of the better bikini trimmers currently available.

#3 Voyor ES400 Shaver

This effective shaver has four multi-function heads that can be used for a variety of shaving jobs. It has a shaver blade for trimming large areas of the body, a precise shaver for taking care of bikini areas or for shaping eyebrows, a precise trimmer head and a sonic face brush for deep skin cleansing. This product is waterproof up to the IPX7 standard, so it can be used for both wet and dry shaving applications. It also has a rechargeable battery that makes this unit extremely portable. This high-quality product is sure to be a welcome addition to just about any women’s grooming kit thanks to its unique suite of practical features.

#4 Toullgo Bikini & Eyebrow Trimmer

This multifunctional trimmer is not only ideal for cleaning up a woman’s bikini area but can be used for a number of different purposes. It can be used as an eyebrow shaper, an eyebrow trimmer or as a shaver to remove unwanted body hair. It’s battery powered and is equipped with a high-quality stainless-steel cutting head. Although it can’t be used in wet conditions because it isn’t waterproof or water-resistant, it can be used for a variety of dry shave applications. And since it has an ergonomic design, it’s extremely easy to use and will quickly remove the hair it’s used to remove.

#5 Braun Silk-Ă©pil 7 Women’s Epilator

Since this unit is a bikini epilator and not a conventional trimmer, it deals with women’s hair a little bit differently. Instead of burning it off with a heated wire or shaving it off with a razor blade, this unit uses 40 close-grip tweezers which efficiently removes hairs. This product can remove hair as fine as 0.5mm, and is cordless so it can be used just about anywhere. It is also waterproof, so it can be used for both wet and dry operations, and it can even be used in the shower. This women’s epilator comes with 6 additional extras which include a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a massaging cap, a facial cap, a sensitive area cap, and an efficient hair removal cap.

#6 Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert 3

This bikini trimmer doesn’t use a blade, or a heating wire like other trimmers do. Instead, it removes hair by using intense pulsed light that safely and effectively removes the hair. This IPL system is safe to use by beginners or people with sensitive skin and provides beautiful results each time it’s used. Using this device, the user can shave their entire lower leg in 15-minutes or less or do their entire bikini region. It has a gentle mode for users with sensitive skin, will provide up to 250,000 flashes over the course of its lifetime, and plugs into an outlet, so there are no batteries that ever need to be replaced.

#7 Tobeape Unisex Hair Trimmer

Although this product has an unusual design and operation that’s unlike many of the other bikini trimmers currently available, its design is actually quite beneficial in trimming curved parts of the body. This product is equipped with a built-in LED light and an adjustable mirror which can be adjusted at a variety of different angles, so the user can easily see the areas they are trimming. It’s also equipped with a deck to keep the heating wire off of the skin. This innovative trimmer is battery powered, comes with a convenient brush and has a heating wire that can burn out several hairs at a time.

#8 Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

This trimmer has quite a few features which make it a great razor for cleaning up bikini areas. It has three independently floating and pivoting heads that follow the body’s natural curves and ensures that the razor always provides an extremely close shave. This razor is also waterproof, so it can be used for both wet and dry shaves, and it also has a pop-up trimmer that can detail the legs or underarm area. Each of the blades on this shaver is made with high-quality stainless-steel blades that are hypoallergenic and never knick the user’s skin. Other features found on this product include a rechargeable battery that provides 20-minutes of shaving and compact design that makes it extremely portable.

#9 Noxema Disposable Bikini Shaver

Although some people tend to look down on disposable bikini shavers, these trimmers actually do a pretty great job at removing hair. Each package has three disposable bikini trimmers that have ergonomic handles for ease of use and have super sharp blades to cut through even the most stubborn of body hair. These razors also have a shea butter comfort strip that makes shaving easier and leaves skin nice and smooth. These disposable razors are not only suitable for using to shave the bikini areas of a woman, but can also be used to shave underarm hair or even leg hair, too.

#10 Schick Quattro For Women

This battery-powered trimmer and all-in-one shaver are designed to be portable and to address all of the women’s hair trimming needs. It’s equipped with four ultra-thin razors that provide an extremely close shave and has a compact cartridge with a pivoting head that allows the shaver to follow the natural curves of the woman. This product is waterproof and is adjustable for convenience. And it’s equipped with an ergonomic handle that makes the razor easy to hold and even easier to use. Taking everything into account, this razor can help any woman keep their up with their hair trimming routine.

The Ultimate Bikini Trimmer Buying Guide

When shopping for the best bikini trimmer it’s important to keep your particular needs in consideration and weigh those needs against the features of the trimmers you’re examining. It doesn’t matter if trimmers have been praised by everyone on the planet, if they don’t address your particular needs, then they aren’t the best ones for you.

To help you choose from the models we’ve listed, we’ve created this guide which should give you a rough overview of the features you might want to consider when buying bikini trimmers. Although not every person will need their trimmer to have all of the following features, it’s a good place to start on your journey towards finding the best swimsuit area trimmer.

Manual or Battery Powered

There are two different types of bikini trimmers. There are manual ones or battery powered models. Some people like the convenience that battery powered models provide and other people like the simplicity that manual shavers provide. Of course, there’s no right or wrong decision because it all depends on the user’s personal preferences.

Waterproof Capabilities

Although all manual shavers are waterproof, there are surprisingly still battery-powered models that can’t be used around water. Since many women expect to use their bikini trimmers in the bathtub or shower, they usually choose to buy a trimmer which is waterproof.

Rechargeable Batteries

Once again, this is only something that needs to be worried about when buying a battery-powered shaver. Buying one with rechargeable batteries can make it easier to keep the unit charged and ready to go. It also dispenses with the need of having to buy batteries on a regular basis, which can become expensive over time.

Multiple Shaving Attachments

Some bikini shavers not only provide a blade attachment for keeping the bikini area cleaned up, but also have other blades that can be used for other purposes. For example, some razors not only have the smaller blade ideal for swimsuit areas, but also have larger blades for shaving legs, or other body parts.

Other attachments that may be found on some bikini shavers include face massage attachments that can be used for cleaning the face or other body parts. Although these beauty attachments aren’t suitable for everyone, some people will find it truly useful.

Bikini Shaver or Epilator

When it comes to devices designed for trimming bikini areas, there are basically two types available. There are shavers which use blades to cut the offending hair, and there are models that use epilation. Epilation models basically pull the hair out by the root, so hair removal lasts longer. Although epilation provides longer lasting results, it is more painful than using a razor.

Heated Wire

Another method that trimmers use to remove hair is a heated wire. As the name suggests, this is just a wire that burns the hair off the skin. It’s a method that some people prefer to either shaving or epilation, but it can burn the skin if the trimmer isn’t equipped with a guide that keeps the wire from touching the skin. And although the smell of burning hair is never pleasant, heated wire trimmers do a pretty good job at removing excess hair.

Pivoting Heads

Regardless of whether a manual or an electric shaver is chosen, one feature that makes these devices easier to use is a pivoting head. The pivoting head allows the user to come at the hairs at different angles and allows it to travel easily over the body’s contours and curves.

LED Light

Although it’s not as common as you would think it would be on these devices, some bikini trimmers are equipped with convenient LED lights. These lights illuminate the area to be shaved and make it a lot easier to avoid leaving stray hairs. In addition to an LED light, some trimmers are also equipped with a built-in mirror that allows nether regions to be seen even better.

An Easy-to-Clean Design

Finally, the last thing that should be considered is how easily the device can be cleaned once it has finished shaving. Although disposable bikini trimmers can merely be thrown away when they’ve served their purpose, a battery-powered one should be easy to clean out after use. Models with detachable heads usually allow the user to run the blade under water to clean it. This makes the unit easier to use and store for later use.