Skin tanning is a new fashion statement nowadays. There is something just incredibly appealing about giving your skin a golden-brown tint by tanning. At some point in their lives, people always end up being enticed to try skin tanning. However, despite its widespread popularity, skin tanning has been getting a bad rap from the media and other news outlets due to its potential health risks associated with cancer and other health issues.

But don’t let this scare you. Tanning makes your skin look incredibly appealing. You can easily mitigate the effects of tanning by using a good after tanning lotion right after basking in the hot sun. Using a tanning lotion can prevent skin discoloration, skin dryness, skin fading, skin cancer, and other health complications.

If you’re a newbie in tanning and are looking forward to learning more about tanning moisturizing lotions, we have comprised useful information regarding everything you need to know about tanning and skin care, as well as the 5 best after tanning moisturizing lotions.

Our goal is to help you take good care and properly maintain your hard-earned tan. Most importantly, our top recommendations for after tan moisturizing lotions will keep that golden tan looking all good and your skin looking smooth, soft, and healthy.

5 Best After Tanning Lotions List







1 Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Lotion NO Sunflower Seed Oil, Glycerin, Aloe Leaf Juice, Olive Fruit Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Panthenol, Vitamin E 16 oz Check Price
2 Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer NO Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Ginseng, Vitamins A, C, and E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Calendula Flower Extract, Comfrey Leaf Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract 17 oz Check Price
3 Maui Babe Before and After Sun Pack NO Aloe Vera Gel, Macadamia Nut Oil, Vitamins A, C, & E, and Glycerin 8 oz Check Price
4 Maui Island Secret After Sun Tan Sealer NO Aloe Vera Gel, Passion Flower Oil, Hawaiian Ginger, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamins A, C & E, Green Tea Extract, Maui Coffee Extract 8 oz Check Price
5 Golden Star Beauty Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer YES Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B2, B5, & B12 8 oz Check Price

What is Skin Tanning?

Before we delve into how to care for our skin, we need to first learn about what exactly skin tanning is and how exactly it works.

Also known as Sun tanning, tanning is the process where the skin color is significantly darkened or tanned. Tanning often results from the skin’s exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation or radiation from artificial sources such as tanning lamps. Tanning mainly occurs due to the action of our skin’s natural defenses.

When basking in the sun without a sunscreen, your skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. The longer you bask, the more extensive the exposure. As a result of the exposure, your skin’s natural defenses respond in two ways. One, your skin increases the production of a skin pigment known as Melanin. Melanin shields your skin against the harmful UV rays. Dark people tend to have more melanin compared to people with light skin. It’s only the UVB rays that can stimulate the production of melanin, although they pose a great danger to your skin’s DNA.

When we tan however, our skin does not always produce new melanin for protection. The dark pigmentation we get results from exposure to the UVA and/or UVB rays. The problem with this dark pigmentation is that it does not protect our skin from the damaging UV rays. As a matter of fact, the immediate pigment darkening response leads to an increase in free radicals in our skin, causing skin damage and of course an increased risk of skin cancer. This explains the importance of using after tanning moisturizing lotion when getting a tan.

Can Anyone Tan?

Most people often wonder whether it’s possible to get a skin tan or not, mainly because every person has a different skin type. One of the most important things to understand when planning to tan your skin is your skin type as this will largely determine how good your tan will be.

A Fitzpatrick Skin Type chart to find out your skin type. The chart will also help you find out how hard or easily your skin will tan, and some of the necessary precautions to take.

• Burns always and never tans

• Burns always and rarely tans

• Burns and tans occasionally

• Burns much less often and tans easily

• Burns rarely and tans easily

• Never burns and tans darkly

N.B: It’s important to understand that even if you have a dark skin that tans really easily, you’re still prone to sun damage. So it’s important to protect your skin while tanning.

The Different Types of Tanning

There are two different ways of getting a skin tan: Outdoors and Indoors. With outdoor tanning, you bask in the sun and get yourself that appealing golden-brown color. You can bask in your backyard or on the beach while on vacation. Whichever way you choose, you will still get your desired tan. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect your skin from the UV rays. Always ensure you have a sunscreen on before tanning.

Indoor tanning on the other hand involves the use of a tanning bed. Unlike outdoor tanning, tanning beds only use UVA rays, meaning that the absence of the UVB rays won’t increase the production of melanin in your skin. All in all, using a tanning bed is a little bit safer compared to outdoor tanning since UVB rays tend to pose great danger to your skin.

Is Tanning Bad For Your Skin?

Because tanning usually involves exposing your skin to UVA and UVB rays, your skin may end up becoming damaged, especially if not done the proper way. Tanning can lead to free radical production, damage of your skin’s DNA, and even skin cancer.

But this shouldn’t prevent you from getting that nice tan you’ve been dying to have. All you have to do is take the proper tanning steps and you’re all good. One of the best and proven ways to protect your skin when tanning is by using an After Tanning Moisturizing Lotion.

Another way to prevent the negative effects of tanning is by taking things slow. Tanning too fast increases the risk of skin damage while tanning slowly, like once a week lower your risk.

How to Take Good Care of Your Skin When Tanning?

Before tanning, there are various steps that you need to take to keep your skin looking great and increase the chances of tanning easily. If you’re using a tanning bed, you should consider using either a tingle cream/bronzer or an accelerator about 30 minutes before getting your tan. Consider using an accelerator at least during your 3-4 sessions, after which you can use a tingle cream or a bronzer.

A Tingle cream or bronzer stimulates the production of melanin and also give your tan a darker, longer lasting shade. An accelerator on the other hand will prepare your skin for the UVA rays that you will encounter on the tanning bed.

If you choose to tan outside, consider exfoliating your skin first. This will help remove any dead skin cells, giving your skin a more even tone and helping it tan easily. It’s also important to apply sunscreen all over your body for protection and wear glasses and hat for additional protection.

Once you’re done tanning, make sure you apply an after tanning moisturizing lotion as it will not only protect your skin from free radical damage, but it will also prevent excessive dryness and flaking. The lotion will also make your tan last longer.

What’s an After Tanning Lotion?

An After Tanning Lotion is a special kind of lotion that is applied to the skin right after tanning. It protects the skin from free radical damage and keeps it from drying and flaking too much. It also prevents the formation of dry spots and keeps your skin well- moisturized and elastic.

Good after tanning moisturizers contain some anti-aging ingredients that prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. You should consider using an after tanning lotion to receive its full benefits.

What Should You Look for in an After Tanning Lotion?

There are many after tanning lotions in the market but if you want to receive the maximum benefits of this type of lotion, you need to choose one the is made up of beneficial ingredients.

Check out some of the most important ingredients that make up a good after tanning lotion:

1 - Vitamins

Choose an after tanning lotion that contains essential Vitamins like Vitamins C, E, and B-Complex. Vitamins C and E counteract the effects of sun exposure like wrinkles, sun spots, and even skin cancer.

These two vitamins are powerhouses of powerful antioxidants that fight skin damaging free radicals and oxidative skin damage. Vitamin B-Complex vitamins nourish your skin and keep it smooth and healthy. They also help sooth itchy and irritated skin.

1 - Oils

Oils in after tanning lotions don’t just moisturize the tanned skin – they also provide nourishment and soothing. A good after tanning lotion should contain beneficial oils like:

Olive oil: Contains essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants that prevent skin damage from exposure to UV rays

Jojoba Oil: Native to North America, Jojoba Oil works perfectly for a tanned skin as it mimics the oils found naturally in our skin. It can help prevent excessive skin dryness after tanning.

Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil is packed with essential fatty acids as well as Vitamins E, C, D, and beta-carotene, all which work together to nourish, moisturize, and keep your skin smooth and elastic.

1 - Other beneficial ingredients

• Glycerin which prevents moisture loss

• Aloe vera which prevents moisture loss and sunburn right after tanning

• Hyaluronic acid which effectively reduces and prevents skin damage by locking in moisture

After Tanning Lotion Reviews

#1 Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Lotion

You will absolutely love the Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Lotion as it performs two very important functions. One this after tanning lotion contains Vitamin E and aloe vera which thoroughly hydrate your skin after tanning. Two, the lotion conditions your skin to help your tan last much longer, which is incredible. Besides performing these two important functions, this lotion will keep skin smooth, radiant and healthy.

In addition to giving your tanned skin an incredible appeal, the lotion will keep it smelling all nice and fresh, thanks to its pleasant citrus scent. You will absolutely love using the Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender.

#2 Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer

If you skin is a little bit itchy and irritating, then the Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer is just what you need to calm it. Although it’s not exactly designed as a tanning lotion, the Hempz Original Moisturizer contains all the important ingredients needed to calm and smooth your skin, and also keep it healthy.

Some of the important ingredients in this lotion include Vitamins A, C, and E as well as Shea Butter and Cucumber extract for a cool, calm effect.

You will be happy to know that this moisturizer is made up of 100% Vegan ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

#3 Maui Babe Before and After Sun Pack

When it comes to protecting your skin during and after a tan, you only want the best of the best, and Maui Babe Before and After Sun Pack gives you just that. Every single thing you want to protect your skin when tanning is packed in this adorable lotion.

The Maui Babe Before and After Sun Pack is a browning lotion that will not just protect your skin from the damaging UV rays, but will also enhance and greatly extend the life of your tan. If you have a sensitive skin that becomes worse after tanning, the Maui Babe Before and After Sun Pack is specially designed for sensitive skin.

So go ahead and give yourself that golden-brown tint resting assured that your skin is well protected.

#4 Maui Island Street After Sun Tan Sealer

You might confuse the Maui Island Street After Sun Tan Sealer with the Maui Babe and Before After Sun Pack lotion but they are totally different things. The Maui Island Street After Sun Tan Sealer is made up of natural Hawaiian ingredients that will sooth, heal, and moisturize your tanned skin. Some of the ingredients include Hawaiian Ginger, Passion Flower oil, Aloe, Rosehip oil, Green Tea, Maui Coffee Extract, and Vitamins A, C, and E.

This perfect combination will speed up healing of the skin due to damage caused by sun, dry wind, as well as high altitude. There is absolutely everything to love about his tan sealer lotion.

#5 Golden Star Beauty Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer

Golden Star Beauty Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer combines all the powerful ingredients that are listed above as incredibly beneficial after tanning lotions. It also includes essential ingredients like avocado oil.

Now, the Golden Star Beauty Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer appears last in this list for one reason. It’s not because it’s a bad product, but it’s because it does not have many reviews on Amazon. Better yet, the few reviews it has are good, plus its Amazon’s Choice for after tanning lotions. So generally, it’s a good product and with time, we will see how well it will fair in the market.

When Should I Apply Lotion After Tanning?

Experts advice applying the tanning lotion right after tanning so as to seal the tan, moisturize your skin, and speed up healing. Some tanning lotions require you to apply before and after tanning. Ensure the skin is clean before applying the lotion, especially if you were tanning while lying on the beach or generally in the outdoors.

To keep the tan looking great and keep your skin smooth and healthy, it’s important that you apply the after tanning lotion every single day. Most after tanning lotions are gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. The lotion will even protect your skin many days after finishing tanning.

How Else Can I Take Care of My Skin After Tanning?

After getting a tan, it’s important that you take good care of your skin. Tanning makes your skin a little bit sensitive and damaged. While using an after tanning lotion can help a great deal in reducing and reversing the caused by sun exposure, it’s still good to take extra care for your skin to keep it looking its best. Here are a number of things you can do to keep your tanned skin looking great and healthy.

1. Always use warm or lukewarm water while showering. Showering with hot water right after tanning can strip off your skin’s natural oils, which will leave your skin excessively dry and uncomfortable

2. Drink plenty of water: Exposing your skin to a lot of sun can cause it to dry out excessively. That’s why it’s highly advisable that you drink a lot of water to prevent it from becoming dehydrated. Furthermore, drinking water will also keep your skin moisturized, smooth, and supple.

3. Eat antioxidant-rich foods like dark chocolate and drink lots of green tea. Dark chocolate is loaded with flavanols which fight harmful free radicals that cause skin damage and also skin cancer. Green tea is packed with polyphonic compounds which protect the skin from problems that may arise from excessive exposure to UV rays.

Can I Use Other Moisturizing Lotions After Tanning?

Absolutely. You can use regular lotions that are not specially formulated for tanned skin. However, when choosing a lotion to use on your tanned skin, make sure to select one that contains beneficial ingredients that will protect your skin, moisturize it, and keep it healthy.

Check for ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera, olive oil, and Vitamins C, E, and B-Complex. However, for the best results, consider using a lotion that is specifically designed for a tanned skin.

[/wc_fa] What About Sunburns?

Due to excessive exposure to the sun when tanning, your skin may develop sunburns. If you have the kind of skin that burns easily but doesn’t tan, then you’re even at a higher risk of getting sunburns. Sunburns usually occur when your skin is exposed to too much UV rays. Skin peeling, redness, and irritation are some of the most common signs of sunburn.

If your sunburn develops into blisters, then you may have second-degree burns which require immediate medical attention. Second-degree burns are typically similar to the kind of burns you can get from boiling water.

If you get sunburn during tanning, you can take care and maintain your skin by:

• Showering with warm or lukewarm water

• Drinking plenty of water

• Using a gel that contains soothing and moisturizing ingredients

• Keeping off direct sunlight to give your skin more time to heal

Wrapping It Up

Tanning will not just give you a golden-brown skin that will attract everyone’s attention, it’s also a great way to have much during the summer season.

But as fun and enjoyable as it may be, consider taking the necessary protection to protect your skin from the harmful sun’s rays. Hopefully, you will select one of the Best After Tanning Lotions to keep your tanned skin looking all great and healthy.